7 WAYS TO BUILD TRUST IN YOUR MARRIAGETrust is the cornerstone and the foundation of any healthy, lasting, and successful marriage. The presence of trust establishes a safe, peaceful, and secure environment where both partners find it very easy to be open, vulnerable, and transparent. When trust between couples is strong, communication becomes open, disagreements are resolved easily, and both partners feel valued and secure because it is the cornerstone upon which all other aspects of marriage are built.

However, trust as strong as it is can easily get broken. That’s the reason why couples must actively engage in constantly building trust in their marriage by drawing wisdom from the scripture and also getting resources that can help them increase in knowledge. In today’s world, distractions abound and pressures mount, therefore, couples must intentionally nurture trust because it’s very vital in sustaining marital bliss.

As couples, maintaining your trust in the Lord with all your hearts and leaning not on your understanding will help you journey through successfully, without hitches (Proverbs 3:5-6). Trust is a fundamental aspect of love’s enduring nature (1 Corinthians 13:4-7). Sacrificial Love was exemplified by Christ as we read in the scripture, urging husbands to love their wives as Christ loved the church (Ephesians 5:25-33). This promotes an environment of love, trust, and selflessness within the marriage. It’s therefore essential for couples to actively work on building and maintaining trust in their marriage.

In this article, we shall explore seven ways to build trust in your marriage.

1. Open Communication

2. Honesty and Transparency

3. Dependability

4. Forgiveness

5. Respect

6. Agreement of Goals and Values

7. Quality Time and Affection


As couples, you must engage in sharing thoughts, feelings, needs, and concerns with your partner by healthily communicating with him or her because communication is essential for a thriving marriage. When you communicate your feelings and needs to your spouse, it promotes a sense of security and intimacy in your marriage.

Communication is also essential for emotional intimacy because it helps you express your needs healthily, helps in resolving conflicts, prevents resentment, and builds empathy and understanding which in turn strengthens the trust you both have in each other as couples. If you have not been having open communication with your spouse before now, start now.


Honesty is a fundamental aspect of trust and this makes you transparent to your spouse. Be honest in your speech, and your actions, say things as they are, and not lying to your spouse. God detests lying lips and delights in trustworthy people (Proverbs 12:22). Your honesty to your spouse strengthens the bond of trust even in difficult times. Never hide anything from your spouse, speak the truth always, and express your feelings even when it’s difficult. Secrets, lies, and deceits can quickly erode trust in marriage, therefore, don’t accommodate it.


As a couple, your spouse must be able to depend on and rely on you. Let your words be the type that can be depended upon, your yes should be yes, and your no should be no (James 5:12). Be mindful of your promises to your spouse and keep to those promises. This promotes trust between you both. Remain faithful in all you do as the Lord is (Psalms 145:13). Being consistent in your words makes you a person that can be depended upon and this also demonstrates your commitment to your spouse and builds trust in your marriage.


This is another crucial way you can build and maintain trust in your marriage. The scripture instructs us to bear with one another, and forgive one another as the Lord forgave us (Colossians 3:13). Never keep records of wrongs as it breaks down your defense and makes you feel like paying back your spouse in his or her coin which can in turn result in lack of trust between you both. Everyone makes mistakes, no one is perfect, recognize this and learn to forgive your spouse and move forward. Holding on to grudges and resentment can destroy and damage trust in your marriage, therefore, guide your home and forgive your spouse when they are wrong.


Submission is proof of your reverence to God (Ephesians 5:21). Respect is very crucial for building trust in your marriage, never joke with it. As couples, respect each other by honoring each other’s feelings, thoughts, and perspectives. Never place your views above your spouse’s. Strike a balance between both by acknowledging your spouse’s effort. Create an atmosphere of trust by treating your spouse with respect and dignity because you both feel safe and secure when you respect each other. One of the ways a respectful marriage can be identified is when couples treat each other with dignity and kindness and even endure disagreements and conflicts. Never belittle your spouse, instead, respect them.


As couples, you can not be fulfilled without agreeing together (Amos 3:3). Your goals and values must agree as you both must focus on the same goals and have similar values. This establishes a sense of unity and trust in your relationship. As couples, the day you agree on this journey is the day you become one, this means that whatever you want to do or achieve must align and be uniform. This gives you a sense of unity, and direction and helps you both channel your energy to achieving these goals as one. For trust to increase, there must be agreement between you, as a couple.


Couples that spend quality time together find it very easy and secure to trust each other. Spending time with your spouse helps you know more about their needs, challenges, dreams, and aspirations. It gives room for quality communication and helps you bond. This includes having meaningful conversations, going on dates, expressing love, appreciation, and affection, and giving room for physical and sexual intimacy (Song of Solomon 1:2). Start spending quality time with your spouse, you will be amazed how united, bonded, and how easy you will find trusting each other.

In conclusion, promoting trust in your marriage is vital for happiness and longevity. Through open communication, honesty and transparency, dependability, forgiveness, respect, agreement of goals and values, and investing in quality time together, you can strengthen the foundation of trust in your marriage. Therefore, invest in these seven points actively, and I strongly believe that your home shall be a peaceful and secure place void of conflicts and disagreements.

I hope you find this article educating, if yes, let us know in the comment section.

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