The 10 Undeniable Characteristics Of A Boss Lady

The 10 Undeniable Characteristics Of A Boss Lady

The 10 Undeniable Characteristics Of A Boss Lady


The 10 Undeniable Characteristics Of A Boss LadyThe term, ‘Boss Lady’, simply put, describes a lady who is IN-CHARGE of her life–all aspects of it. It also means a lady who sets out to accomplish all her goals and takes full responsibility for her success, with or without the help of others. In essence, a Boss Lady knows what she wants and goes for it, isn’t afraid to stand out, and continually seeks knowledge that will help her grow. Boss Ladies are usually the female CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Social media influencers, fashion divas, entertainers, bloggers, mothers, and so many strong personalities running their worlds.

Many women in today’s society claim to be Boss Ladies. However, for the purpose of clarity, here are the 10 undeniable characteristics of a boss lady. A lady with any of these characteristics can rightly be called a Boss Lady:


Boss Ladies are a bevy of ladies who often have minds of their own. Though they may enlist others to help achieve some of their goals, they are usually impatient with slow and lazy people. Hence, they are bound to interfere with others’ tasks, take up responsibility and finish off the task anyway. They have such confidence in their abilities that they sometimes feel getting the job done by themselves will produce better results. This makes them a penchant for the ‘do as I say’ mantra and those who seem slow to catch up often bear the brunt of their anger. Those who work with her are very much aware that their ‘boss’ will rarely take no for an answer, and as such, ensure that goals are accomplished even if it means taking over the job from them.


Boss Ladies are authoritative in nature. It is not difficult to spot a Boss Lady in a group as they often assert themselves and tend towards leading any group they find themselves in. How else would they describe their ‘boss-ness’ if there are no ones to boss over? They have strong leadership tendencies that they find delight in showing others how things should be done. This trait commands the respect of others, and soon enough, people look up to them. A Boss Lady influences others to think like her or even better.


Boss Ladies are very vocal about their beliefs and opinions about issues. In other words, we can say that they are opinionated. This is the reason why they are willing to stand by their opinions by all means, and never willing to budge. Rarely will you ever have a cause to wonder what a Boss Lady thinks about an idea, because she will volunteer her opinions, whether you ask for them or not. Additionally, her outspoken character is obvious as she loves to talk about her dreams, goals, and business ideas to whoever cares to listen. This characteristic manifests also when you engage them in an argument. They will often try to prove their points by all means. Never engage them in an argument if your facts are not well-checked. She will make minced meat of you.


Closely related to the above point is the way Boss Ladies do not mince words when talking about someone or something. They are known to speak the hard truth and people can’t help but wonder how they could say certain things without batting an eyelid. Of course, their high level of confidence often prompts this trait. When working in a team and they notice a team-mate who is lazy, sluggish, or incompetent, they are swift to point it out. Little wonder most people think they are too proud and arrogant and will never ‘keep their mouths shut’. Be careful how you work because they are definitely watching you.


Needless to say, these ladies are goal-getters and reach out for the next level of their careers. Their goals are often so lofty that others think they are crazy or out of their minds. But who cares? Definitely not a Boss Lady! You will often find them pursuing one goal or the other. If it’s not a project they are pursuing, they are thinking of expanding their business into branches. Whatever builds their self-esteem is not too high a dream for them to pursue.


Boss Ladies are aggressive in the sense that they will never allow people to run all over them. In other words, you cannot take them for granted because they think highly of themselves and will not tolerate the slightest hint of disparagement on their person. If they feel the need, they will often take a defensive stance just to ensure that no one runs roughshod over them. They are the ones who strongly believe that respect is reciprocal, and they demand it from others. They know their worth and no one dares trample upon it.


Boss Ladies are usually filled with tonnes of self-confidence that you will rarely think that they can fail in life. Rarely will you see them intimidated by opposing circumstances or negative opinions of others concerning a business project, idea, or even fresh opportunities to grow in knowledge. They have laid out plans and follow through. They are positive that whichever way it is, their plans will work out.


Since they know what they want and go for it, they have this bull-headed determination that damns all consequences. Their eyes are always on the goal and if it will cost certain things to get there, then the risk is worth it. It seems to them that the level of risk involved in a venture directly determines how profitable it is in the end. So the riskier, the better. Boss Ladies see risk as a challenge to be surmounted and further proof that there is nothing they cannot achieve, so long their minds are set.


The 10 Undeniable Characteristics Of A Boss LadyAmong Boss Ladies, it is common to hear remarks such as: ‘Do you even have a life?’ or ‘You work all the time and never hang out with us’. This is because they are driven by success and continuous accomplishments and that is all that matters to them at the moment. They work round the clock to meet set targets, proving the point that they can actually do much on their own, further fueling their massive ego. Their ambitious trait, of course, will keep them on their toes since it is their desire to reach the zenith of their career and all areas of their lives. Hence, their lives are built around work, work, and work.


In spite of how engaging the lifestyle of a Boss Lady is, they still take out time to maintain shape and beauty. In fact, they take it as a huge plus to look beautiful while taking charge of their spheres of influence. They ensure that they dress in a way that boosts their confidence, looking respectable. They are found to ‘dress their part’ or ‘dress according to purpose’. Trust me, if a Boss Lady has a business deal to seal, she will be very keen on what she wears. It is inevitable. Boss Ladies, if necessary, will go as far as creating something peculiar to them alone. After all, they are leaders and trailblazers even in the fashion industry.

Conclusively, a Boss Lady isn’t afraid to stand out. She is an authority in all she does and always has a way of burrowing her way through life on her own. She is in control of her life and that is what bosses do.



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