The societal disadvantages of fornication

The Societal Disadvantages Of Fornication


The Societal Disadvantages Of Fornication


The societal disadvantages of fornication

The societal disadvantages of fornicationBy fornication, we mean the intimate relationship between a man and a woman who are not married to each other. It can also imply the sexual acts between the two genders to themselves or against themselves which we deem immoral in nature. Whatever the sexual practice is, if it’s not within a legal marital union or framework, we still call it fornication.

Fornication in practice impacts society in general. And the negative effects are what this article is about. That being said, the societal disadvantages of fornication are :

1. The Moral Decline

Fornication, as having coitus with someone you are not married to, leads to great moral decline within the society. Men and women, including the youth, would not value rectitude. Distinguishing between good and bad, decency and moral virtue will have no place within society. This, in effect, would affect trust and honesty among people.

2. The Spiritual Decline

Consequently, it follows that if there’s a low level of morality among people, the spiritual level would decline as well because there would be no fear of God among the people. And there would be little regard for what is sacred and holy. Even in some quarters, fornication is considered as a service to the gods or/and worship of Satan.

3. The Spread Of Disease

The act of Fornication practiced by people within a community can accelerate the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, commonly known as STDs among people. Even if one outsider comes in and infects a person, the probability of the population having the disease is very high because of the practice of fornication within the community.

4. The Effect On The Economy

With the increase of STDs amongst people, when they get sick, this can affect the workforce. Poor health also means poor input in labor which translates to poor outcomes and low or no income.

5. The Marital Decline

This simply means a low rate of solemnized marriages. Among people who fornicate frequently, their interest in marriage and the rate at which marriage is done will be very low. People wouldn’t value the institution of marriage since they can get coitus without hassle. In addition, with the high level of mistrust and dishonesty, marriage will less likely be the practice to engage in.

6. The Increase In Divorce Rate

It is likely that with the propagation of fornication in a society, the rate of dissolved marriages will be high. Partners would find it difficult to be faithful to their spouses and trust them. In addition, Ladies, in order to finance their lifestyle would fornicate with husbands of others, and some can even snatch the husbands of others, thus putting an end to their marriages.

7. The Increase Of Unwanted Pregnancies

The rise in the act of Fornication can lead to the rise in unwanted pregnancy as precautionary measures to avoid pregnancy might not be at their best.

8. The Increase Of Abortion

With fornication on the increase, the pregnancy rate would as well increase. When there is a high rate of pregnancy, abortion will be on the rise as some people who are not prepared for pregnancy would opt for aborting the fetus.

9. The Destruction Of Destinies

With the flare of unwanted pregnancies, Potential mothers who opt for abortion would be directly terminating the destinies of the children who might have a great impact on society if they’re allowed to live. This is a SAD societal consequence of fornication.


10. The Increase In Single Parenting

When society practices fornication, marriage will not be honored and there would be a rise in single parents within that community. Women are mostly the victims because they would raise their children without their fathers.

11. The Increase Of Irresponsible Fathers

As women indulge in fornication with different men in society, none of the men would want to take the responsibility to father a child and foot the bills, even if they are the real fathers. This will give rise to irresponsible fathers who care less about their children’s upbringing and more about their sexual urges.

12. The Loss Of Family Values

There are values that society holds about family life and existence but those who engage in fornication forfeit these values to their own chagrin. When a family loses its values, it raises children who are disobedient to parents, elders, and the rule of law. Anarchy is a common problem within a society with little or no family values.

13. The Low Value For Women

Similarly, fornication devalues women in particular. Whether these women are forced into prostitution or enslaved to the coital satisfaction of others, or they choose to live immoral lives by themselves, one thing is sure, they are not valued that much by those who use or exploit them. In addition, the Bible says that fornication reduces you to a loaf of bread (Proverbs 6v26). When you are undervalued, You can’t make a notable impact on life and society.

14. The Broken Homes

Fornication affects Communities with broken homes. With its great consequences on society, homes are ruined. These are homes run by single parents and stepparents alone. There are entire communities where you can not find a single home with the husband and wife living together in marriage. When you have too many homes whose legal marriages aren’t in place again, it affects the community in general. To have too many women running the affairs of men because they are no longer together doesn’t speak well of the community in particular.

15. The Poor Strategy For Economic Sustainability

Some people advocate that fornicators are paid for their services, so they should be licensed and pay taxes to their states of practice and also enjoy employment benefits. Others dedicate cities for this practice alone in view of making more money and paying more taxes to the state. However, what they may not realize is that this is not a sustainable market or business to rely on. Society cannot depend on the wages of sexual immorality for its existence alone. Neither does any government depend solely on the taxpayers who are all fornicators to run its economy. This is an unsustainable strategy for building an economy.

16. The Increase In Crime

A fatherly figure is pivotal in grooming children, especially boys. When there’s a high rate of fornication in society, there will be a high rate of children born out of wedlock and whose single parents may not be able to care for them or provide a fatherly role model. These children, for lack of good parenting, may become a menace to the community by indulging in wrong actions, drugs, and other crimes.

17. The Decrease Of Educated Children

With children in crime, their lives might end up in prison, death, or be handicapped in one way or the other. In any of these cases, the desire for education will be low or absent totally. In addition, having unwanted children because of fornication may not present the best opportunity to educate them because of the lack of resources and/or the unwillingness of a teenage mother.

18. The Wrong Family Modeling

In a community plagued by fornication, Young girls will have failed parenting and poor family structures as their models. Young girls would grow in the wrong environmental settings where sex isn’t sacred and can be done with anyone without fear of consequences.

19. The Proliferation Of Demons

There would also be the rapid spread of demons among the community that practices fornication. Demons concentrate in the region where their deeds are practiced more than in other regions. The red light district has more sexually immoral demons there than in the areas where these deeds aren’t practiced. And they influence people’s minds engaging in these immoral acts more in the region which they control and has become their habitat. I would like to call it territorial demons because they dominate territories.

Now when you fornicate, you can easily pass on the demons in you to someone else without even knowing it. In this way, demons spread and control not only the territories but the people as well who now become possessed by demonic spirits. The Proliferation Of Demons is one of the societal disadvantages of fornication.

Do you have any other points which can be part of these societal disadvantages of fornication? Tell us about it in the comment section below. For more on this subject, see The 16 Disadvantages Of Fornication From The Bible’s Point Of View

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