The 8 Invaluable ‘NOs’ To Keep Couples Sane And Strong

The 8 Invaluable ‘NOs’ To Keep Couples Sane And Strong



The 8 invaluable ‘NOs’ to keep couples sane and strong

The 8 Invaluable ‘NOs’ To Keep Couples Sane And StrongEvery relationship has the potential to thrive and survive all odds if those involved are of one mind. At least the bible gives us a hint of what can be achieved when people of diverse opinions are working as one. It asks us to aim for perfection, to rejoice and strive for full restoration, to encourage one another, and be of one mind, and live in peace. So it is to the pleasure of God for us to strife for the betterment of our relationships. And from here comes the foundation of the 8 valuable ‘Nos’ to keep couples sane and strong.

This article is written with you in mind, knowing that your relationship could be on the edge of a breakpoint, which could be by your own doings, whether intentionally or not. It equips you with some very simple elements which are mundane, so to say, but can destroy the relationship you have been building for a long time. Come on with me, let me take you through these invaluable ‘Nos’ that can help save your union.


1. The ‘Infidelity No’

As far as a love relationship is concerned, infidelity is the action or state of being unfaithful to a spouse or one’s sexual partner. The infidelity ‘NO’ means to be faithful to the love of your love. Quite the opposite! In today’s social context, infidelity may involve more than just having sexual contact physically to having emotional and virtual contact. You can be in contact and have exchanges with someone online other than your legal partner and this may be considered unfaithful even though you never met physically. Therefore to keep your relationship sane and strong, say an emphatic ‘NO’ to any kind of infidelity.

2. The ‘Lie No’

The lie No is highly needed for a relationship to stay sane and strong. Any intentional false statement is a lie that should not be told in a relationship as a couple. A strong relationship thrives on trust, and lies cannot sustain a relationship nor build trust within. Always be truthful to the one whom you love or aspire to love.

3. The ‘Stealing No’

In some relationships, there is a lot of stealing going on. One partner steals from the other, whether money or other articles of interest, directly or indirectly. Stealing and lies are like twins. When you see one, you could find the other nearby. The partners who do steal from others conceal their theft by lying if necessary. Where this act of stealing is perpetrated, there’s always a breach of trust and respect. Every act of stealing is wrong and cannot sustain a relationship or keep it strong. Say ‘No’ to stealing for the sake of your relationship.

4. The ‘Argument No’

Verbal arguments that lead to discord and dissension should be avoided for the sanity of your relationship. An intellectual argument can be helpful but if it has to bring about disunity amongst couples, you better drop it before it ruins your relationship. Build a relationship that you people always agree within. That doesn’t mean you don’t have different opinions, no. Opinions could be different with lovers, yet they are united and are doing well in their relationship. You may not always agree and can disagree lovingly without hubbub, disunity, and disrespect. Say a big ‘NO’ to any kind of argument that would cost you your relationship.

5. The ‘Domestic Violence No’

Domestic violence is said to be one of the easiest ways to kill a relationship, whether romantic or not. Any mentally sane person doesn’t need to fall in love to know that domestic violence is unacceptable in a relationship. Domestic violence is the kind of violence perpetrated by one lover unto the other. It could be physical, emotional, or psychological, and is common in domestic settings. Notably, it takes place at home, within a family setting, or where ever a family goes and lives temporarily or permanently. The ‘domestic violence NO’ is a must for every love relationship to thrive.

6. The ‘Financial Waste No’

There’s what we call “financial waste” in a relationship where the couple or a partner delights in spending money without thinking about the consequences whatsoever. And this often leads to a state of persistent lack or poverty. There would be a need for one thing or the other which money, at a time, could’ve solved in that relationship. Some partners, you know, are just for the bags–money–and nothing more. These folks are always in need of money.

They don’t think before spending money and can’t save money at all. For a relationship to stay sane and strong, there must be a ‘NO’ to financial waste and a ‘YES’ to savings and proper management of funds. Truth be told, any relationship without money for basic necessities cannot survive.

7. The ‘Unforgiveness No’

The act of unforgiveness can also destroy a relationship with people. Unforgivess is the refusal to let go of the things done against you for the sake of peace to reign in the relationship. And I mean your peace in particular as a victim. Because although you were hurt by someone else, you still are robbed of your peace by yourself if you keep resenting and refusing to let it off your chest.

To forgive is godly (Matthew 6:14), and would go a long way to strengthen your relationship than the other way round. If you love someone genuinely, there’s always gonna be the space to forgive the lover who hurt you. Say No to that spirit of unforgiveness before it destroys your relationship.

8. The ‘Divorce No’.

This point can be unpopular in some quarters but the truth must be said. If you love your relationship, avoid the readiness to divorce because of trivial issues. You must not let any nugatory and pointless observation have the greater part of your marriage or love life. Divorce isn’t an option just because certain things didn’t go your way. No one is perfect. How about taking a stronger position to resolve issues? Or working towards bettering the relationship?

When a divorce becomes an easy option, it impedes the mind from making efforts to win your love back. The ‘divorce No’ should be something to implement more often than not when there’s a relationship issue. No matter what is going on in your relationship, do not give it up easily without putting up a strong ‘divorce No’ fight, first and foremost. Say NO to divorce if you truly love your partner and want that love to prosper.

In conclusion, the 8 invaluable ‘Nos’ that would keep couples sane and strong are saying NO to infidelity, lies, stealing, arguments, domestic violence, financial waste, unforgiveness, and divorce. There could be others depending on the context of your relationship. However, keeping the above-mentioned points in mind would help your relationship thrive. Did you find that helpful? May the good Lord bless your union.



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