Tips To Manage Your Kitchen & Household During The Covid-19 Pandemic - Coronavirus Crisis & Effects

Tips To Manage Your Kitchen & Household During The Covid-19 Pandemic – Coronavirus Crisis & Effects


Tips To Manage Your Kitchen & Household During The Covid-19 Pandemic – Coronavirus Crisis & Effects

Tips To Manage Your Kitchen & Household During The Covid-19 Pandemic - Coronavirus Crisis & Effects

The kitchen is and has always been part of our daily living. As human beings, we eat daily and what we eat are products of our culinary skills, whether as experts or not, manifested in the kitchen. At this covid-19 moment, the kitchen still remains a vital part of the pandemic. We still live; we still cook; we still eat. However, the impacts of the pandemic are also felt in the kitchen and affect the way we used to manage our kitchen and household generally. With this article, we intend to communicate to couples some tips to help them better manage the kitchen to the convenience of the entire household.

The Tips To Manage Your Kitchen & Household During The Covid-19 Pandemic are as follows:

1. Wear a protective mask if you must visit the grocer

No doubt that running a kitchen might require several visits to the groceries. Unlike your normal days, it seems mask-wearing would be our new norm for a while, and many authorities are considering this option as one of the measures for easing the lockdown. The goal particularly is to help reduce the level of contaminated cases of covid-19 within a mobile social context. To fall in line, wear a protective mask each time you do grocery shopping for your safety and the safety of your household. If you are unsure of what exactly to wear, you may seek help from your local authorities to know what is permitted within your locality.

2. Maintain school-time at home for liberty while cooking

During the lockdown, some schools are closed and students are asked to stay home. Some do follow online classes and others don’t. Having children at home who should be at school might not be easy to control when using the kitchen. If your children or relatives who are schooling are at home with you but couldn’t study online, you have to imbibe their school-time at home. You have to maintain the same time of studies at school in your home.

This practically means that you would help your kids do school work every school-day at the same time they would at school. From morning to midday when school closes, they should be busy with school work supervised by you or someone at home. Give them the same break and lunchtime that they would normally have at school. Allow them the freedom to play at break time but respect the time table and see them back to school work when break is over.

When school hours are over for the day, allow them the freedom to play or interact with their phones. But no phones during school hours. This is something you do for their own good and yours too. It gives you the time and freedom to cook and manage the kitchen better.

Don’t be a lazy parent and allow them the freedom to do any how just because they are at home. No. Home is office; home is school. Home can also be a carefree place. It depends on how you look at it. You don’t have to be careless because you’re at home. You do not have to waste your time because you are at home. The home is a productive place if you make it one. Some students are home but following online courses, training and lessons. And they are doing very well, you know!

3. Practice the social distancing rule whenever you are in public places with others

The act of social distancing cannot be overstated. At the core of the pandemic, it has become something we are used to in our daily routines now. In essence, social distancing is not emotional distancing. We can be socially distant but emotionally connected.

The idea is to keep at least one to two meters apart from each other whenever we’re in proximity with others. This was introduced to help mitigate the spread and affect of covid-19. It’s to protect us and we should see it as such albeit the difficulties it poses in our social lives. If you would want to go out for grocery shopping where people are crowded, it’s better to protect yourself by respecting the safety measures in place of which social distancing is one. Prevention, they say, is better than Cure.

4. Wash or sanitize hands before and/or after using the ATM

The ATM (Automatic teller machine) is a public space also opened to all and usually touched with fingers. You may never know who has touched what and contracted the virus. If that person touches or uses a machine that you would later use, you might end up contracting the virus from using the same object (ATM), and inadvertently bringing your hands to your face. To avoid this, think of the following:

  • (a) always wash your hands after using your bank contact cards on any public device that would require you to put in your personal code number or password.
  • (b) I would also advise a sanitizer handy to use immediately in case hand-washing isn’t a possible option.
  • (c) You may also wear gloves and properly discard them after using the machine.
  • (d) You may also use a light cloth or tissue paper to demarcate between your fingers and the public device. This might not be so good if the texture of the object obstructs the device from working properly.
  • (e) You may also use a sanitized wipe on the device to clean or disinfect the surface of the device

5. Go to the market early in the morning to avoid overcrowding

This can vary due to population density of a city. But usually the morning hours are not so busier than the latter part of the day. It can vary if the market is a specialized one that opens and closes within the morning hours, say from 8 to 12 am. In any case, being on time and as early as possible gives you the advantage to have what you want before it gets out of stock and secondly, you have fewer people, no queuing and saves time for cooking or managing your kitchen.

Click here for the second part of the article. Stay safe y’all.



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Sheddy Ovb

I want to say a big thank you for sharing such a piece of informative information to the public, trust me it’s really going to be helpful. In this critical time as this, these are the kind of tips we need so as to guild us in our day to day living.

The tips listed out here are really nice, ranging from the number one to the last, it’s very important that one maintain social distancing whenever we are in the public places. And it’s a true fact that one has to be careful of public materials like the ATM machine and others, it’s needful that we wash and sanitize our hands before and after using those public materials. Thanks for these tips given.


Hello, Carlo 

I enjoyed reading your article on how to keep safe during this time. 

I knew a lot of this already but it’s always useful to have a refresher. 

You presented your ideas in a clear and concise way.

For many people this is a very anxious time and totally new to us. 

Thanks and keep safe, 



The virus has really changed a lot of things, for months now I just step out yesterday, unlike me. Nice article, by the way, reminding people on how to survive this period and guys don’t forget to use cloxrous for your doors, windows, and kitchen cabinet and give yourself warm. it helps 

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