7 Great Ways Social Media Can Enhance Your Relationship


7 Great Ways Social Media Can Enhance Your Relationship


7 Great Ways Social Media Can Enhance Your Relationship“Heyyyy! guess who just got a repost?” Emily said as she walked excitedly to Sara who was sitting on her bed. With much enthusiasm, she dived into the bed shoving her cell phone into Sara’s face so she could have a better view of who her mystery ‘reposter’ was.

“It’s my lovely Romeo. Just look at this. Don’t we look so cute?” Emily said giggling with excitement, “I just can’t love him any less…”

In recent times, the world has been thrown into a jamboree of online interaction. Everyone’s tweeting, posting, reacting, or chatting; thanks to social media. Mobile phones constantly scream out a potpourri of photos, videos, reels, and a bunch of other cool, innovative stuff thrilling to the mind. Instagram and Facebook help out as they also keep popping up thousands of notifications all crying for the attention of our eyes. The buzz just never seems to stop and everyone can’t wait to go online.

God in His amazing nature has given us creative minds to birth epic masterpieces that will aid us in our journey here on earth (Gen. 1:26-27, Eph. 2:10). The social media is one of those. Rather than wasting our time on aimless scrolling, we can use this great tool in a positive light. One great way it can be used in a positive light for our journey here on earth is in the aspect of our relationships. This article is aimed at enlightening you on the useful ways social media can be navigated to enhance relationships. Feed your mind:

1. As a tool for creating memories:

So, what’s more fun than taking cuddled-up selfies with your beloved as you behold nature on a summer afternoon? Posting it on Instagram! Social media is a great way to keep memories aflame, especially for reminiscing in the future. It’s even more remarkable when your significant other likes your post and comments nicely on it. It further sets those butterflies on fire.

The good thing about it is that those photos are saved ‘permanently’ on social media and you could always refer back to them later on. Occasionally on Facebook, ‘memories’ pop up on your timeline and as you stare at those pictures, you can’t help but wonder how much time has flown with your partner besides you. This creates beautiful images in your mind as you look back at your first date, the thrilling time she said yes, her smile as you shared your first kiss on your wedding day and so much more.

Imagine seeing this at a time when you were losing it for your her – it would bring healing. By the way, do you know God cherishes memories? That’s why He documented all the memories He had with the people He loved on His own social media page (His Word), so you can look back at it and be in love with Him the more (Jn. 20:31).

2. As a tool for communication:

On most early mornings, you can agree that your mind drifts about in a hundred different directions; making breakfast, preparing the kids for school, or getting ready for work. Your better half is also up and doing, trying hard to knot the tie as he hurriedly gives you a goodbye kiss on your cheek. In the evenings too, you have to prepare dinner, help out with the kids’ homework and so much more. There is hardly any considerable time to speak with your better half.

That’s where social media comes in. Since you’re probably aware of your partner’s free time at work and you’re so fortunate that it coincides with yours, you can just send a ‘hi’ and in a few minutes, you would have spoken a lot possibly without even seeing each other. Also, your better half may be halfway across the world – definitely farther from where you are.

The cost of transportation is on the high side these days – no lie. So, a video call or nice chat with your partner to keep tabs on them is a great idea. The posts they share can also give you a heads-up as to what they are up to. The devil always takes advantage of lonely moments to strike (Gen. 2:18). Don’t give him that opportunity when social media can help.

3. As a tool for exploring your partner’s interests:

Although it is not disputed that a high percentage of social media folks live fake life on social media, there are others who are genuine. By observing most of the posts, tags, and tweets of your partner, you can know them better and appreciate them for who they are. For example, if your partner constantly tweets about cowgirls, always takes photos with cowgirl boots and hats, or loves the scenery around wild horses, then you can consider taking her on vacation at a ranch far from town. You’d be surprised at her reaction.

Social media says a lot of things about people from their profiles and your partner’s not an exception. You could explore thousands of things about your partner which he/she may feel you would not be so interested in, through social media. You know, our Lord Jesus when He was on earth explored our interests to serve us better.

He used those things that appeal to us the most and we can easily relate to especially when he spoke in parables because He truly loves us and desires a great, thriving relationship with us (Matt. 13:3-23, Mk. 12:1-11, Jn. 4:7-42). We also, from the pages of His Word, get to know His interests and do those things we know He’d like. Either way, our relationship with each other is being enhanced. The same goes for you when you use social media.

4. As a tool for access to unlimited, helpful resources:

These days, you don’t have to schedule a face-to-face meeting with a counselor before seeing one. There are so many biblically sound teachers, pastors, and relationship counselors out there. All you need do is simply click the follow button and follow them closely. Just by sending a DM, you can be provided with counsel from great Christian counselors you may never be opportune to meet with in real life. Also, there are tons of Christian groups online that offer relationship advice and from whom you could ask your most heart-rending questions that you may feel shy to ask your partner or pastor.

From these, you could get hundreds of responses in just an hour. Yes, the fact remains that not all Christians out there are truly Christians, but there are some out there who truly follow Christ and are willing to help. The thing to do is to follow them ‘as they follow Christ’ (1 Cor. 11:1).

5. As a tool for resolving conflicts:

Sometimes, I prefer to chat online because it gives me the time and space to write exactly what I mean without really seeing who I am speaking to. This way, I can write the right words and have lesser chances to offend the person I’m speaking to. There are times as couples when you face really heated arguments with your better half, and for days, maybe a week even, you’ll find the sight of them repulsive. In times like these, when you doubt the probability of talking things through, face to face so as not to escalate the anger or face the roaring lion(ess), you can consider doing something else.

You can go online and when in the right state of mind, you can pen a really thoughtful, apologetic letter to your partner telling him/her how you feel. This gives the both of you time to understand each other’s viewpoint on a less ‘heated’ level before confronting each other face to face. Your quarrel can be so thin as a thread but yet the enemy can use it as a foothold (Eph. 4:26-27). Do not let that happen. Use social media as a temporary refuge from the war.

6. As a tool for sharing your joys:

It is quite lovely when you share an important day such as your marriage anniversary or engagement date online. At such times, a lot of people who have affiliations with you scattered within and without, all gather to celebrate with you dropping lots of encouraging comments on your posts. This strengthens your relationship with your partner and gives you reasons to keep sticking through together. Well-wishers who share in your joy can also serve as counselors to you and can also point out any excesses by any one of you for your mutual benefit. Inasmuch as most people want to live quiet, peaceful lives, it’s never a bad idea for you to share your happy moments so others can share in your joy. It’s biblical (Rom. 12:15).

7. As a tool to honor God so He honors your relationship:

How beautiful it would be to have an online prayer date with your spouse! After talking together, you could do a video call and pray together. Also, you could sing really nice godly love songs to each other on voice notes or watch Christian love videos together online. Sending early good morning love letters to each other on social media sounds romantic and could be just what your relationship needs. You can also consider attending online relationship conferences with the love of your life.

God loves love. He is Love itself and I believe if there’s one thing He loves, it’s seeing two beautiful creatures of His in love as they honor Him (1 Jn. 4:8). One great thing you could do too is you could take beautiful pictures or make great videos of your God-filled home and send it online on Facebook or Instagram to encourage other couples out there. You can tweet, write beautiful articles that’ll show the beauty of a God-filled marriage, and post online (Matt. 5:16). Because God will be glorified through this, you can be sure that He will keep on breathing His beauty into your relationship.

Finally, although social media has a bad side, there’s so much you can use social media for that will be beneficial and bring God glory, as we have seen above (Col. 3:17). Social media may not be a complete substitute for most of the communication you will have with your partner or all the counsel you will need, but it can be a great help, surely. In the meantime, know that Jesus loves you and wants the best for you and your relationship. You can trust Him with it. Don’t ever forget that!



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