How These 12 Creative Ways Help Couples Deal With Domestic Violence

How These 12 Creative Ways Help Couples Deal With Domestic Violence



How These 12 Creative Ways Help Couples Deal With Domestic Violence

How These 12 Creative Ways Help Couples Deal With Domestic ViolenceYou would agree with me that violence at home has been on the rise recently. This violence can be defined as any maltreatment that occurs in a relationship within the home setting. It can be physical, emotional, or psychological and makes both male and female genders its victims. The 12 creative ways couples deal with domestic violence remind couples that hope is not all lost. The article enunciates that there are things couples can do to one another to solve the violent crisis at home. Here is how these 12 creative ways help couples deal with domestic violence.

1) When Couples Pray Together

Prayer is the key solution to every problem. Partners that pray together hardly abuse themselves. Saint Augustine says that a family that prays together stays together. No matter how bad your partner is, prayer can change him or her.

2) When Couples Study God’s Words Together

Study the word of God together. Through studying the word of God, partners can understand that they are one flesh Eph 5:31.

Whatever you did to your part, you are doing so to yourself. If we have a very good understanding that we are one, we cannot offend each other.

3) When Couples Understand Each Other

When partners understand each other, knowing what the other person likes or dislikes, I believe peace will reign. If you find out what your partner dislikes and avoid it, domestic violence will reduce or stop entirely.

4) When Couples Love Each Other

In John 13:34, Christ says to love one another as he has loved us. Love means sacrifice, tolerance, and endurance. Love means to cherish someone, and value someone. If you truly love your partner you cannot do him or her bad things. Love cares, it also appreciates one another.

John 3:16 says for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. Love means giving your all to one another. Love covers multitudes of sins. Gal 5:25 says the husbands should love their wives as Christ loved the church. Therefore, if partners truly love each other, domestic violence will not be seen in our homes.

5) When Couples Overlook Each Other’s Faults

Partners should learn how to overlook things. We should stop counting errors of each other and stop bearing grudges for a long time. When we count each other’s fault, it brings hatred and thereby leading to domestic violence. No one is perfect. Everybody has his or her own flaws. We can stop domestic violence by overlooking each other’s errors.

6) When Couples Don’t Compare Themselves To Others

We should learn how to appreciate what we have for all fingers are not equal. It’s when we begin to see what Mr. A is doing to his spouse that problems arise. Do not compare yourselves to others, simple!

7) When Couples Manage Their Anger

One should learn how to keep quiet when the other is angry. Talking back at each other brings provocation which also leads to domestic violence. A woman once went to a marriage counselor for counseling. The counselor gave her 10 liters of clean water and told her, that anytime her husband is abusing her verbally she should put this solution into her mouth. She must not swallow or vomit it until when he is done.

She did it for some days and her husband stopped beating her. She came back to the counselor to say thank you, the counselor told her to go and work on her mouth. Some partners have a bad mouth that always leads to domestic violence.

8) When Couples Don’t Listen To Bad Advice

Bad friends can corrupt the mind of people. Ps 1:1-3 says blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor stands in the way of sinners nor sits in the seat of the scornful. Bad friends will teach someone ways that lead to death. If we can avoid bad advice I believe there will be no more domestic violence.

9) When Couples Dialogue With Each Other

If your partner offends you, call him or her and dialogue in a good manner. If there is a dialogue among partners, domestic violence will not persist in our homes.

10) When Couples Respect One Another

At times what leads to domestic violence is a lack of respect. Some partners behave anyhow they want, treat each other anyhow, and have no respect for the relationship. When we respect each other, value each other, and think about the welfare of our relationship, domestic violence will end.

11 When Couples Meet The Intimate Need Of Each Other

Good sex always helps partners to settle their differences. They don’t need a third party to settle their issues if there is an intimate relationship between them. A constant intimate moment heals a lot of issues.

12) When Couples Train Their Children Properly

A good upbringing can be a game changer in adult life. Train your children to be good husbands and wives tomorrow. Children that come from abusive homes always abuse their partners.

Children learn more about what they see around them. Couples should stop exchanging words or quarreling in the presence of their children. By so doing, the generation to come will be free of domestic violence.

Domestic violence has caused many problems in our society. It has led to many deaths, many broken homes and so many other problems in our societies. If we can follow these 12 creative ways to help couples deal with domestic violence, our societies will be free of this menace.



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