21 Advantages Of Praying With Your Spouse, Part 1 - Marriage And Relationship

21 Advantages Of Praying With Your Spouse, Part 1 – Marriage And Relationship

21 Advantages Of Praying With Your Spouse, Part 1 – Marriage And Relationship

21 Advantages Of Praying With Your Spouse, Part 1 - Marriage And RelationshipRecently, Carlo, who’s one of our relationship pundits, penned some inspiring articles about How to grow spiritually with your spouse, and How to grow spiritually together as couples. In the later, he talked about creating a praying structure in the lives of couples and called this structure, prayer altar. In the light of Carlo’s teaching, whence comes my inspiration, I intend to consolidate the prayer altars (personal altar, spousal altar, and family altar), by explicating the perks of prayer in this article titled, “21 Advantages Of Praying With Your Spouse.”

Please, I will not be too long, so let’s just get to business right away.

The advantages of praying as couples are enormous and knowing them only invigorates you to pray even better. These advantages are:

1. It strengthens your spirit man together

Man is a spirit being. The real couple is the inward couple. The physical body we see is the covering or the suit in which the spirit-man, the real YOU live in. You can put makeup on your physical body, but cannot do so on the spirit-man. The only way it strengthens is by prayer. Jude 1:20 brings it clearer when it says that we build up our spirit by speaking in tongues. That’s prayer too. If you speak in tongues, then do so together.

2. It increases the couples’ faith in God and the things of God

21 Advantages Of Praying With Your Spouse, Part 1 - Marriage And RelationshipI truly know that every spouse wants their partners to believe in what they believe in. You want them to grow spiritually as you grow as well. But this yen for growth spiritually has to do, principally, with faith in God. In other words, when you grow in faith, you are likely to grow in other areas as well. When you grow in faith, it’s easier to believe what God says. And payer does this faith-growth very well. The more you pray with your spouse, the more your faith in God grows (Jude 1:20).

3. It helps reveal God’s will for the union and family

Prayer reveals the purposes of God for the couple. Some couples through prayers have been called into ministry and other vocations and walks of life. Prayer reveals what God wants you to do on the earth as a couple for a time.

4. It brings peace of mind to the couples

When couples pray together, there’s such a peace that saturates the mind and heart, clearing your mind from anything that disturbs the thinking faculty. With a clear mind faculty, You think rightly and clearly about things of life. A couple with such peace never sees any reason to fight or disagree. Peace of mind comes from prayer.

5. It keeps you couple humble before God and men

21 Advantages Of Praying With Your Spouse, Part 1 - Marriage And RelationshipHumility is always on bended knees. Humility is a virtue that money cannot buy and which many couples lack. Many marriages would have averted divorce if the couples were humble to the core. Unfortunately, this is the value and virtue that only prayer can bring to the lives of couples. To be on your knees together is humbling yourselves to God as the one who knows it all. It also humbles us to one another as couples. The joy and peace that comes from knowing that your spouse is humble before you is indescribable. Furthermore, it makes couples humble before other people. This is not a weakness but a power.

6. It helps couples discern good judgment

Prayer opens your mind and makes it in tune with the mind of God or the mind of Christ which enables us to make good decisions and choices in life. When you pray, you can discern what is good for the couple at any given time.

7. It increases your love for God

21 Advantages Of Praying With Your Spouse, Part 1 - Marriage And RelationshipThere are some marriages with partners having divided attention for the things of God. One loves God and the other doesn’t. This can frustrate couples and bring misunderstanding at times. To avoid this drama, just pray with your spouse together. Don’t fall into the temptation of doing it alone. Encourage your partner, without a fight, to join you in prayers. The more a couple prays, the more their love for God increases. Do you know how to love God? Do you want to love God more? Then pray together with your spouse.

8. It increases your love for yourselves as couples

We cannot say this any better. Prayer increases your love for your spouse. Because you love God, you will want to love your spouse as well. And prayer does it well, bringing you closer together each time you pray, and enables you to appreciate your spouse’s presence.

9. It helps couples know each other’s voices and mindsets

When couples pray together, they grow to understand the mindset of their spouses. How they reason, how they use their words, how they utter out words with meaning, how important certain words are to them, how they think about each other, and their situations and circumstances. All of these things make up the voice of your spouse. This is something that could take years of dating to know. But it would quickly be known to themselves because they pray together always.

10. It protects you from evil days.

Couples that pray submit their lives to God. And a life submitted to God is under divine protection. God protects the couples from things unknown to them which could steal their joy and testimony. Prayer puts you under the shadow of the almighty God. And there no evil dwells (Psalm 91:1).

11. It invites the Lord’s presence in your midst as couples

21 Advantages Of Praying With Your Spouse, Part 1 - Marriage And RelationshipHow often do you wanna feel Jesus’s presence? I heard you say, “as much as I can.” And that’s not bad at all. If you as couples want the Lord’s presence as much as you can, you gotta pray as much as you can. Prayer brings His presence in your midst as couples. Remember this Scripture, where two or three gather in my name, what happens? It says, “I am there with them”. Well, that was Jesus Christ speaking to you couples. When you pray together, you are gathered in His name. And He’s right there with you couples.

We have expounded on some of the 21 advantages of praying with your spouse and shall continue elucidating these perks in the next article, which you can find by clicking here. Tell us, has any of the above-mentioned points been helpful to you as couples?






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Charles E. Is an author, a journalist, a relationship pundit and site administrator.
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Juan Saladin

I’m really happy, as I read your post there are many things I can relate to and so many others I just can wish to get related to. 3 is perfect (God Father, Son & Holy Spirit), making sure of inviting God to our marriage is the best way to get a happy family and along with it a happy life!

Inviting the Lord’s presence in your midst as couples is for me the greatest advantage of this practice.

Thanks for sharing with us this type of post. I really enjoyed it. And I’d shared it with my wife and friends.

BlueMoon UniqueFashion

I totally agree with everything you stated in your article. It is especially important to me that when a couple prays together, they get to know each other in a different way. They learn about some inner desires or fears. The shared love of God also brings them closer to one another. Thanks for sharing this post with us. 

Fiona K

Hi Charles, 

Great article well written and well said. Thank you for reminding us what is important in relationships. Praying with your spouse not only make you a great team but also create that unbreakable bond between you, your spouse and God. Praying with your spouse also increases your Faith as a couple. 

This is a very touching post. Thank you for sharing, stay blessed. I am wishing you all the best.


It’s good to be able to pray with your partners. Not many people are doing so. It definitely strengthens your marriage and  bonds to your marriage relationship. Not only it increases your faith in god, it also increases your love to god and to both of you yourselves. Good. Keep it up!

Shanta Rahman

Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us again. Your article is really encouraging and informative ARTICLE. The days of praying together as a couple were shot to death.F

 Family and relationships are suffering from the ill effects of what I have FELT. The present age is the age of busyness and in this busy age we forget to pray to God together. The present age is so busy that we forget what praying as couples is all about. The importance of praying together is what you describe through your article so well that I would like to say a big “thank you” because you did a great job. However, I also think that praying together increases sincerity. Looking forward to some more articles like this in the future, and good luck to you ALL WHO PRACTICE WHAT CHARLES SAID IN YOUR MARRIAGES. 


Hello Charles, thanks for this very insightful post on the 21 advantages of praying with your spouse. All the advantages you’ve given are absolutely valid and I especially liked what you had to say at number 6. Prayer opens your mind and makes it in tune with the mind of God.

Great insights, and I look forward to whatever other tidbits of advice you have for us in future on this site. Thanks again for these thought provoking insights.

James T

When we invite God into our marriage, things tends to change for the better. Praying and doing the things of God with your spouse always increases the blessings, divine care and the protection of God. By doing so, we inculcate this habit into our kids and draw them more closely to God.

There are many benefits we attract to ourselves and family when we do this of which you’ve listed some. It’s really necessary for a better life.


Praying with your spouse gives a lot of meaning. It shows that there is unity in the family. When you do things together, it brings about love, cooperation and also, increases the love found in each other day by day. This helps a lot to stay peaceful in the long run in any marriage. Thanks for this great piece. 


Thanks Jake for sharing your thoughts on this. We appreciate your input. Have a great weekend. 


Hi Charles, this is really an encouraging  and an informative article well put together. Praying with your spouse is a good idea for a Healthy relationship. To be truthful, it’s my first time I’m hearing about some of the eye opening points. To have success in anything, sometimes you have to think outside the box. People that are closer to God generally are more moral and have better Integrity in dealing with people. I think that including God into your life is a smart idea for Smartcouples. You did a great job, thanks, Charles. 


Praying together as a couple has almost become a lost artwork in these days and I really feel that relationships and families are suffering for it. We get so caught up in our busy schedules that we forget to come together before God and seek His wisdom. We pray on our own, but not together. This list is a great reminder of why it is so important and I am looking forward to part 2! Thank you so much and God bless!

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