11 Tips To Survive The Covid-19 Lockdown – The Coronavirus Lockdown



11 Tips To Survive The Covid-19 Lockdown – The Coronavirus Lockdown

The latest upset of our daily routines is the effect of covid-19 pandemic. With the pandemic still affecting most parts of the world and claiming lives in an untold proportion, the governments of many nations are putting their cities in a lockdown with limited access and mobility. In our efforts to help in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve been reaching out to couples with our tips on how to survive the covid-19 lockdown. None of these tips replaces the act of cleanliness for our safety. For more on this covid-19 series, you would do well to consult the other titles that we’ve written if you visit the covid-19 category section on the homepage of this website, www.smartcouples.net or just click here.

The 11 tips to survive the covid-19 lockdown are:

1. Stand Fast In the Lord

Above the coronavirus and its lockdown is God. Above everything else, there’s God whose creatures we are and to whom we belong. It’s better to trust in God and have faith in Him, whether things are well or not. You see, in this world, bad things also happen. However, even when evil seems to prevail, It is better to die trusting God than cursing Him. There’s no need cursing or blaming God because of the hardships we are facing. We are people of faith who live by faith and will die by faith. You don’t wanna miss God at the end of the battle. Nothing in this life is guaranteed, not even your tomorrow. So always have this at the back of your mind that we shall die believing in God. That’s the best way to go.

2. Consider Online Shopping

Doing shopping online helps to limit physical contacts. We all do know that the reason for social distancing is to avoid contacts with persons or surfaces contaminated by coronavirus. This is what online platforms for shopping do. You can shop for groceries and other items without having to leave the comfort of your homes. This limits your chances of contracting the disease.

3. Combine Many Orders To One Major Order

If you must go out shopping as a matter of fact, you can group all orders that are available and that could come up in the foreseeable future to one major order for supply. This means you go out only once to do all that which you may have to do individually for several days or weeks.

4. Combine Family Orders To One Order

Like the one above, it’s possible that many families live together in a mansion or compound. In order to reduce the risk of exposure to covide-19 of different families going for their shopping, one family can combine the needs of the others into one single shopping. This reduces external contacts and the risk of a member contaminating the rest if all were allowed to go out at will.

5. Mandatory Hand Washing & Sanitizing Before Entering Homes

This is especially good for those who live together in one house or share a common entrance. Before touching the main gate or door handle, have something to wash or sanitize hands at the gate, entrance or main door of your house. This prevents people living in the same house from passing it on to others as they wash their hands each time they leave the house.

6. Mandatory Hand Washing & Sanitizing Before Entering Shops

For shop owners who have constant buyers visiting the shops, it’s a good idea to hand something to wash hands or sanitize them and make this act mandatory for all clients to adhere to. It helps reduce the risk of passing on the disease.

7. Clean Surfaces Of Some Package Food Items

Just as a precautionary measure, cleaning the surfaces of some package food that one often touches at shops or drinks from directly after buying isn’t a bad idea. A contaminated person might have touched the same surface of an item that you may also sincerely touch. Some people drink directly from a pack or bottle or plastic of water, milk or juice without afterthought. Since the virus gains power to multiply when it enters the body through the eyes, mouth or nose, it’s not advisable to just drink from the can you took at the shop without some sort of cleaning. Or better still use a different container, cup to pour the drink before drinking.

8. Clean Your Phones Often Whenever You Use Public Places

Public places means everyone has access to them. We never know those who touch places that we inadvertently touch. And such places if contaminated can pass on to us the coronavirus. Our phones are not exempted from cleaning since they are the most likely touched gadgets we bring close to our face daily. Contaminated hands can contaminate phones you touch. And even if we later wash or sanitize our hands, these gadgets if contaminated could still pass on to us the infection as we make use of them. So if unsure, use a simple tissue cleaner to wipe your phones whenever you are in public places where you unconsciously touch objects.

9. It’s Alright To Seek Help & Ask Questions

With the ways things are going, the uncertainty is high. Nobody knows it all. We all rely on one another for one thing or another, especially on information. Therefore, do not be ashamed to seek help when you need it or ask questions if you have any. Do not pretend to know it all and suffer privately. This is not the time. Your mistake, pretense or misinformation could cost not only your own life but the lives of others.

10. Do Not Compete With Anybody For Anything.

It just doesn’t make sense to compete with anybody at this time that we are forced to make changes in our lifestyles. This is the moment of truth, there’s no faking it here. What is important are the essentials to life. You don’t have to please anyone by doing what you can’t afford or sustain. Be you and stay safe being you.

11. Beware Of Misinformation

Misinformation itself is dangerous. There’s a lot of fake news in the air now since everyone is searching for one answer or the other. Some news is just half-truth but is as dangerous as fake news. News you believe should be verifiable. Not every information you hear or read should be taken at face value. Check to confirm the sources of what you hear and believe online.


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I do love the fact that the first tip you gave was to stand fast in the lord. It is only the supreme intervention of God that can cause us to be exempted from this plague that has come on us.

We have to play our part in keeping ourselves safe and maintaining good hygiene. also the information we hear matters a lot.


I do love the fact that the first tip you gave was to stand fast in the lord. It is only the supreme intervention of God that can cause us to be exempted from this plague that has come on us.

We have to play our part in keeping ourselves safe and maintaining good hygiene. also the information we hear matters a lot.


At such a period as this, getting access to such information as this here is priceless and I’m delighted that you have shared this post here. To be honest, I like this here and the tips you have shared are right on spot and helpful. Thank you for doing this post for the course of humanity and I’m thankful you have shared here with me. 


Hi! There are several of these tips that I consider very important and are not being properly spread. Thanks for preparing this list. Your post is worth making viral. In my book, one of the things I have been seeing most people forget is to clean their phone. When they have been in the street, they take off their shoes at the door (and some times even their clothes), they go directly to take a bath. But they continue using their phone!


Hello! What a great time for this post with everything that is going on around the world. I have definitely been following some of the tips on your list including, online shopping and mandatory hand washing or sanitizing all the time. I also agree that there is a ton of misinformation out there and you have to be extremely careful when listening to the news and interpreting what they are saying. 


It’s not a very nice time right now in the world that we are in currently and one of the sad things is that none of us have ever experienced this before. Some people are getting really depressed while some are already getting frustrated. I like the fact that you put our religion first in the list because at this trying times, it is exactly what we need to survive. Thank you for the health tips as well.


The ravaging pandemic is still out there and you should court yourself lucky if you aren’t yet a victim of it. As individuals we must take precautionary measures to contain the spread of the virus to help keep us safe and healthy.
On this article reviewed are eleven tips on how we can help to protect ourselves and family from the disease. If you are a Christian your first hope of over coming troubling times should be on God. In troubled times like this you must endeavour to draw close to God in prayers and in studying his words cos his words is like a four edged sword which overcomes all principalities and powers.
Also one must comply with the with the prevention exercises such as frequent washing of hands, sanitizing your hands and frequently touched surfaces and also package goods. You should also make sure you source of information regarding facts relating to the disease should be from ultimate reliable source… Please stay indoor and stay safe


Hi Carlo,

The timing of this article is very helpful. Thanks for taking the time to write this must-read article. Everyone is worried and afraid of COVID-19. At the time of this writing, more than one hundred thousand people died because CIVID-19 (1,31,319 died), and the cases keep rising. 

Wow, glory to GOD for the first point. We are not sure about the origin of this problem but I am sure the solution is our LORD. Thanks for the insightful article. I am missing many and moving forward I will implement what I learned from this article. Prevention is better than cure.


Thanks for these badly needed tips Carlo. The effect of covid 19 pandemic has sent panic all around the globe causing restriction of movements. and total lock down in most areas. Online shopping is one major key and we have to make sure we do all at one time and try not over work ourselves. We have to stay safe and these ideas are best at keeping us safe

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