The Advantages Of Social Distancing - Covid-19 Crisis & Effects

The Advantages Of Social Distancing – Covid-19 Crisis & Effects



The Advantages Of Social Distancing – Covid-19 Crisis & Effects

The Advantages Of Social Distancing - Covid-19 Crisis & EffectsMitigating the effects of Covid-19 was on the mind of whoever coined the words “Social distancing.”

Social distancing isn’t a good word-phrase to use because it is very difficult to impose, although they use the word phrase to mean “physical distancing”. Actually, that’s what they should have called it–Physical distancing– because you can never distance yourself socially but you can physically. And this is required as a policy to help curb the spread of Covid-19.

While you are physically distant, you are socially engaging and present online. To work online is not social distancing but physical distancing. To chat, send & receive SMS and emails, making calls, twitting, instagraming, snap-chatting, face-booking, and being active in other social media platforms are all social interactions and never social distancing. These are the practices that seem to increase these days amidst the crisis.

However, Since people are told to avoid contacts or stay away from each other physically, let us consider some advantages of this policy.


1. The Covid-19 is coming to an end with glory going to God

What I wanna say here is an inspiration which I got from the prophetic word of the man of God, Reverend P.C. Akubueze. It’s my view which you might disagree with and that’s fine. As for me and my household, I believed what he said.

He told us that “the killer virus is a giant that could kill far more than any other disease that preceded it.” But that “it has fallen by God’s intervention.”

We are so thankful for the medical officials of all levels putting their lives at risk in order to help people get well and save the lives of countless others. We are grateful to all public officials who take the threat seriously and are doing their very best to save the lives of their citizens.

However, how would you explain it, or what would you say in a situation that has killed thousands and has the potential of killing millions within a short period of time, that the treatment or the cure to it is a medicine that already has been in existence for years and that has been used for something other than for the killer coronavirus? “That pride of men  having discovered a cure is taken off the table here since nothing new is discovered.” Isn’t it?

But “wisdom from God has been given to those scientists who are working hard to find a solution. They would see the effectiveness of what they already had to solve the Covid-19 crisis.” Thereby giving God all the glory due His name. This is what I gathered from what the man of God said. I might not know how exactly, but I believe it. I believe the level of fear we have on earth now is uncalled-for. God is taking care of things. Let’s keep obeying the rules. Let’s keep praying! Let’s keep working to contain the virus.

2. It reassures your loved ones of your continuous presence.

It’s better to be missed for a while by a significant few than to be missed forever by the world. This is just a better way to let you find comfort in the stay at home confinement for a while. Of course, you will be missed by some friends, loved ones and family. But think about being infected by the disease convid19 and are dead. Think about those who have died of convid19, they all have families and loved ones too. But sadly, they are missed by both their families and us all. Every victim of Covid19 is taken away from their loved ones either by isolation or death. But we all need you, the world needs you and wants you here. So the ‘stay at home’ policy is a way to guarantee your presence to your loved ones rather than be snatched by Covid-19.

3. It improves marital bonding

This convid19 stay home policy will help some couples to bond better without the daily hassle of life. Whatever excuse the couples have been giving each other for not being there, it’s the right time to stay close to each and talk about things of marital importance. The more they bond together, the stronger the relationship gets.

4. It highlights the love factor

Although one can see the social distancing as a minus in socializing hence thumbs down in loving your neighbor, it’s actually the opposite. It’s a plus in socialization. You distance yourself from the others because you love them and do not want to harm them in case you’re infected. If you are not infected, you still love those you shall meet later, therefore, you take precautionary measures to protect yourself so that you don’t go and infect others you would meet later. To me, that’s love. Whenever you do social distancing or stay at home because of convid19, you are loving yourself, hence your safety and are loving others too, hence their safety.

5. It helps reduce selfishness

Staying at home because of convid19 is not about your safety alone but that of others too. Even if you give every reason to be free of it and healthy, you still have to obey the rule and limit yourself because of the safety of others too. The situation makes us think about others who are not part of our families too. This reduces selfishness.

6. It unites nations and people of the world

We see nations coming together taking similar actions to fight Covid-19. We see the people of the world showing solidarity with one another. If you have never heard about the world being a global village, this is a good time to think about that phenomenon.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that some of the big names we know are Covid-19 victims. The disease is affecting all of us without respect of status, financial background, race, color, age or gender. It doesn’t care how clever, smart or dull you are.

We are all one humanity suffering from the same crisis and taking similar actions to try to contain the outbreak. I would want this lesson of unity to outlive this convid19 saga. May we see the world as a small village with a common problem. May we protect the world knowing that whatever we do in the east might affect those in the west, North and South.

7. It increases internet reliability & resourcefulness

Some people until now have not really considered the internet as an indispensable tool for work, business, and other resources. With the convid19 confinement and limitation, a lot of businesses have taken the online aspect seriously. There are far too many people connected on the internet for work purposes, businesses and education too. This is a good thing.

8. It decreases Air pollution & cleanses the air we breathe

Because of travel restrictions in place, there are no or few vehicular movements which means a fall in Carbon monoxide emission. Less CO in the atmosphere also means less air pollution, clearer skies and more clean air to breathe. This, in turn, will reduce respiratory infections and breathing difficulties. It’s an advantage because of the convid19 pandemic.

9. It breeds new sea life

The travel restrictions in Europe, and maybe other cities of the world, has seen some rivers, lakes and even seas quiet and teeming with vibrant sea life because of less human movements with boats, ships and other leisure means of transporting people on vacation, etc.

In Venice, Italy as we speak, the water is clearer now because there is less traffic on the canals, allowing the sediment to stay at the water bottom. People could literally see fish in the waters and various birds have found the canal a refreshing location without the fear of oncoming boats. In Belgium and the Netherlands, there are beaches that used to be packed and jammed with people entirely empty. You could hardly see one person or boat in sight. This, however, might be short-lived if movements come back to the status quo.

We shall stop here as we continue to observe the progression in mitigating the Covid-19 situation. Maybe, you’ve noticed something somewhere. Now tell us what other advantage(s)   as a result of the Covid-19 crisis have you observed?


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Authored by Carlo for CopyRight 2020. All rights reserved.




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Shanta Rahman

Thanks for this timely and helpful information regarding social distancing. My heart breaks when I see what is going on around us. May God help us all to be secure and safe. I wish all good health and please take care of family and friends this moment. Family is everything and all that matters. 

Md. Asraful Islam

Thank you so much for sharing an article with us in a timely right. This article’s main content is the advantage of social distance and the covid-19 crisis and effects. We know that cuffs are currently in the form of Covid-19 pandemics that are a threat to humankind. The only way out of this virus is to maintain social distance and constant hand washing or sanitizing. The points mentioned in your article are really remarkable. You are a fast thinker.

Our country will be infected with this virus, which is why I am living at home keeping social distance. Maintaining social distance creates a bond between our family and a sense of absolute love for everyone. I really enjoyed reading your article so I will share your article with my friends if you allow me to share it in the Facebook group.


Hello Carlo, we missed you greatly. So glad you are back. Thanks for the nice post. really this post is informative as well as educative. I really enjoyed the post. I read your articles and found a lot of information about Advantages Of Social Distancing. If I had not read your article, I would not have been aware of certain things you pointed such as it reduces selfishness and helps breed new sea life, etc. I never saw it that way. We are just stocked on the pain of our reality. Anyways, your article is helpful and encouraging. Please do not travel for too long. I hope you will always be beside us writing beautiful and educational articles like this.

I will share your article on my social media. Thank you for the beautiful post.


Hello Carlo, it’s been a while I read your article. I hope your are doing great. Thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful and informative article with us. 😊

The name of Covid-19 is terror in the present world. The virus has shocked the whole world. The only way to prevent this virus attack is to raise awareness that we can deal with it. Truly speaking, I didn’t know so much about distancing in the prevention of the Coronavirus, but I read some articles you released lately on what is coronavirus and how we can avoid it. 

 Thanks for writing about such an important topic at this time.


Hello, you guys are quite fast thinkers bringing out such in the midst of the crisis is applaudable. The post will help to make everyone aware. Thank you so much for sharing this essential article with everyone. Particularly the first point got me thinking…that was too deep and not for just any reader. 

The whole world is on hold today. Everyone is scared. If we should be scared, we should seek help from the Lord. And maintaining social distance is not what everyone understands. It’s quite new to us and a little bit confusing to the millennials so used to social media. But I love the way you described it in your opening paragraph.

The importance and benefits of social distance as you stated are eye-opening too. So the government is forcing countries to lockdown, it’s time we see the good in its entirety. Thee’s a glimpse of hope in your article. Hopefully, others will be encouraged and aware as they read this post. I await what comes next, thanks Carlo.


This has been a very good read. And it’s worth sharing too. Many people are not talking this seriously until it seriously takes them! 🙁 But on the other hand, we must stay positive and feel it’ll soon go away. Meanwhile, it can also bring positive things to our lives. Yeah, I like this list you’ve made.


I want to thank you for sharing with us such an interesting article about “The Advantages Of Social Distancing – Covid-19 Crisis & Effects”. Lamentably, this virus spreads rapidly, yet the most exceedingly terrible thing is that the world is misguided by the media and frenzy happens. First of all, thank you for discussing the details of social distance and physical distance. I think it should be a physical distance, not a social distance. Because we live in society and are present online, we can never have a social distance, but it will be to keep the physical distance inside us. You have considered some of the benefits of this policy, which I agree with you, on avoiding the familiarity of people or physical distance. There is much I can know and learn from your article. A very good article with useful information, one of the best I have read.Thanks for the information. I think this article will benefit everyone. Thanks

alam jahangir

This post is public awareness. The post will help to make everyone aware. Thank you so much for sharing this essential article with everyone.The whole world is on hold today. Everyone is scared. We should be scared. And, seek help from the Lord. And maintaining social distance.Not everyone understands the importance and benefits of social distance. So the government is forcing countries to lock down.Hopefully others will be aware of this post. Understand the benefits of social distance and understand others. My family and I have been locked up in our own homes.I think we will get out of this crisis very soon.

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