5 Possible Reasons Behind Your Partner's Brutal Reactions

5 Possible Reasons Behind Your Partner’s Brutal Reactions



5 Possible Reasons Behind Your Partner’s Brutal Reactions

5 Possible Reasons Behind Your Partner's Brutal ReactionsHave you been worried lately about the behavior of the one you loved? I mean, behaving really awkwardly towards you? Are you surprised by the brutal reactions meted to you when certain things go wrong? Or even when nothing terrible truly happened but they were just going crazy about the whole situation? Well, I think I have got some answers to that for you.

My name is Chika, and allow me to be your host this morning. I promise I won’t be too long, you know. Is that okay with you? Cool! Let’s just hit the road with the 5 possible reasons behind your partner’s brutal reactions towards you, the love of their life.

1. They are not happy with the relationship:

The things that make an unhappy romantic relationship could be many. But I have discovered that unhappy partners have bad vibes and effuse these vibes which consequently produce unhappy relationships. Actions and reactions are equal and opposite, said Newton’s third law of motion. And a thing begets its kind. A hen doesn’t give birth to a snake. In addition, the principle of giving and receiving, sowing and reaping plays here (Genesis 8:22). What you sow, you’ll harvest in due time. It’s that simple! You don’t go to a mango tree expecting to harvest groundnuts. No, a fruit begets its kind.

With this in mind, I’ve come to believe that if you are in a bad relationship, it affects everyone therein. If you have a bad vibe you kind of distribute it to the others around and particularly to your partner. If you don’t like the relationship, there must be something that triggers that emotion. It could be you or your spouse or something else. But you have to know what triggers it and stop getting mad at every other person.

One thing is very sure though and that’s whatever it is doesn’t emanate from a healthy source. One of you could be allowing negative vibes to dominate the relationship aura. Do some mental and verbal probing to find out the cause of the kerfuffle. You can’t be brutal just because you don’t like how the relationship is going. STOP IT !!

2. They want you to leave the relationship:

The second reason that I have noticed about a brutal reaction towards the one you love is a conspicuous indication that they want you to leave the relationship. You can see that in their every move. I have known some partners who were just harsh to each other–I use this word in the worst sense–in order to have one opt out of the relationship. There wasn’t a breathing space, but only unending fights and unwholesome quarrels filled their environment. Some of these partners just want you the undesired one out by their violent behavior. Home brutality is an easy way to send your partner parking. Period!!!

3. They are Hiding their guilt:

No, this is not funny! Some partners are guilty of something and do not want you to find out. What they do to keep that verbal distance is to be brutal any time a suggestion or an effort is made toward that direction or towards finding out. They forcefully reject attempts to question, or investigate the issue because they don’t wanna be found wanting. It might not be all the time but at times that’s what’s up with these partners. Their brutality only hides their guilt.

Have you been caught cheating before and nobody said a word about it until after a while? But at the long moment of silence you were building your defense mechanism mentally watching their every move…you know what I mean, don’t you? I bet you they could be brutal just to hide their tracks.

4. Their past experiences:

Some partners are so brutal just because of their past experiences. You would recall what we said in the first paragraph that you harvest what you sow, and that certain things beget their kind. So is true with a partner whose upbringing was violent or who was so exposed to a brutal environment. I know some husbands who became violent because their wives were so violent at home for years. These guys inadvertently behaved as their wives did. Furthermore, some partners were brought up to see their parents exhibit all kinds of brutal actions towards each and they grew to believe that was how life is. They were just the products of violent homes. Homes where brutality was not uncommon.

5. They have some issues with addiction:

What I mean here is the brutal behavior exhibited by partners who take drugs or are addicted to alcohol. These substances can influence their behavior with brutal manifestations. When you are drug-dependent to be calm and think well, what would happen if you don’t have enough supply to calm you down? Things would surely get awry. They would go out of control. This is one cause of the brutality you see at times within the relationship of couples. Some others after getting drunk on alcohol use their partners as pushing bags at home. It’s a pity but it happens.

This concludes the 5 reasons behind your partner’s brutal reactions. Are there other triggers you know that I have not covered? Share your thoughts with us below.

And thanks, guys, for staying with me. It’s been Chika and I’m out!


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