9 Dreadful Reasons Behind Cheating In A Relationship Cheating

9 Dreadful Reasons Behind Cheating In A Relationship Cheating



9 Dreadful Reasons Behind Cheating In A Relationship

9 Dreadful Reasons Behind Cheating In A Relationship CheatingCheating in a relationship is not a new subject. Almost everyone in a relationship has heard of it in its various forms. However, not everyone in a relationship is a cheater. There are still good unions out there that respect each other and honor the commitment they professed at the time of wedlock. While they are the good ones, there are also the bad ones who are careless about cheating or who are forced to cheat because of circumstances. Now, we are going to establish and expound on the 9 dreadful reasons behind cheating in a relationship. So tighten your seat belts as we zoom off to the cheating screen with the very first one.

1. Cheating as a result of a curse.

It may surprise you to know that some cheating is a result of generational curses placed on someone in the family. The curse certainly attracts evil forces to reinforce the curse, causing waywardness and ill luck in relationships. The person, in particular, with good intentions would sincerely try to have a relationship with someone but it will never last because, somehow, they will be caught cheating with another person while they have an ongoing relationship with another.

Even one can be caught cheating on their wedding day or immediately after. This will end the current relationship but that is not all. The cycle keeps repeating itself whenever there’s someone wanting a relationship with the victim.

2. Cheating for a coital supplement.

Can you Guess what this is all about? Well, some folks do cheat as a way to supplement what is lacking in their current relationship. By supplement, I mean that they seek outside what is lacking inside. For instance, some ladies say that they can’t stand their one-minute man or a man without an erection. But they don’t want to leave them for personal reasons—maybe the finances they receive. So they cheat outside for sexual satisfaction only. Their cheating complements what the husbands or partners couldn’t do inside. Really? That’s it!

3. Cheating to destroy a reputation.

There are a few others who do cheat with an evil motive in mind. They want to tempt and bring down people in high positions who are their targets. They could blackmail you and threaten your life and career after they have an affair with you. They are shameless and lurking for money and material gains as they deal with their culprits. They could later come out publicly to damage their reputation by accusing them of rape or abuse of power, positions, etc. All of these are just for their personal interests, be it financial or political.

4. Cheating for offspring.

One reason people cheat is to get pregnant for an impotent partner. Some ladies have been married for so many years but have no children to show for it. In some cases, they cheat on their husbands just to get pregnant for them but in fact, the pregnancy is not theirs. If we have to take DNA tests for marriages, several won’t pass the test at all.

5. Cheating to get a job.

I believe you know this exists. Cheating on your partner with your boss or would-be boss, or any senior in the office who promises you a job offer or promotion in exchange for coitus. This has become a common trend in some offices. And includes the “me too movement.” Besides that, the music and entertainment industry are not exempted. It even goes down to private and SME organizations. In short, this happens but it’s wrong. Stop it if you are in a position of power. It’s really an abuse of power.

6. Cheating for being sex-starved.

Yes, that’s just the reason for the cheating. Some relationships sex-starve their partners for reason best known to them. To sex-starve simply means one partner refuses to meet the sexual need of the other for one or many reasons. When you sex-starve your partner, be careful because they may find that food somewhere else and you may never know of it at all. So, reconsider your decision if you had this in mind. I say this to both males and females.

7. Cheating because your partner is absent.

Some people cheat just because their partners aren’t available at the moment. We advocate faithfulness in a union of marriage. And commitment when taking that oath of “I Do.” However, when you are in a relationship, it’s never advisable to create unnecessary absences that cause temptation. Even in long-distance relationships, it’s good to keep in constant contact with each other.

But a situation where the husband leaves home to go look for greener pastures abroad and never communicates constantly for many years can trigger cheating. Only a few strong ladies can handle that absence until you return but others cheat on a low key while waiting when you will come back home. This also concerns the husband who is gone too, at times they cheat on their home-based women and even remarry when they have a family back home. In all these cheating, the main cause is absenteeism. Period!

8. Cheating because of emotional attachments.

It’s just funny! When you get too close to someone who isn’t your marital partner or someone you aren’t in a relationship with, you better be careful sharing personal issues with them. Doing so gets you emotionally attached.

At times when you get emotionally attached to someone to a level that you feel comfortable sharing personal issues while you have a partner, it can lead to cheating on your partner. I mean this sexually, even though the non-sexual aspect of sharing personal issues with someone else can be considered cheating in its own right. Yes, I know you are sincere and consider them a friend. Hmm, Just be careful, or else you might regret it.

9. Cheating because of societal acceptance.

Have you heard of the saying that “Everyone does it, so it’s not new” just to massage an error? Everyone, meaning society allows for it. But then does that make it okay? Wrong! It’s wrong to cheat and would always be wrong whether it comes from the community or whomever. Ish, People are so conditioned to have multiple partners for sundry reasons because of society?

No, someone is gonna fix this. And that person is you. Yeah, you, the cheat. It starts with you stopping it and correcting the bad societal errors. When we begin to do things differently, we can change the entire community of people. If the community changes, society gets better. Please, be the change we aspire to!

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