How To Weaken The Weakness And Strengthen The Strength Of Your Partner



How to weaken the weakness and strengthen the strength of your partner

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link” is a popular proverb. How to weaken the weakness and strengthen the strength of your partner is an article written to inspire stronger relationships by helping couples see how they could be their own strength at their weakest link. Every single person needs someone at some point in their lives to survive as humans. 

No man is an island and no tree makes a forest. No matter how rich you are, how famous you might be or how powerful you have become, you need someone else other than yourself for survival in this life. Let me take it further. Talking about relationships and, by extension, all human family, the Bible says that we need each other and asks us to submit to one another out of reverence for the creator (Ephesians 5:21).

You see, you revere the creator by respecting the principles of His creation. And one of God’s principles for man is the interdependence of the human family for survival and proper functioning of the systems of this world.

Let me bring that home. When you’re sick, you need or make use of the services of medical practitioners or physicians by submitting to them. The same applies to every other service you may think of. When you need a home built, food cooked, or go shopping, need protection from police services, etc., you go to people other than yourself for these services because we humans submit to each other. We are interdependent.

The Point Of Vulnerability

No man is entirely self-sufficient in other to survive without the services of others. We need each other. Every single person needs someone for help at some point in their lives. That’s how the world operates. Okay? Now, the fact that you can depend on someone else other than yourself makes you very vulnerable as humans. And the area of your vulnerability is the area of “weakness.”

Why You Are Vulnerable

You are vulnerable because you cannot fully protect yourself in a situation even if you want to, or don’t like the idea. You are vulnerable because you aren’t in full control of a circumstance that could hurt you but which you still have to trust it and let it be. You are vulnerable because you can’t fully guarantee your own safety and protection when in the hands of someone dear to you or at the services of others. Your point of vulnerability becomes your point of weakness. And we all are vulnerable as humans. We, as humans, have our soft spots. We, as humans, have our weaknesses. Just be cool with that, alright?

Vulnerability In Relationship

As true as vulnerability is in life generally, so true is it in the relationship of couples. They are all vulnerable and need each other for survival. Their area of vulnerability is their area of weakness. But the weakness should rather be the strength of the other. I mean that at the point or the moment of weakness, the other partner should be the needed strength and support of the relationship.

One partner should supply the needed strength and cover up for the weakness that exists in the relationship. At this point, it’s about the relationship and not about one individual. The moment of weakness is always about “Us.” It’s about the “We together.” it’s not a “You” moment but the “Us” moment.

Once you know the weakness, you have to weaken the weakness more and strengthen the strength to overcome it, even greater. This is why How to weaken the weakness and strengthen the strength of your partner was conceived to do anyway. And we are practically going to help you by showing you how, with some relatable examples for you to apply them in your own relationship to make it stronger, last longer and inspire others as well.

Let’s get started:

1. Don’t Take Advantage Of Your Partner’s Point Of Weakness

Because you’re in love, your partner is the only one to trust and talk to at any point in time. This trust opens up the heart to share with you moments of failure, of dissatisfaction, of disappointment in life. When such is made known to you, you do not have to play a god over your partner and behave as if you yourself have no issues in life. You should be the one to support your partner with a listening ear and see how both of you can help your relationship work for the better

2. Do Not Expose Your Partner’s Weakness To The Public

In a relationship, two people become one and share their lives with each other. The problem of one is the problem of both. And the weaknesses of one are the weaknesses of all. Trust is something that comes increasingly with time but which can be lost in a second. The public should never know the pillars upon which your matrimony is built. Your Partner’s failures in the past do not define who he or she is today.

People don’t need to know what difficulties that your partner is going through or has been through if they are not comfortable with people knowing. Sometimes, couples may want to inspire others by telling their stories their way. But you must not break trust with your spouse and use the things you know about your partner, the things revealed to you to shame your partner in public. That you must avoid for the good of the relationship.

3. Talk Less Of The Mistakes And More Of The Future

The mistakes are usually a thing of the past. And the future is yet to be explored. The coming success is always in the future. The future should be the focus. Talk more on the positives concerning the future and not the negatives. Encourage and cause your partner to see hope and a brighter future. If he or she was in prison, there’s life out of the prison. If he or she was addicted to something, there is life after rehabilitation. Whatever the situation that the past might have recorded, there’s always life beyond that past. And that life is now and to the future. Talk more about now. Talk more about what’s to come.

In conclusion, we have mentioned some keys points on How to weaken the weakness and strengthen the strength of your partner as being (1) Don’t Take Advantage Of Your Partner’s Point Of Weakness. (2) Do Not Expose Your Partner’s Weakness To The Public. (3) Talk Less Of The Mistakes And More Of The Future. Please, do check for the continuation of the article by clicking here.



Originally Published by PC Akubueze

Used Under Permission.


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