3 Ways To Know You Married Your Best Friend




In the world today, letting love lead in all aspects of our relationship is more of a wish than a reality. Even as couples, the way some of them live with those they claim they love accentuates the misunderstanding of that word called love. It is so easy to say “I love you” than to actually love someone. It’s very easy to hear couples say, “for good or for bad” than to actually see them stick together in difficult times. Every ‘sincere divorce’ is guilty of the above-mentioned phrases. After all, they are the ones who once loved each other. They are the ones who once said to each other “I love you”, and made the commitment confession, “for good or for bad.” Maybe you would agree with me that some divorcees once said “I love you” to the objects of their love. And they sincerely meant it when they said so. Others just said it just to get along or to get married without sincerely meaning what they said.


Oftentimes people get involved in a love relationship that they don’t understand and cannot protect and guarantee its continuity.

Love in God’s sight is always meant to last as long as life. It’s a permanent experience and never a temporary one. Love comes from God, and to be candid, Love is Godlike in that it never ends. It’s eternal. The Bible puts it this way: God is Love (1 John 4:8). Did you just read that? What did I say? That GOD IS LOVE. Exactly!

Now, I want to point at two natures of this Godlike love that are often forgotten by people but are experienced by all individuals irrespective of skin-color, religion, gender, culture, or age. It works for everyone equally. And these natures are a) The Longevity of Love and, b) The Purpose of Love.

a) The Longevity Of Love. The longevity factor exposes the duration of love to the carnal mind. It deals with the eternity of love. Like God is eternal, basically meaning the continuity of God’s existence, love is also eternal, and can love without an end. That’s a fact right there. Love can never end or die. You just can’t kill love, even if you don’t feel like loving, even if you are hurt. You can hinder its flow but can’t kill love because it has an innate capability to unceasing existence, to incessant expression, to unabating endurance and back to an eternal source whence it comes–God!

Remember that God is love, and love is God when you take it the other way round. There’s much to talk about the richness of Love as coming from God that we can’t cover here. But we must not allow issues of love to becloud the veracity that love can truly flow from the heart without ceasing.

The longevity of love is one aspect that makes couples to forgive each other. Even after a bad fight or divorce, the possibility of forgiving each other isn’t ruled out because of the longevity aspect of love. It is because of the longevity of love that the works of love can outlive a person long after he or she must have died and gone. People don’t easily forget the good times spent together as couples, even if they aren’t together anymore. The Works of love have a way of coming to mind because the love factor is intrinsically eternal.

b) The Purpose of Love on the other side is the Purpose of Loving which is the very nature given to it by its creator–God. You see, God did not just create love but for and with a purpose. There was an assignment attached to love when God created love. And that assignment was for Love to Love. In other words, it was for Love to Lead. And we should really let love lead in all of our undertakings as a people and as couples.


When we allow Love to freely reign over our lives, it rules and transcends the barriers of cultures, languages, social status and a lot more that could hinder the expression of love and limit its power. When love leads smart couples, they don’t say this or that person is coming from this or that culture or nation and, as a result, doesn’t merit our love. No, they don’t see people that way.

When love leads smart couples, they don’t say he or she doesn’t look like one of us and avoid going close to the person. When love leads smart couples, that Love overcomes all the blah blah blah and sees people for their real worth.  They don’t speak evil of people. They don’t slander one another. They don’t cheat on each other.

When love leads smart couples, their actions are guided by love, and divorce rarely sets in. When love leads smart couples, they are guided by love as they go through their trials with understanding and perseverance, knowing that this too shall one day pass. Not that smart couples don’t have problems or experience marital difficulties in life as couples. No, some do, and some don’t. But for those that do, under the tutoring of love, they stand together knowing whatever issue that life throws at them together as couples could be solved together as couples without losing the love fire within; without losing focus and the purpose for loving each other.

Let love lead. Love is a character of God. 1 John 4:8 describes one of God’s primary attributes as LOVE. “Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.” Do you know God? And do you love your spouse? What about other people?





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Verra is a journalist, a gospel singer, a relationship expert and the site editor.
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