The Reasons The US Leads In Covid-19 Related Deaths, Part 2

The Reasons Covid-19 Cases Are Growing Rapidly In The US, Part 3



The Reasons Covid-19 Cases Are Growing Rapidly In The US, Part 3

It’s of great importance that we keep talking about the safety of our families–our children, wives, and husbands as well as our loved ones— at a time that the leadership is lacking at the federal level. This is why we gave you part one and part two, and now we bring to you the reasons covid-19 cases are growing rapidly in the US, which is the third part to remind you that you all are leaders at home and within your sphere of influence. So what? Take action now, therefore, and protect yourselves.

The reasons covid-19 cases are growing rapidly in the US are as follows:

1. Lockdown wasn’t national

Were all US states locked down during the pandemic? No. The lockdown was something that required a national response which wasn’t the case in the US. While forty-three states did some kind of lockdown, seven states didn’t. These states are Arkansas, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming. None of these states did issue orders directing residents to stay at home from nonessential activities in March and April 2020 in response to the pandemic.The Reasons Covid-19 Cases Are Growing Rapidly In The US, Part 3

However, most nations were battling the pandemic on a national scale. What do you think such a lack of measures to stop the spread on a national level could do to the number of covid-19 cases? It would only increase the number. That’s just the case in the US.

2. Tired of the lockdown

We all know that the lockdown wasn’t the best move but a necessary move to help save us all. It’s the sacrifice that we all had to pay to be alive and limit the number of deaths among us. But the truth is, people were tired of the lockdown because many of us have never experienced anything like it before nor did anyone prepare for it.

Of course, this isn’t the only pandemic the world has faced, but many people in this generation of youngsters have never ever experienced such stay-at-home measures as a way to fight any kind of sickness.

Not only was there a lockdown but the issue of social distancing was really the most painful part as families are separated against their will. The cocktail of fear, anxiety, apprehensiveness, loneliness, joblessness, hunger and not knowing what tomorrow might bring was a burden people were tired of and wanted to get out of in no time, no matter the cost. And part of the cost is being carefree and lack of caution when they go out which only increases the number of victims in the US.

3. The Rush to reopen

We know that we all were tired of the lockdown, somewhat. But also to rush to reopen just because we’ve been in lockdown without thinking properly on how effective we can reopen for the safety of us all and avoid ruining the progress we’ve already made in the fight against the virus is a silly idea and unguided decision to make. And this is just what the US did. She didn’t follow the guidelines for reopening.

The Presidential task force on coronavirus issued a guideline with the help of the Center for Disease Control for states to reopen step by step being at the top of their game. But no sooner had the guidelines been made public than the states started reopening and ignoring the major steps for reopening. The result of such negligence was a spike in coronavirus cases in various parts of the country.

It is easier to open up gradually than to rush and close down again. The latter, I’m sorry, is what we are seeing in the US. Some states that reopened are considering shutting down if the number keeps rising.

4. Ignorance of some US citizens

Some US nationals who live within the US are just not aware of the severity of the coronavirus. I understand that some people had never experienced this before but that doesn’t weaken the devastating effects that covid-19 can cause in one’s life. These ignorant people just don’t get it and feel that their human rights are being limited with the lockdown measures. They say it’s their constitutional right to be free, act anyhow or do anything they want to. No doubt the number keeps rising even with the youths. Such laxity in behavior only increases the covid-19 victims within the nation.

5. The lack of national leadership at the federal level

The federal government should show leadership to save the American people by taking a unifying stance applicable to all states. It’s not right for the United States to take a county to county response to a national crisis. Following the studies of coronavirus development thus far, the way things are going isn’t the way they should be going.

The Reasons Covid-19 Cases Are Growing Rapidly In The US, Part 3The United States is made up of many states struggling with the same virus. The fight needs a federal response and not just a state to state and county to county response. It needs the White House to take a stance applicable to all US territories. Because coronavirus knows and respects no borders, I’m sorry. You might be well in Washington but the careless Floridian can bring coronavirus close to your door. You are as safe as your weakest link.

So far as all are free to move about on US soil, so also all need some kind of measure to help slow its spread. While some measures might be statewide, things like the use of face masks and social distancing aren’t just recommendations but should be mandatory to wear and respect in public places. This particularly should come from the federal level applicable to all US citizens on US soil. But the lack of such measures has only helped increase the spread.

6. The irresponsibility of the Police force

Before the death of Geoge Floyd, the Police officials were seen as heroes and respected as first responders during the pandemic. People trusted the Police force as a force they could count on when it mattered most. But some irresponsible and insensitive members of the unit who acted unprofessionally in handling civil matters, and mistreating unarmed civilians, especially the blacks, caused that reputation to be deeply marred.

One would have thought that the Police who were first responders were sensitive to people who were suffering from the effects of the pandemic– the loss of jobs, the loss of family members, the fear of what tomorrow might bring, and the tiredness of the lockdown, generally. But no, they weren’t. They were so insensitive to the situation and acted unprofessionally and without wisdom.

The killing of George Floyd

The lynching/killing of George Floyd was met with utmost disgust by the general public and led to a series of manifestations around the nation. These demonstrations were parked with people demanding a change in the way the Police treat fellow Americans. Very few of them wore face masks and adhered to social distancing measures. What is important to note is the fact that the level of the covid-19 infection was greatly increased because of the actions caused by irresponsible Police officers. If the Police had behaved professionally, they would have been not lynching and no manifestation, consequently.

Finally, every spouse is a leader. There’s something that you can do to help slow the spread of the coronavirus. Now that the federal response seems to be failing, we mustn’t follow blindly. Don’t just feel as if all is well, that the virus is gone for good, and let down your guard. No. protect yourselves and your families, now. Coronavirus is still out there making people sick and even killing them. Put on your face masks and observe social distancing even if your leaders don’t tell you so. We’ve just seen the reasons covid-19 cases are growing rapidly in the US, don’t let down your guard. Stay safe everyone.



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