What Makes Smart Couples Enviable? | Marriage And Relationship

What Makes Smart Couples Enviable? | Marriage And Relationship




What Makes Smart Couples Enviable?

Couples are two mutually loving individuals who willingly choose to be in a relationship that cares for each other and are there for each other through thick and thin. They, most of the time, marry to stay together as husbands and wives. Among the many couples we have on earth, however, they are some distinct few who over time have caught our attention. These distinct couples are what we called smart couples, but there is something more that we’ve noticed that makes smart couples the envy of many. What makes smart couples enviable is the center of focus as far as this article is concerned.


1. Smart couples are very prayerful couples.

It’s right to begin with the prayer factor which is the area where smart couples major in. But this is not only for couples, it includes everyone who understands life and its struggles. Smart couples are very prayerful couples. They pray together and about all the issues of life. For those who might not know what prayer is, prayer is simply talking to God about everything concerning your life and relationships and struggles. Whether you are successful or not, prayer is for everyone. God is the smartest personality ever. You cannot be smart and leave out the smartest person in the whole universe. No wonder that smart couples are enviable.

2. Smart couples consider themselves as teammates.

Yes, smart couples see themselves are teammates working with similar goals on projects. They plan together and execute their plans together. They do not consider one better than the other and do not take credit alone for a job well done. They see themselves only as good together, united they stand and divided, they fail and fall. Teammates work as one body, although they are many individuals involved. You see, the Bible mentions that God created the women to be a helper (Genesis 2:18 ), to help the man that God has given some projects to work on. This implies that God had this teammate idea in mind when establishing the relationship between the first couple–Adam and Eve. Are you a smart couple? Don’t let your partner be your competition. Let your partner be your teammate.

3. Smart couples resolve issues quickly.

One thing that makes smart couples enviable is their reaction to problem-solving. They do realize the progressive nature of deterioration that small issues have when allowed to linger. And as a result, they resolve little issues very quickly before it gets out of hand. They aren’t the type that sleeps with grudges and resentment and unforgiveness. Everyone has issues at some point in time, and the same goes for couples. However, smart couples have mastered the art of problem-solving at a rapid pace. They have a right to anger, like the Bible says, but not the right to go to bed in an angry mood. In other words, they resolve anger issues before bedtime (Ephesians 4:26 ). That tells you how smart and fast they are in keeping the peace at home.

4. Smart couples are peace-loving couples. This automatically follows the one above. One would say if they can resolve issues very quickly, they truly are peace-loving couples. Well, as truthful as that statement may be, their love for peace goes beyond the relationship to their community, relatives, and friends. They seek peace because they love peace. They are peaceful in themselves and with their friends and family members. They aren’t the types that have a very bad reputation with people outside of their relationship. When you do a backstage check, they come out with positive results. What friends and those who know them have to say about them are similar and are full of reputed peace-loving stories. Do you wanna know if you are a smart couple? Just ask those around you what they have to say about your day to day affairs with people. That could give you an idea of who you truly are.


5. Smart couples aren’t money lovers but money users.

This is a hot and controversial one. People hate when you out-talk money in a relationship. Some ladies even say “No money, no love”. Others prioritize money in their relationship over any other aspects of the relationship. They try to justify their position by misquoting a verse from the bible saying, “money answereth everything” which I disagree with when taken out of context. Yes, it is written in the Bible but the fact that it’s in the Bible doesn’t make it true. You don’t just pick out a statement from the Holy Book and run with it without considering the context. Adultery is also mentioned in the Bible, but does that make adultery right? No!

Money is good but it’s not the answer to all things. For example, money cannot buy you love or a good relationship, let’s be specific and honest here. They are countless individuals who are very rich and doing great in all aspects of life but their relationships. The rich file for divorce as well as the poor. If money is the answer, this could never happen. Money cannot buy good health although it can pay your health bills. It cannot guarantee your life tomorrow, although it can pay your life/health insurance bills. The list goes on and on. Many couples don’t understand this fact but smart couples do. And because they do, they don’t love money but use money which is two different things. They work hard for the money but aren’t slaves to it. They do not rate money over human lives. For smart couples, it’s not “the money or I die,” or “no money, no love.” To them, love always comes before money.

6. Smart couples are diligent supporters. Smart couples support each other and so diligently.

They are conscientious in their support for the family. The husband and wife take responsibility for caring for each other. They aren’t the old-fashioned couples where responsibility lies on the husband’s shoulders alone. In this smart generation, smart couples have stepped up their game and as a result, we have boss ladies everywhere working so hard to foot the bills of their family. The notion that women should sit at home or confined to domestic chores is over. They are men as well as women doing domestic chores for themselves, for each other, for the family; and women managing great corporations to provide for themselves, for each other, for the family. Smart couples are diligent supporters who creatively come up with ways to improve the family’s welfare. They are the proverbs 31Vs 10-31 couples mentioned in the Bible.

So now you know. We have seen what makes smart couples enviable. Now, let me put it unto you, are you a smart couple? Do you wanna be one? Would you know a smart couple when you see one? It’s that simple, let me recap. 1. Smart couples are very prayerful couples 2. Smart couples consider themselves as teammates. 3. Smart couples resolve issues quickly. 4. Smart couples are peace-loving couples. 5. Smart couples aren’t money lovers but money users. And finally, Smart couples are diligent supporters of each other. Aspire to be a smart couple.




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