The Reasons To Consider Keeping Unwanted Pregnancy

The Reasons To Consider Keeping Unwanted Pregnancy



The Reasons to consider keeping unwanted pregnancy

The Reasons To Consider Keeping Unwanted PregnancyUnwanted pregnancy is very common in our society today, and people have many reasons for addressing the fetus unwanted. To make it simple, this is the pregnancy that the couple isn’t ready for, doesn’t wanna keep, and/or seeks a way to terminate it. We respect the choice of every couple or person going through this because, maybe, only you know what’s best for you. However, having good information and support from reliable sources can really help you make the decision that is best for your own beliefs, health, and well-being. In this light, the Reasons to consider keeping unwanted pregnancy is an article that strives to inform those who may see themselves in this predicament.

The Reasons to consider keeping unwanted pregnancy is a very informative article that doesn’t encourage abortion nor the proliferation of baby mamas or daddies theories. That being said, the reasons to consider are:

1. It still comes from God regardless

Every child comes from God. A child is a blessing from God to parents (Psalm 127:3, Luke 1v13, Luke 1vs 30-31). Although you might call it an unwanted pregnancy, before God it is never unwanted. No child is unloved by God. In fact, God has no unloved child. So consider the fact that you might be murdering someone from God’s gracious hands if you want to terminate the pregnancy. The actions that lead to the pregnancy might not be clean, proper, or justified, but the result of the actions– the pregnancy– is clean and perfect before God who gives children. Just think about that before you go ahead.

2. It might be your destiny helper that you are carrying

Nobody really fully knows the works of God and certain things that befall us in life. Whilst the pregnancy may be unwanted by you the would-be mother, it must be understood that the child can be someone who God puts in your life to change the course of your life for good. That child can become the catalyst to propel you on your path to destiny. I mean, to becoming the person that God wants you to become.

Mary’s child, Jesus Christ, changed her life. Because of the child, she found favor with God (Luke 1v30). Elizabeth’s child, John, became a joy and delight to her family and the rest of the world (Luke 1vs 14-15). Some people have found new meaning in life because of what they carried as fetuses in unfavorable conditions. Think about it, again.

3. It might be a renowned personality that you are carrying

Not only are children from God, but also that they have a destiny and are sent into this world to fulfill a certain purpose of God. It’s possible that you are pregnant with someone who is going to become very big and influential in this life. It could be someone who has the solution to your own problems or problems of the world or have answers to long-standing questions of the earth.

The fact that you never planned for it, wanted it, or expected the pregnancy doesn’t change the destiny imparted upon the child by God. A great inventor can come out of that womb you never wanted. Jesus Christ came out of the manger, a place that did not look like royalty, out came a king.

The humility of your pregnancy can give birth to greatness. A place that no worker of miracles could choose, out came the miracle worker of all time. Jesus did unforgettable miracles the world has ever known. But remember that it was the pregnancy that Joseph almost never wanted. That pregnancy became an all-time blessing to everyone on earth and in heaven (Matthew 1vs 18-20). Think about that, again.

4. Pray about it and commit it in the hands of the Lord

You see, God can use whatever and whomever to be a blessing to mankind. If you are troubled because of the pregnancy you have, you can pray to God and talk to Him about your concerns. Let God guide you through the process of deciding. Do not take any drastic actions until you are peaceful with your thoughts about it. Every child is from God, says the Bible Psalm 127:3. At least, there’s nothing too difficult for God to do. The thing that God cannot do does not really exist. Your unwanted pregnancy can be your eternal laughter. Think about that, too.

5. It could be detrimental to your health

Of course, there can be health consequences if you try killing it or committing an abortion. Every person or body isn’t the same. Because it goes smoothly for one is not a guarantee that it can go smoothly for the other. Think about it. You can endanger your own life if you consider aborting the fetus. The process can be very complicated for your health and well-being. This alone can make you have a rethink altogether.

6. Feel for the child

Oh yes, why don’t you feel for the child? Put yourself in the child’s position and ask If it were you and your mother had such thoughts about you–murdering an innocent child or embracing the termination of your life by abortion – – how would you feel?

7. Consider the fact that It’s real, not fiction

A child or fetus is a complete human being and not a toy. When you are pregnant indeed, it’s real, it’s your reality and true experience. So when the thoughts of doing something foolish come to mind, tell yourself this truth. To know that whatever you are up to about the fetus, you are doing it to a human being, not just to some kind of toy. You might be deliberately, intentionally murdering someone.

8. It might be a sin before God

With the understanding that children are from the Lord regardless of the circumstances of their entrance into the world, it becomes logical to say that it’s a sin against God and humanity to willfully terminate the life of another human. This is the picture when your pregnancy is unwanted and you proceed not to keep it. You could be sinning in the sight of God. Think about that.


9. It might traumatize you, somehow

If your pregnancy that posed no danger to your health, ended up aborted, the thought of what you did can be traumatizing and even leave so much guilt behind. They’re people who regret some of their decisions and actions, but regret cannot recover. Some deeds done cannot be undone. And once done, the guilt associated with it can be traumatizing. Think about it, again.

10. You can get help to raise the child

If you want to go down the abortion lane because you cannot take care of the child, financially, there are institutions that can be of help to you to ease the burden. Please, seek help from the social department of your town hall. Or you may talk to the police department within your locality. They are supportive family members too who can assist you with whatever you need during the pregnancy crisis. Talk to them if you trust them. In any case, don’t hide your thoughts to yourself.

11. You can give it for adoption

This is another option for abortion. You can give birth to your child and opt for adoption by another loving family who raises the child as theirs. Rather than kill a child because you don’t want it, bless some families who are seeking for children to adopt. In addition, there are institutions legally responsible for caring for and processing issues concerning adoption and adopted children. Consult the child care support system of your locality for further assistance.

12. See what your local laws say about your actions

This is important to mention because abortion is against the law in some parts of the world. Some governments have laws in place to guide those who might be having or thinking about such a practice. Just be sure that you are not going against the law for something that you willingly choose to do.

13. Two wrongs don’t make a right

Yeah, you heard me right. You have probably heard that a lot of times. The fact that your pregnancy was a mistake, does not mean you have to make a second mistake to correct it. Making a second mistake does not justify the end result at all. In fact, the second can be more painful and fatal, of course. Two wrongs can never make the situation right, a proverbial adage that sounds ancient but has a deep truth. Think about it.

14. The truth about pregnancy and its divine connectivity

Let me shock you a bit with a truth that I learned from the man of God, Rev PC Akubueze. The truth is every pregnant woman is a mother whether you like it or not. I know that you might not grasp the truth or find it hard to suck it in. I know, because I, too, struggled with it until I came to understand what he was talking about. You see, every child comes from God, whether you are pregnant from a good circumstance or not, by a good man or a bad man, a religious or non-religious, a Muslim, Hindu, Christian, or Jew. It all comes from God.

So, when God gives a child to any woman, the child becomes eternally hers by virtue of the pregnancy, not the birth. To God, you are a mother not because you gave birth to a child but because a child entered your womb. If the child is aborted, you are still its mother.

The mind and intent of God for a fetus

Secondly, when God gives a child, He intends to have that child become an adult on earth. But there are several factors that hinder or play out so that the child doesn’t make it to earth. Therefore, every child that does not make it to earth returns to heaven where God dwells carrying the identity of its parents.

What’s the new identity? It’s the fact that it has a mother and a father since it made its way into the womb of a woman. These aborted fetuses do not remain children or fetuses but grow up to become adults. The parents might one day see their unborn children in heaven as adults if they make heaven themselves.

No change of identity

Thirdly, abortion or whatever process of termination of a baby does not change the child’s identity before God and all who live in heaven. Whether the child makes it to earth or not, the woman is still its recorded mother by virtue of the pregnancy. It’s a permanent truth that cannot go off the memory whether in heaven or on the earth. Whether you will see the child physically, is another question up to you entirely.

Nothing is hidden before God

Finally, this is a call to have a rethink if we want to abort just so we wipe away history or to hide whatever transpired that we’re ashamed of, we should know that we just can’t because every pregnancy has divine connectivity to it. You can hide it temporarily from men but before God and all saved mankind, everyone will know the hidden deeds, but this time, without guilt or shame. Think about it and reconsider keeping your baby.


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