How To Prevent Cheating On Your Partner Due To Excessive Sexual Urges

How To Prevent Cheating On Your Partner Due To Excessive Sexual Urges


How To Avoid Cheating On Your Partner Due To Excessive Sexual Urges

All things are lawful, but not all things are helpful or beneficial (1 Corinthians 10:23). Although all things are permitted, the Bible cautions us not to be mastered by anything (1 Corinthians 6:12). Therefore, any habit in which the body indulges excessively is bad. Even the habit of eating necessary to sustain life, when done in excess, becomes gluttony and endangers the very health of the body it wishes to sustain. Sex is no different. When taken to the extreme, it is never without its consequences.

The Addiction

How To Prevent Cheating On Your Partner Due To Excessive Sexual UrgesThere is what we call sexual addiction, and it isn’t a healthy habit at all. Excessive sexual urge, being a condition where one keeps desiring sexual intercourse unreasonably, has been the cause of cheating and the destruction of many relationships. But today, we want to help couples address this issue as we talk about how to prevent cheating on your partner due to excessive sexual urges.

Of course, coital intimacy is good and needed in a love relationship to help sustain the overall goal of being together. By it, the Lord’s mandate of procreation is fulfilled (Genesis 1:28). But a relationship is not solely centered on having sex with your partner. It goes beyond that need to the physical, emotional, spiritual, psychological, and economic needs as well.

The Experience

I met a couple who complained that the husband wanted sex all day and the wife couldn’t handle the situation. She goes to work early in the morning to support the family and the husband who stays at home supports her with domestic issues. But as soon as she returns home, he never lets her rest for a second as they engage in coital intimacy all night long. His request for such long hours of sex is daily and is robbing her of sleep. It’s taking a toll on her job as she is always tired, restless, and sleeps at work.

You see, the husband has an excessive sexual urge which makes him want for more irrespective of the feelings and willingness of the wife. But the funniest part of the story is that at times the lady pretends to be sick just to get some rest. And whenever the lady does this, the husband literally finds sexual satisfaction from outside, which, according to her, can endanger her health if he’s infected.

The Ladies Too

How To Prevent Cheating On Your Partner Due To Excessive Sexual UrgesThis is not only for men. The same is also true with the ladies. There are some ladies who cannot be satisfied sexually by a single partner and seek multiple partners just to satisfy their level of sexual urge. This is wrong in any sincere love relationship. No partner who is a true, sincere and faithful lover, would want to share with others what he considered sacred to him.

No committed partner, male or female, would accept being tortured by jealousy for giving their consent to have their partner sexually serviced by another person. I didn’t say that it’s not possible or that it doesn’t happen. But I used the word “Committed,” because a committed partner sticks with you come rain come shine. There are different types of orgies and partner swapping, but no one is committed to anyone and the practices are wrong.

Check Your Priorities Again

You do not have to cheat on your partner because you have an inordinate sexual urge. While there are many causes of this issue, ranging from spiritual to physiological and to the lust of the flesh, there’s also a solution to this which is focused on priorities.

Marriage is not all about sex. A romantic relationship doesn’t center on sex alone, because love isn’t all about sex. You can love somebody without having sexual intimacy with that person.

There are partners who loved themselves but never had sex in their Union. There are partners whose condition, medically speaking, never allowed them to have sexual intercourse, but they loved themselves to the clouds and had a great relationship. We must not look at love as if without sex, it won’t work. No!! Without sex, love can work. And with sex, love can work too if we have our priorities right.

Suggested Solutions On How To Prevent Cheating On your Partner Due To Excessive Sexual Urges

1. Sex Is Not FoodHow To Prevent Cheating On Your Partner Due To Excessive Sexual Urges

Understand that Sexual intercourse isn’t food that the body needs for daily survival. Even the body survives without food for several days. The body can survive without sex for several days. Even your relationship can survive without sex if both of you are on good terms. I think we mentioned that above. You may want to look at it again to refresh your mind.

2. Be Considerate

You have to understand that It’s not considerate to say to your partner that you want coital intimacy daily without taking into account her own position too. If it were about you alone, that’s fine. But copulation isn’t done alone. It involves you two together. So you should consider what he or she says about the desire for daily sexual intimacy. Whatever you people come to agree, as the Bible says, let it be mutual rather than being forced upon one party (1 Corinthians 7:5).

3. Make Healthy Plans For It

If one is going to work daily, and the other wants it daily too. Then make plans that are healthy for both of you. The job is for the good of the family. You cannot sacrifice your job and the fact that the body needs to rest and have some sleep in order to function properly both at work or at home, just because of daily sex. In your plans, consider giving your partner enough rest or time for sleep. The more he or she rests, the more they recuperate the energy lost and the more active they become in bed and at work.

4. Control Your Sexual Urge

Humans were created with the volition power with which they exercise their free will. They can make decisions and control things freely without being forced. Every urge within the human body can be brought under control by the volition of the individual. You must understand that you can always control your own urges whether sexual or not. This is what others can’t do for you. An urge is just the desire to or to have something.

Just as you can control the urge for food by not stealing to eat or to eat just anything you see around irrespective of the health hazard, you can also control your sexual urge by not sleeping around with just anybody you see or even thinking about it.

If your husband or wife isn’t around, you shouldn’t go outside to find someone to satisfy your sexual cravings. Put that craving on hold until your partner comes back, which is just a matter of time. That would not kill you one bit.


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5. Stop Abusing Drugs

When drugs are used inordinately, it’s being abused. Some people take drugs without a medical prescription to enhance their sexual libidos, and this might trigger hormonal changes and improper functioning in some areas of the body. If you are suffering from an excessive sexual urge and you’re taking any kind of drug to increase your libido, you may want to consider stopping using it and consult your doctor.

The administration of such drugs could put so much pressure on your body to want to have more sex even at the expense of your physical strength/energy. You could be physically worn out yet your penis never gets flaccid because of the drugs you take. In addition, it can numb your natural libido to the point that If you don’t use drugs, you cannot feel aroused.

If you are drug-reliance on sex, be sure your doctor knows about it, and that you follow the instructions carefully. You may even consider the underlying causes and make lifestyle changes that could bring back your natural libido free from drugs. In any case, seek the help of medical practitioners.

6. SeeK Spiritual Solution

How To Prevent Cheating On Your Partner Due To Excessive Sexual UrgesThere are some cases of inordinate sexual urge caused by demonic spirits and which can only be solved through spiritual means. The victims of such cases go as far as having unrestrained sex with just anyone. It sends victims to cheap prostitution and, in some cases, influences them to have bestial sexual relationships which they seem to enjoy and find satisfaction. In essence, it’s the presence of demons that influence the human body to desire what the human body cannot desire in the ordinary realm. And only a spiritual solution can put an end to that.

To conclude this article, “How To Prevent Cheating On Your Partner Due To Excessive Sexual Urges,” let’s recap what we’ve just mentioned. We have said that a relationship can survive without sex, that partners can control their sexual urges, that partners should plan their sex life, and should make it mutual, that they should consider each other’s position, stop abusing drugs and seek a spiritual solution in absurd cases. Copyright 2019. All rights reserved.



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