Some Positive Takes On The Coronavirus Crisis 2020 - Covid-19 Observations

Some Positive Takes On The Coronavirus Crisis 2020 – Covid-19 Observations


Some Positive Takes On The Coronavirus Crisis 2020 – Covid19 Observations

Some Positive Takes On The Coronavirus Crisis 2020 - Covid19 Observations

I’m almost certain that you are aware of the current Coronavirus crisis hitting hard on our common humanity. Specifically speaking, humanity is under the threat of covid-19. By the way, what’s Coronavirus? According to WHO, it’s a virus that belongs to a larger family of viruses known to cause illness in humans and animals.

In humans, several coronaviruses are known to cause respiratory infections ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). Beside MERS and SARS, the most recently discovered disease called COVID-19, is attributed to coronavirus.

This new virus and disease were unknown before the outbreak began in Wuhan, China, in December 2019. Covid-19 is the new disease and threat to humanity that seems to force us to make changes to our daily lifestyle.

There are international and local recommendations for our safety, which we all should adhere to, among which are social distancing and the literal shutdown of most social events and venues and even the lockdown of some cities across the world. People are told to stay at home, to work from home, to avoid places of gatherings socially and physically. Movements are strictly limited and our shopping is down to just the essentials of life–food and water.

These changes have their pros and cons. But today, I want us to look at the positive takes on the coronavirus crisis which, notably, social distancing and the stay at home policies brought about in our lives as a people and the world as our habitat. These positive takes are:

1. It’s for your own safety

If you don’t know, well, the shutdown of places of gatherings and venues of social events is for the general good of the populace. It’s a policy taken to avoid the spread of covid-19 disease onto your families and loved ones. See it as a measure taken to protect your lives and that of your loved ones. Such proactive measures protect us from being sick or losing our lives to covid-19. That is a good thing.

2. It’s temporary

The covid-19 crisis is not something that goes on forever. There’s a time it will come to an end when the situation must have been brought under control. For sure, we don’t know exactly when but what we’re sure of is that the days for this threat are numbered. It’s not permanent.

3. It reduces crimes on the streets

Some Positive Takes On The Coronavirus Crisis 2020 - Covid-19 ObservationsBecause people have been told to stay away from public places and the streets, the streets are clear, deserted and some look like ghost cities. There is this notable decline in crimes that go on in these streets. Stealing, physical assaults, and aggression are down. Drug dealers and addicts are thinking of other options than their usual hideouts and street locations. This is a positive take too.

4. It brings enemies together

Some Positive Takes On The Coronavirus Crisis 2020 - Covid-19 ObservationsThe covid-19 crisis has brought some enemies together working for the common good of their people in particular and humanity at large. We see the democrats and republicans working hard for the American people. The infighting at the honorary chambers is no more. Not that they don’t have differences but that their differences don’t matter anymore in the face of this death angel called covid-19. What matters is the safety of the Americans. Similarly, we see the Belgium government that has a reputation of regional disagreement working together as one unified, undivided body. It’s a good thing that humans put their differences aside and work together for a common goal and good of all.

5. It makes us more responsible creatures

People seem to be more responsible now that covid-19 is killing lives. We seem to be aware of the fact that everyone has something to do for the safety of everyone. We are aware that what we do or not do would also hurt us and hurt others too. So we take precautions.

Most people adhere to the recommendations without waiting to be monitored. People abstain from places that are hard hit by the disease. People who have visited such places of danger are self-isolating, even reporting to officials for follow-ups. People do their best to stay away from public places and limit contacts even while doing some basic things of life. I think the level of compliance with the rules accentuates the responsible sides of us all, which is a good thing indeed.

6. It makes you bond with family

The stay at home confinement helps you to bond with family while at home. There are people who go to work in the morning and come back at night or evening. Most of them come home tired and give little or no time to what really matters in life which is family. There are even families that are in trouble because of negligence. Children missing moms and dads because of business or work. But with the convid19 confining us at home, we are slowed down and would have time to give attention to that child, children, husband, wife or relatives that we have so ignored because of work.

7. It decreases the rate of sexual immorality

I didn’t say covid-19 stopped sexual immorality, but there is a significant drop in street Prostitution and even in the red light district, as nobody goes out in some places and many social events are canceled and venues shut for a while. The red-light districts are almost empty in some cities upon which confinement orders are imposed. This also is a good thing for the morality of the cities.

These are Some Positive Takes On The Coronavirus Crisis 2020. We shall continue with the second part of our findings. If you have noticed some other good developments, let us know in the comment box. Finally, stay safe, follow the safety rules for your own good and the good of others too. Be a responsible citizen!



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Well, great article about keeping a positive vibe even after being hit by the covid-19 worldwide and affecting most of our daily lives. I am sure keeping a positive mind helps a lot of people to not lose hope in these worse conditions. For everything has a passing phase and I am sure the days of covid-19 are truly numbered.


I completely agree with this!!! Amen!!!! This earth is filled with forgiveness and bitterness and now look at the result of our selfish dirty sinful lives!!! We are the cause of this Corona Virus plague. Our ill souls crying out for help to the wrong one has brought God’s wrath upon us!!! People, wake up!!!!

Todd Matthews

Carlo, I love that second tidbit – the coronavirus’s days are numbered. We’ve seen, throughout history, pandemics like this one – usually every 50 years – Spanish Flu in 1918 is the one most pointed at, but there was another in 1968 but I can’t quite recall which one it was. So, here we are in 2020 – 52 years after the last one. We need to remember that these events are rare – and they don’t last, even if staying indoors and away from others feels like an eternity. 


I absolutely agree with everything in this topic. Every time something bad happens we have to learn how to get the most benefits out of it, this article does just that! Most importantly don’t forget point 2 – It’s temporary! Most certainly the time that everything vanishes will come in the near future. 

I’m thinking that by the end of May there won’t be a clue from this Coronavirus. What about your predictions?

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