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4 Ways Boss Ladies Respect Their Husbands

In the past weeks, we have developed some studies concerning Boss ladies geared to promoting a better and healthier relationship between Boss ladies and their husbands and families. Among these studies are: “What Is A Boss Lady?” and the “3 Powerful Tips To Help Boss Ladies Thrive At Home”. Today, we shall look at the 4 Ways Boss Ladies Respect Their Husbands. Please go beyond just reading this article to applying it to your own life as a Boss lady. In order to see positive and lasting changes in the relationships with your loved ones. That being said, let’s get started.

1. Boss Ladies Involve Their Husbands In Decision Making At Home

You are a boss who makes most of the decisions at work, if not all. You, probably, are used to making random decisions and your employees follow them through without opposition. But when it comes to things at home, you aren’t alone whether you own the home or not. Your partner lives with you. Both of you run the home and should make decisions together.

Give your husband his rightful place in decision-making. Involve him in every decision-making and planning regarding family affairs. Do not monopolize decision-making at home because the house belongs to you. Even if your husband understands that and doesn’t resist you at all, include him when you make decisions at home for the good of your relationship. It really gives him an extra sense of belonging to your life. Ask him what his own opinions, views, and ideas are concerning what you are about to decide upon.

You see, in some climes, the Boss ladies leave all matters concerning the home and its decisions solely to be run by their husbands. This to them is a sign of respect for their husbands.

2. Boss Ladies Do Not Bring Home Issues To Work

If you are a Boss lady and your husband works with you, you need the wisdom to identify and respect the borders between home and the office. Because there could be times that you have issues at home, I mean domestic issues or even love or relational issues that start at home but are still unresolved. These issues shouldn’t be brought to the office space when they are not resolved.

Let me put it this way! To say that such issues should never come to the work space might not be so realistic because relational issues for real lovers could affect job performance no matter how you subdue them. They still occupy the “Emotional or psychological disk-space” within you.

Please, this is only true for sincere lovers who live as couples, and not for every couple who just co-exists. Not all couples are totally sincere with their partners. Because you are a couple is never a guarantee of genuine love. But when genuine love is concerned, an unresolved issue has the tendency to mar job performance, whether you are a Boss lady or just an employee.

So at such times, Boss ladies should never exhibit violent behaviors against their husbands at the workspace because of things done at home. They should call home, home and work, work no matter how they feel or the fact that they are married to them and have authority over them.

Boss ladies should protect the relationships and privacies of their husbands at work by keeping domestic conflicts out of the workspace. An exception could only be when the two try to amicably resolve domestic conflicts privately within the workspace.

3. Boss Ladies Create Respectable Job Positions For Their Husbands

No, I don’t mean that they place their husbands in position without the capacity for it. That is incompetence and will hurt the company’s performance. That could also be seen as corruption, a practice which we strongly are against.

But how do you like this? That you are the boss of an oil company and your husband is unhappy at home because he’s jobless. Staying at home doesn’t make one necessarily jobless because domestic work is a great job in itself.

However, when your husband is unemployed and doing nothing at home, you can create a job within your company for him as the Boss. It may require him to go for training and equip himself with the necessary skills for the position. There should be no shortcuts. Shortcuts are unprofessional and breed ineptitude and do the company harm. If he is not qualified for the post don’t give it to him.

This also can be applied to others whose husbands are underemployed. Take them along. Train them. Make them skillful and employ them. They are the love of your lives. Whatever you do to elevate the work/job standards of your husbands would only cement your relationships for good.

4. Boss Ladies Create Situations To Foster Respect For Their Husbands

They cause others to respect their men by their own actions and inducements. If you are a Boss lady, there’s that factor that everyone can access you without the help of your husband. And some Boss ladies may not know how painful that might be to a man or how others might perceive it to be. In some cultures, you can never get to the woman without the accord of the husband. It’s a gross sign of disrespect for the manly figure, and in some cases seen as a weakness to the man. The lady too can be perceived as being too loose which can incite promiscuity.

However, this is a workspace and everyone wants a piece of you, a piece of your attention, because they work with you, thereby ignoring the love of your life even if he is very close to you.

In your company, they seem to ignore that fact that your husband is your husband and deserves respect as such. You could be standing or sitting with your husband and your employees or others come in to talk to you ignoring his presence because they know that you are the boss not him. While this is true, you must protect your relationship by not allowing such behaviors when both of you are together.

Firstly, always correct instances like we’ve just described above. Whenever your employee comes in or interrupts the discussion which you are having with your partner for professional reasons and within the workspace, pause that person immediately and tell him or her that you are with someone (your husband) right here which they can see. Sooner or later you can follow up on the person to find out what the visit was all about. But never tolerate the disrespect of your husband before your face.

Secondly, when someone comes to you in the presence of your husband and talks to you alone, without acknowledging his presence, be very fast to correct them and introduce your husband to them. They probably don’t know who he is. But be kind enough to let them know he is your husband whenever he is present with you in the midst of visitors. Never allow people to ignore his presence just because they can get to you as the boss easily.

Thirdly, as the Boss lady, you should be proactive and take a step ahead in introducing your husband whenever you are in the presence of strangers or visitors who would want to talk to you as the Boss. Always try to introduce the presence of your husband to others who do not know him, whenever he’s there. By so doing, they would accord your husband the respect he deserves for being in your life.

Fourthly, you can share peak attention with your husband by delegating to him some or an aspect of the work that often draws people’s attention to you. By so doing, people would see and acknowledge the importance of his presence in your workspace and accord him the respect he deserves.


To recap, we’ve considered the “4 Ways Boss Ladies Respect Their Husbands” to be the facts that Boss Ladies Involve Their Husbands In Decision Making At Home; that Boss Ladies Do Not Bring Home Issues To Work; that Boss Ladies Create Respectable Job Positions For Their Husbands; and that Boss Ladies Create Situations To Foster Respect For Their Husbands.

We shall continue to explore this subject in the days ahead. So do revisit this site soon. While we thank you for reading, please don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list for us to keep you updated with the subsequent articles.



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