11 Most Striking Causes Of Cheating In A Relationship

11 Most Striking Causes Of Cheating In A Relationship


11 Most Striking Causes Of Cheating In A Relationship

11 Most Striking Causes Of Cheating In A RelationshipWe also observed it and would want to believe that you have noticed how rampant cheating has become in our global society. You hear of cheating here and there but have you stopped for a moment to consider what actually makes people who once said they loved each cheat on themselves? Anyway, that’s why we are here to help you with the 11 most striking causes of cheating in a Relationship. Keep in mind that when we talk of cheating, we connote infidelity or unfaithfulness in marital and amorous relationships. Having said that, let’s focus on these causes.


1. Cheating because of carelessness.

Some people cheat beaucoup just because of their lack of common sense in relationships. They do not protect themselves from others who might have hidden agendas at the back of their minds. They Fall for each bait until the day they are laid and their eyes become clear of the fact that something wrong has happened. Don’t be careless with your relationship. And don’t be gullible to the schemes of sexual culprits. Some might come close just to have an opportunity for coitus and move on.

Not knowing boundaries or setting one when you are in a relationship is wrong. Going to the homes of admirers at odd hours is wrong. When you see the advances made toward you but say nothing. You kind of give a green light for continuity. Having personal discussions with a stranger that you should only have with your partner is wrong. These are some of the boundaries that you should put in place to protect yourself from falling into cheating baits.

2. Cheating just to buy food.

11 Most Striking Causes Of Cheating In A RelationshipYou might not have known, some people cheat on their partners just to buy foodstuff for themselves or their children. That’s it? That’s just all there is to it! There’s no other reason behind the unfaithful act than a hunger-driven one. They may become prostitutes just to satisfy their hunger for food. Most of these acts take place in poor neighborhoods and regions. One might ask if they do this just to put food on the table, for how long would they continue in such acts since feeding is a daily body requirement? You know the answer already. Poverty isn’t a good experience at all. However, no reason can justify intentional cheating on a faithful spouse.

3. Cheating for material reasons.

Some of the most prolific cheaters we see today do so for material reasons. They cheat because they want the money and the glitches it brings, not knowing that everything that glitters isn’t gold. They want to be able to buy good trendy clothes, nice houses, flashy cars, and other luxuries of life. Anyway, they keep hurting themselves and their relationships to get their desires. Insane, isn’t it? Never put material things over your relationship. It is wrong.

4. Cheating just to belong.

To belong is one of the 11 most striking causes of cheating in a Relationship. You probably might have heard of that, have you? We have some ladies who cheat because they want to feel as belonging to a certain class, you know—the big girls. It’s sort of like a show to gallivant and let their friends know that they are exposed and chill out with the big guys in town. Sooner or later they change their men as a new guy comes to town.

These ladies are gadding in town just to be seen and hailed by friends. While one might associate money and material things with what they look for after these guys, it would shock you that none of the just mentioned points is their main goal. Often these are easily conned with sweet words and the good food and drinks they get from being in the presence of great guys. Yet after coitus, they can be as broke as hell. The big guys take them for granted and might not give them any money.

5. Cheating to snatch someone’s lover.

This seems to be common with some ladies. They practically go for the lovers of other ladies just to make them their own. In other words, they snatch husbands and male partners involved in other relationships and permanently make them theirs. They who do these things may be in another relationship whilst destroying the relationship of others. This is one of the 11 most striking causes of cheating in a Relationship.

6. Cheating to make a statement to an ex or current partner.

Some people just cheat to make a statement of revenge on their exes or current partners who might have hurt them in one way or the other. Say, the male partner cheated with someone close and the female responded by cheating with someone close to her partner. Or it may even be with another person but the sole reason for that infidelity is to get back at your partner whether ex or current.

7. Cheating to distribute infections.

This is a real definition of wickedness, if you may ask me. Some people go into cheating with their full cheats because they are sick of a certain disease with which they might have been infected by other persons, but practically want to infect others via sexual intercourse. This wickedness is conceived in the heart of culprits who choose to make others suffer and die because they are suffering and dying. This is very wrong in all of its forms.

8. Cheating for fun or fantasy.

This has to do with the attractive nature and the irresistible beauty of people one meets. It’s seen as just having fun with attractive personalities without any known or given attachment. No! No money or material motivation is necessarily involved, but beauty is. The beauty is irresistible and sort of kicks you off your feet. Your ‘Yes’ to every demand becomes easier to say and your promises, a facile delivery. Ladies traipsing in and out frequently fall for this.

9. Cheating because of a spousal agreement.

Funny you might have thought. Yes, funny as it sounds, but some couples do agree to cheat on each other if they see fit for their convenience without endangering their ongoing relationship. Oh, my good lord! Some people call this an open relationship and others call it a relationship with customized or predefined interests. It’s quite true of the saying, “different strokes for different folks.” Anyway, if two people are happy with their relationship, it’s wise to stay mute.

10. Cheating because of drunkenness.

“Oh yeah! That was a mistake. I was drunk and under the influence of alcohol, and couldn’t think properly. I really regret everything that happened.” You read that, right? That was a statement from a cheater. Some people easily cheat when they are intoxicated. Their brain cannot process their thoughts properly. Being mentally anemic, what’s between their legs plays the role of the brain. It’s very easy for these folks to cheat when alcohol is concerned. And after, they regret what happened, if at all they remember. If that’s your weakness, it is easy to stop it, very easy indeed. And the best way to stop it is to Stop. Period.

11. Cheating because of evil spirits.

We should not forget this one although not everyone believes in it. But there are some demons responsible for cheating in some relationships. And they are out to destroy any relationship that they are assigned to. Their main goal is to see to it that the couples cheat on each other or at least one cheats on the other. And you know what? Whenever you cheat, you cannot hide it, it somehow leaks and becomes a shameful experience.

These demons manipulate events and place their victims in the worst situations where cheating becomes a sweet temptation temporarily. No, you cannot resist this if you are not a child of Jesus Christ. Only a practicing Christian can Stand against these forces of darkness that destroy relationships. If you see yourself unnecessarily cheating on your spouse and do not like it, you may consider this option to get yourself delivered and freed from any spirit behind the act of infidelity. Contact someone for prayers now right from this page, SCOAN.

This concludes the 11 most striking causes of cheating in a Relationship. What are some of your thoughts on the issue of cheating?


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