The Reasons United States Records A High Number Of Covid-19 Victims, Part 1

The Reasons United States Records A High Number Of Covid-19 Victims, Part 1



The Reasons United States Records A High Number Of Covid-19 Victims, Part 1


The Reasons United States Records A High Number Of Covid-19 Victims, Part 1The United States of America is not the largest nation in the world in terms of population nor is she the second largest. The people’s Republic of China is the most populous nation in the world with approximately 1.4 billion people followed by the Republic of India with over 1.353 billion people. Now the question is how come that the US which isn’t the world’s largest population has the largest number of coronavirus cases in the world?

The recorded cases in the US are far above those of the world’s two most populous nations at the time of this writing. The US has, as of late, hit a landmark 3 million cases while China and India have about 700.000 and 83.000 cases respectively. Of Course, the numbers could increase as more testing is carried out. So our figures here can change by the time you finish reading this article.

Perhaps the painful question one could ask is why is the United States recording a higher mortality rate than these two countries combined? There could be more cases but fewer deaths. But what we have in the US is mind-boggling. The US has over 130.000 deaths recorded today while China has about 4.600 and India, 19.700 deaths. The US’s case is quite disturbing. Why are there so many deaths in a country seen as the most powerful in the world? Is there something that they are not getting right?  The nub of our post today is to bring to you the reasons the US recorded a high number of covid-19 victims.

1. No political will to follow through.

The Reasons United States Records A High Number Of Covid-19 Victims, Part 1I must say that Trump’s administration started well with the fight against coronavirus as it set a leading role in the lockdown and banning entries into US soil which made other nations see the reason to do the same without any hard feelings.

Although the lockdown started with Italy, it wasn’t taken very seriously until Trump started banning nations from entering the US. Even some nations initially misinterpreted his action as arrogance and disapproved of his action, but little did they know that they would follow suit in locking down their own nations as the severity of the pandemic became clear. It was a good and timely move from the White House, but there wasn’t a will, a political will to follow through or should I say to sustain that decision to fruition.

While it was a good move, it ended poorly. There was a rush to reopen which raises the question of why was there any lockdown to start with. The main cause of this increase is simple: they didn’t follow the safety guidelines for reopening. Leaders who reopened with arrogance are taking a step back from their decision. They started well but ended poorly because there was little or no political will to follow through.

2. The Misinformation

The Reasons United States Records A High Number Of Covid-19 Victims, Part 1There’s a lot of Misinformation coming from individuals and authorities one should expect the best from. Even the white house isn’t helping matters. Throughout the coronavirus saga, the white house has on some occasions sent out misinformation misleading the public. For the purpose of clarity, misinformation is “false information that is spread, regardless of intent to mislead.”

The spread of misinformation often happens in our everyday lives as we report what we genuinely heard but wrongly interpreted. Or what we thought we heard which could be surrounded by many variables. When we mishear, we misinform; when we misthink, we misinform. When we prejudge, we misinform; when we misremember details, we misinform. When we hate, we misinform.

Misinformation can be based on our likes and dislikes and expectations which are far from reality. It could be based on true facts improperly analyzed. Half-truths and mistakes can sincerely misinform.

These are the weaknesses of humans since we aren’t perfect beings. During the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve heard of some misinformation lingering in the air and making rounds on social media on how to cure it, prevent it, stop it, avoid its spread, etc. People wanna tell others what they heard over the TV but they misremember details. They tell their followers on social media what they saw from someone who saw it from someone who heard from yet another person but end up passing the wrong information.

The information might have been correct at the beginning but with so much reporting, an error was included but undetected by those who later read, saw, and passed it on. This is still misinformation no matter the truth in its content. Any kind of wrong information without really caring about the intent is misinformation.

3. The Disinformation

There’s also disinformation considered as a reason the United States is recording a high number in covid-19 cases. Disinformation, unlike misinformation, is false information intended to mislead others into believing whatever its author aspires.

Disinformation is intentional false information disseminated by a government or authority to deliberately mislead others. It can also be biased information, manipulated narrative or facts, or propaganda. So, disinformation is knowingly spreading misinformation.

When you spread wrong information on purpose, with the intent to decide and mislead—that’s disinformation. And we see something like this misleading information coming from the white house. To say 99% of covid-19 cases aren’t serious at all is disinformation. It’s spoken by Trump who knows the truth but chose to send out this type of information.

To say the US is flattening the curve when she just recorded her all-time high in cases—60000–in a single day, is disinformation. This was spoken by the Vice President, Pence, in a coronavirus task force briefing today. It looks like they are intentionally avoiding the truth and don’t wanna talk about the truth, consequently. passing out false information in so doing.

4. Denying Reality

The Trump administration is denying the reality and the President shows that by his actions and words as well. Recently, he made a remark that the US has tested 40 million people and 99% of the cases are not deadly at all. He makes it look like all is well but this isn’t the reality. The statistics are saying otherwise. The reality is that there are 130 thousand deaths, the highest in the world. This number keeps rising.

5. The apathy of some Americans

There’s that apathy of some Americans over social distancing and the wearing of face masks. The way they do and behave you would know that they aren’t interested in following the guidelines for their safety. Anyway, if the white house shows no such leadership, how much less the citizens. Some Americans show no enthusiasm in following the safety measures because their leaders show no seriousness in following the rules as well. The repercussion of such apathy is an increase in covid-19 cases.

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