The Reasons The United States Is Leading In Covid-19 Related Death, Part 2

The Reasons The US Leads In Covid-19 Related Deaths, Part 2



The United States has 4% of the world’s population but also 24% of the total covid-19 cases in the world. Today the US recorded its highest number yet of coronavirus cases ever–a landmark 66600 per day–with a total of 3 million one hundred thousand cases. The state of Florida is considered the epicenter of covid-19 in the US. In the midst of it all, there’s still a denial of reality by its Florida state’s Governor, Ron DeSantis, and a host of others in positions of power.

The reasons The US Leads In Covid-19 Related Deaths, Part 2 continues our past series which you can find here. In this second part, our focus is on the following reasons:

1. No messaging from the White House

The Reasons The US Leads In Covid-19 Related Deaths, Part 2Science is all about knowledge findings, information, and updates. That is what makes science really interesting. Science depends on continual studies and proofs; it depends on proven facts that might be different from what was believed before. Science doesn’t know it all. It rather learns to know. Good science is that which progressive and not static. Whenever it’s static, the scientific aspect of it is no more relevant.

That being said, the fight against coronavirus, like science, is still subject to study and new updates. This is so because of the nature of the coronavirus and its consequences. The fight needs constant updates and information. This includes timely messages disseminated to the public.

Information, when it’s needed, is vital to help keep the people safe. With the mutating nature of the virus, what is known today might change tomorrow. Even the guidelines of the World Health Organization have been drawn through long periods of studies with changes and adaptations made from what was recommended previously.

A Constant Flow Of Info Lacking

The point here is that there must be constant messaging coming from authentic and reliable sources for people to be vigilant. At least people need updates on what the government is doing at a time like this. This on many occasions, however, has been lacking from the white house. When people expected to hear from them, they heard nothing, leaving everyone in the dark.

Like I earlier said in part two, they started well, creating a coronavirus task force committee that engaged in briefing the public daily with Trump making a daily speech on efforts made to combat the enemy, they all of a sudden stopped to brief the people. What the Americans were used to daily was deprived of them for almost two months.

The briefing was stopped and no one heard anything accurate as coming from the white house task force which was later kind of reshuffled. During this period of abeyance, there was lots of disinformation and misinformation circulating because people had to guess and propagate the fruits of their guesswork.

Without leadership during those weeks, the number of corona cases never came down but kept going higher. Information increases vigilance and awareness which were lacking in this case.

2. The belief that the Virus is overhyped

Some folks in the Trump administration think that the coronavirus is overhyped and being given unmerited attention. The President himself at one time called it the small flu that will go away eventually. And some Americans have bought into this over-hyped idea and consequently, let down their guards. Whenever you let down your guard, you only help increase the number of coronavirus cases in the land.

3. Leader setting a bad example

The statement, “show me your leader and I will show you where you are headed” could be true on many occasions and one such occasion is the coronavirus pandemic in the US. The leaders, not all but some leaders are setting a very bad example to mingle with people without wearing face masks or adhering to social distancing rules just to limit the spread of the virus.

Particularly, we’ve constantly seen Trump without a mask. He never wears one and does not encourage others to wear masks. His going out to public gatherings without a mask is emulated by thousands of people to, perhaps, their own death. One reason the US is leading in covid-19 related deaths is that its leader doesn’t find the wearing of face masks or social distance as necessary in flattening the curve. Bad examples lead to bad results.

4. Refusal to follow the CDC guidelines

The Reasons The US Leads In Covid-19 Related Deaths, Part 2It’s known all over the world from its insertion that the US President, Donald Trump doesn’t comply with the guidelines of the Center for Disease Control for slowing the spread of the virus. The President doesn’t wear a face mask nor adheres to social distancing when in public spaces. His nonchalant behavior is a poor example and a blunt refusal to follow what was recommended for the safety of everyone.

This attitude doesn’t help but increase the number of covid-19 victims because many would see him walk around without a mask and refuse to wear masks that could be their lifesaver. His repudiation of CDC guidelines doesn’t end with mask-wearing but social distancing and even denouncing the measures given at opening cities and schools as being too tough and impractical. In addition, he has recently demanded CDC to procure new guidelines for schools, thereby, putting aside the former.

Someone might say the US is a great leader in many aspects and it’s only right that they lead in the covid-19 cases. But I disagree with that line of thought. It’s good to lead positively but with the coronavirus deaths, I don’t see anything positive about that! Stay safe everyone. © 2020. All rights reserved


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