the 21 Advantages Of Praying With Your Spouse, Part 2

The 21 Advantages Of Praying With Your Spouse, Part 2


the 21 Advantages Of Praying With Your Spouse Part 2In order to grasp a better understanding of the “21 Advantages Of Praying With Your Spouse Part 2”, please refer to part one of the same title by clicking here. We shall explicate advantages 12 through 21 in this latter article because we started with 1 through 11 in the former.

These advantages were garnered to inspire and invigorate married couples to always pray together as couples, and not as individual partners. Anyway, the importance of praying as couples cannot be overstated. Let’s continue:

Please read the 21 Advantages Of Praying With Your Spouse Part 1

12. It helps liberate your spirit from the heaviness of unforgiveness

The more you pray with your spouse, the lighter you feel and become. You feel so because the heavy burden of unforgiveness that you had before the prayer was lifted out of you during the prayer session. Prayer frees you from such heaviness.

13. It increases the couples’ joie de vivre

the 21 Advantages Of Praying With Your Spouse Part 2The more you pray, the more joyful you become as couples, and the more joie de vivre you will have towards life. You would live cheerfully with a positive attitude towards life. Wow! Just imagine couples who are joyful consistently. Joy unstoppable! Joy from Mondays through Sundays! That’s what prayer does. The joy of the Lord is the couples’ strength (Nehemiah 8:10).

14. It helps couples obey the words of God

Prayer is a facilitator of spiritual actions. Whatever God tells you, pray and do it by faith. You would have noticed I said “pray and do, ” because prayer makes the doing so easy to carry out without kerfuffle. When couples pray together, they would find it lovingly easy to obey divine instructions.

15. It helps establish the couple’s family spiritual foundation

the 21 Advantages Of Praying With Your Spouse Part 2David talked about the praises of God by the generations yet unborn because he had laid down a strong foundation for his descendants to pray unceasingly (Psalm 103:18). Solomon amplified that by building the temple of God, a place for permanent prayer. It was a solid foundation they laid for their children’s children (1 Kings 6:11-14).

You know, when you two as a couple start praying together, you are building a home that prays. You are setting an indelible example for your children yet unborn. When they are born, they enter into a family that already prays. No how! they would learn and imbibe that prayer culture. For families with children already, they would just copy the very good example of mom and dad.

16. It helps to cover the couples’ entire children, whether born or unborn

the 21 Advantages Of Praying With Your Spouse Part 2Prayer is a spiritual covering. It covers the children who are the products of the couples from unseen forces, and misfortunes that could disrupt their joy in life. Your children are covered by your prayers until they are old enough to pray for themselves. But who does the prayer of covering? The moms and dads who are the couples. When you pray together as couples, God takes care of whatever is yours, even your business and anything that would Rob the couples of joy.

17. It helps overcome marital challenges as couples

The 21 Advantages Of Praying With Your Spouse, Part 2Every marriage has its own challenges. Some are peculiar and some are common. But no couples who pray together fight their battles separately. As you couples pray together, you will want to solve issues together. When difficulties come, you would be slow to come to conclusions and pray about it. One thing is sure, which is that there’s hardly division between couples who pray together during hard times. They kneel together and stand up together to face their challenges. They stay together, patiently working and persevering together until they find out a workable solution to their problems. Prayer helps them overcome not as individuals, but as couples. They overcome collectively.

18. It helps increase the fruits of the spirit in the lives of couples

Hello, couples! Listen carefully. The things of substance, things of values, I mean, virtues like love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control, patience, perseverance, discipline, are the virtues that characterize the life of a real Christian and they are called the fruits of the spirit, spoken of in Galatians 5:22-23.

the 21 Advantages Of Praying With Your Spouse Part 2God has given these fruits to us not to let them rot in us but to use them and live a better life on the earth. These fruits are manifested in our lives as we pray together as couples. If you couples want to be patient enough, disciplined enough, joyful enough, just imbibe prayer into your calendar. If you want enough of these fruits, you should Pray enough as couples. These fruits are likely to manifest in your lives because you pray together as couples.

19. It helps foster unity amongst couples

Unity comes when you agree with one another as couples. But how is this agreement done? Just by praying together in harmony, and with one mind. Period! Remember that the Bible says when two among you agree during prayer, whatever asked for shall be granted (Matthew 18:19). That’s what prayer just does. It helps you people to agree, fostering unity, love, oneness, harmony. And where there’s harmony, there’s the absence of division.

20. It helps couples avert divorce experiences

No prayerful couple would want to submit to divorce in marriage. Couples who always agree in prayer cannot be separated, couples who always agree cannot fight. They cannot agree and disagree.

the 21 Advantages Of Praying With Your Spouse Part 2As long as your heart is willing to submit to God in prayer and has been doing so for some time, that same heart wouldn’t want divorce the next minute. Not only that your prayers over the years would have built-in you the resistance to such spirit of divorce, but also God in His infinite wisdom would not allow you experience divorce, not because you are beautiful but because you are prayerful and do pray together.

21. It helps adds more force and power to the couples’ prayer

Finally, when you agree in prayer, you are not agreeing with yourself. You are agreeing with someone else, making each of you a partner in prayer, and collectively as a team.

the 21 Advantages Of Praying With Your Spouse Part 2When couples pray together, they become prayer partners. This only adds more force to the prayer. It becomes the real prayer of agreement. The power of two is more than the power of one. A cord of three cannot easily be broken (Ecclesiastes 4:12). If one is enervated the other revitalizes him/her. If one is sapped of energy, the other invigorates him/her. If you were praying before and were having great results, well, your results would be exceptional and unfathomable when you marry because now you would have a prayer partner to team up with.

Yeah, both of you were having great results as singles but together as couples, her power and his power joined together, oh dear Lord, is no match for the kingdom of darkness. Such prayers coming from the roofs of your homes should keep angels busily working for the good of your families. Please couples, always pray together as couples for a greater power experience.

Before I sign out, I wanna thank you for your attention thus far, and remind you to read PART ONE of the 21 Advantages Of Praying With Your Spouse Part 2, or just click here.

Now, tell me, which of these advantages have you experienced in your own lives as couples? What did you learn as you went through the above-mentioned points?


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Nate MC

I agree with all these advantages. I think praying as a couple brings couples together and can make them stronger. Praying is such an intimate activity, and a personal one; So if couples do it together, and do it regularly, then I think they’d be surprised at how much stronger their relationship will become. 


This is an awesome article. I had to go back and read the first part as I didn’t feel like the second part did your topic justice. I am a Christian man and my wife and I pray separately as individuals but have not started to pray together as a couple and we have our ups and downs. I am coming to realize that we need to start something like this ourselves. 

If you don’t mind me asking… are you married? If so, have you and your wife been doing this your entire married life? I am assuming you do and I believe that it can truly increase the blessings by involving God in our relationship. 

I believe that the ups and downs I mentioned, will go away if we start doing this together. Not to mention it will show our daughter how a real Christian couple should act. With faith, she will do the same as she gets older and marries. 

Thank you for this reminder as to how my wife and I should draw ourselves closer to God together as a couple.

Shanta Rahman

Hi Charles, Many thanks to you for sharing another excellent article with us. You write with such profound wisdom. I’m really glad to be a part of your vision. Reading your articles has done wonders in my young marriage. I learn every time I come here. 

The part two caught my attention and particularly, the point of spiritual fruits, come on, who doesn’t want them? My husband and I always try to pray together because praying together increases these fruits in our lives. Praying together brings increased love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, faithfulness, humility, self-control, patience, perseverance, and discipline in our family. Although not all at once and I have not experienced all but I believe it. We have been able to overcome our marital challenges from time to time without disputes. I believe these fruits, some how, we’re in manifestation. 

So, I want to say, finally, that every husband should pray with his wife and never give up praying together. 


Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to comment on your “The 21 Advantages Of Praying With Your Spouse, Part 2” article.

I agree, not only does the more we pray with our spouse allow us to feel and become lighter, which helps us to find it lovingly easy to obey divine instructions. Spouses praying together also reminds us that we are one with our spouse as the Holy Bible informs us. 

I am also in agreeance that this builds a very stable Spiritual Foundation for the family as well which adds more force and power to a couples’ prayer.

Thank you again for allowing me the opportunity to comment on this very detailed, researched, amazing “The 21 Advantages Of Praying With Your Spouse, Part 2” article.

Blessings To You My Friend,



Hi, Charles,

Our pastor always emphasizes the power of prayer. He says it should be an important part of every Christian’s life.

You provided some excellent reasons to pray as a couple, but when is it recommended to do it alone? Of course, you can pray with your spouse and thank the Lord or ask Him for something, but I imagine there are times you should do it privately on your own.

Ask and ye shall receive. I still have to learn how to pray but I know I will eventually master it.

I look forward to your answer. Thank you and God bless.

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