Tips To help You Survive During The Covid-19 Lockdown



Tips To help You Survive During The Covid-19 Lockdown

We started this series on lockdown some weeks ago and have written on various topics which you can find on the covid-19 category on the main home page of the website. Today, we wanna talk about the tips to help you survive during the covid-19 lockdown, which are even valid beyond the lockdown. Apply the ones that you find helpful to your family within your locality. Finally, stay safe and stay at home doing the basic things to protect yourselves and families.

The tips to help you survive during the covid-19 lockdown are:

1. Don’t blame the government for the crisis, it’s not their fault

There’s a lot that the authorities of many nations are doing for their citizens as palliative measures to ease life during this covid-19 crisis. What you don’t know, you don’t benefit from. You may want to check on the provisions made by the government of your nation to help people like you. Of course, some authorities might improperly handle and manage the crisis. However, don’t forget that you are part of the government. Doing your own part helps the government manage the crisis better

2. Support your partner in confinement

If you have a loved one or partner who is confined because of the covid-19 infection, you have to support him or her by being a shoulder to lean on, a backup life support, a legacy carrier and not a partner in death. Why I mentioned this is because some people in the name of love would want to die or be infected with the virus because their partner is already infected. That is a very poor expression of love.

If you truly love your partner, you would do all to see them alive not dead. You would fight against what would kill them and not surrender to the killer to be killed as well. You would not stay with him or her knowing that you would be contaminated and the family might risk losing both of you. Think about keeping the legacy for what he/she stood and fought for. This could mean that even if he dies, you would be alive to promote what he labored for. But to do so you have to protect yourself first from what killed or infected your partner.

The virus is the greater enemy. To fight the enemy, you don’t allow it to have victory. You frustrate its agenda and vision. All this is what you do whenever you protect yourself from coronavirus not to have its way in your life. If your partner is infected, he is like a captive to the virus for now. But go set the captive free by resisting, preventing and protecting coronavirus from attacking you and winning the battle over you. That’s how lovers do when met with such a crisis. Do not go die with your partner in the name of love. That’s stupidity!

3. Take a comic break

It’s not easy to keep seeing and hearing what is transpiring before our eyes for several weeks now. Our minds and thoughts are inundated with images of negative news. We keep hearing of the bad news and fear keeps mounting in us. People dying without saying goodbye to their loved ones. Our freedom is limited for safety’s sake. People are home-bound. Mobility is reduced. Interactions limited. The whole situation is depressing if you just focus on it. Convenient distraction is really needed at this time.

There’s nothing wrong to take a comic break while at home with your spouse and family. Laugh a bit. Tell jokes to your spouse just for distraction from this new reality. Be comical at least. Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say, Rejoice. This is repeated twice in just one statement in the Bible (Philippians 4:4-8). It goes to tell you how important it is to be happy in yourself by yourself. In fact, Proverbs 17:22 says A joyful heart is a good medicine. Taking a comic break from all the surrounding news is one of the tips to help you survive during the covid-19 lockdown.

4. Be grateful and thankful to God for life

I know that it might be difficult to praise God in the midst of the crisis; that it’s unfair and sensitive to be grateful to God when we have lost so many to covid-19 death. But look at it the other way round that it could have been you but you are alive. The pandemic was intended, or should I say, had the intention to infect and kill us all but it failed and got just some of us.

You are part of those alive fighting back. And part of your fight is the obedience to the stay-at-home directives. You’re doing your part to limit the strength of the virus. You should be grateful to God for keeping you alive anyway. Thank God not for the situation but in the situation. He is still the sovereign God.

One last word, having mentioned four of the tips to help you survive during the covid-19 lockdown, is to stay safe and stay at home cleaning your hands often.



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Excellent tips. Its easy to get caught up in the fear and panic. Pandemic TV dominates all news casts. There’s going to be many casualties and in no way should we minimize them. However taking time to be grateful for the blessings that we have…. like all this time spent with family, or your health. Also love your tip on finding some comic relief… taking an hour or two to watch a comedy special to take your mind off the matters at hand is a welcome respite. Finally the opportunity to reconnect with your partner is priceless.  Normally we’d be off and running thru life capturing moments when our schedules sync properly…. now we have this gift to reconnect… for that I’m grateful



The covid-19 pandemic that has been ravaging the world for over months has kept a lot in individuals’ minds. Some feel it’s the government’s responsibility to now look out for their wellbeing, while others believe otherwise.

Measures have always been taken to contain the speed of the disease such as frequently washing your hands with constant rushing water, sanitizing your hands and social distancing.. If we could put all of these to practice will go a long way to saving our life’s Rather than relying on the government for safety… We owe ourselves our lives so stay safe and stay indoors


Hello there! Thank you for sharing these tips, they are all helpful indeed especially the “Be grateful and thankful to God for life” which is necessary because some of the people who have died of this virus are no different from us. At such grace, we must thank God daily.

 I love this article!



This is exactly the kind of post that I need right now. I am really happy to be able to read this because it has helped me to understand how to deal with us very troubling time. I need to go and read the other posts that you have from this past weeks about the pandemic. I will remember not to be too serious and try to make some jokes too out of the very hard situation. I wish you the best.


Hello Carlo, the lockdown isn’t something easy to deal with, especially for those who are used to going out on a daily basis and not spending much time at home. For me it’s a period of both good and bad because I get really pissed at the fact that I am missing out on a lot and also, I feel happy being with my family. I love the tops you have given here and I would like to try the comic break with my wife and kids one of these nights at home. Thank you 


I totally agree with you that this is not anybody’s fault. We all just have to accept things the way they are and look forward to a better solution as time goes. This is really great to see out here and thank you for sharing with us all. The most important is to learn to support our partners or people we are staying in confinement with because things can go rally crazy within a very small space of time. Thanks

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