The 11 Public Misconceptions About Boss Ladies

The 11 Public Misconceptions About Boss Ladies



The 11 Public Misconceptions About Boss LadiesThe 11 public misconceptions about Boss Ladies were written to uncover myths surrounding these respected ladies in our society. A misconception can be a belief held as a truth that isn’t. It can be a wrong definition of something, an active withdrawal, or interaction with someone based on prejudices. Some people consider something to be taboo not because of a known fact believed to be true, but because it was passed down to them by tradition. And it may be difficult to question to know the truth without getting to the bottom of it. In fact, this is just what the 11 public misconceptions about Boss Ladies do.

You see, there are certain preconceived, unjustifiable misconceptions shrouded in lies, half-truths, and distorted information with the intention to destroy the reputation of hard-working women and eventually reject the idea of boss ladies within some cultures. As we reveal these unfounded ideas and myths, keep in mind that they potentially can breed hatred, and dislike against people of different orientations such as beliefs, tribes, class, or gender.

Briefly speaking, the term or idea of a boss lady comes from two words, Boss and Lady, at times put together as one word but usually are two words denoting a female boss. Boss, simply means the head of a department or organization, and lady denotes a member of the female gender. When used together the idea becomes a female gender seen as the head of the department or organization. In other words, a female leader, the female figure in or with authority, a forewoman, a chairlady, and any female in a position of power, fame, and wealth. Having said that, let’s debunk the 11 public misconceptions about boss ladies.


1. The Men-Haters Misconception

The 11 Public Misconceptions About Boss LadiesPeople easily believe that boss ladies are full of hate towards the male genders for unknown reasons. But one might guess that because the title “Boss” has been traditionally linked to a male figure to whom others are viewed as subjects or subordinates. Therefore, a woman with such a title might be rebellious against the male established authority and want nothing to do with it. This is so incorrect and backward especially in a patriarchal society Boss ladies aren’t men haters. They appreciate men and work as a team with them.

2. The Rebellion Misconception

This is another wrong mindset against the boss ladies labeling them as rebels. Some people believe that for a lady to be called a boss lady she must have rebelled from the authority that enthrones their male counterparts. They do not believe that women can be good leaders without men. They believe that leadership is not for women and any such leader must have derailed from the standard patriarchal authority.

3. The Arrogant Misconception

Another set of people detest the hubristic nature of boss ladies. They believe that boss ladies are so arrogant to the core and lack respect for the male gender. This also isn’t true at all. Arrogance can be manifested by anyone male or female. When a lady becomes arrogant, that arrogance does not make her a boss lady. It’s just not the characteristics of a boss lady. There are arrogant and humble boss ladies just like in every society but their arrogance does not make them boss ladies.

4. The Lesbian Misconception

This is yet another misjudgment people have about boss ladies. They believe that they are all lesbians and promulgating lesbianism. They hold that being a boss lady is part of lesbianism. Let me burst your bubbles, my dear. Boss ladies aren’t lesbians and lesbianism does not make one a boss lady. These are just two parallel lines. You can be a boss lady and have nothing to do with lesbianism at all. So stop the insult and prejudice against boss ladies.

5. The Broken Relationships Misconception

The 11 Public Misconceptions About Boss LadiesThis is another lie that people believe about boss ladies. The proponents hold that boss ladies cannot keep relationships with men within the community. They can start one but cannot sustain it due to their imperiousness, self-pride, and unwillingness to submit to their husbands. But again, this is not true at all. Boss ladies are good leaders both at home and office. They are good lovers, wives, and mothers. They take their time to fall in love but when they do, they are serious about their relationships and can protect and sustain it as long as it lasts. A broken relationship is no attribute of boss ladies. Everyone has their own issues in a relationship and separation or divorce can occur in any relationship irrespective of the boss-lady factor. Boss ladies really do thrive in their relationships. Maybe it would interest you to read this article, the reasons boss lady relationships survive. It would bless you and help change your perspective on this misconception.

6. The Feminist Misconception

The 11 Public Misconceptions About Boss LadiesThis idea of boss ladies being feminists has been an old one indeed, but it sounds a bit dumb to me. The proponents of this misconception come from the camp of those who are against feminism because they’ve misunderstood what feminism is all about. They have concluded that feminists are home breakers who push the all-female agenda and encourage women to rebel against their husbands and eventually divorce them if things don’t go their way. From this mindset, you can see how easily their ignorance can make them believe that boss ladies are feminists, home breakers, and bad for their traditional culture. Too bad! Being a feminist does not make you a boss lady. There are those who are feminists and others who aren’t. Being a boss lady and a feminist are two different things entirely, although one can be both. The whole mindset of the proponents against feminism and boss ladies is out of place and poorly construed.

7. The Independence Misconception

The proponents of this myth believe that marriage is all about providing for the wives. Thus, the wives are dependent on their husbands. Therefore, independent women like boss ladies need no male’s help or figure in their lives. This thought stems from the fear of boss ladies. The proponents love a patriarchal society where men lead and care for their women. In this kind of society, women are in servitude and subject to domestic chores only. Because of this dependence mindset, when they see boss ladies as leaders doing the job of the husbands in providing for themselves, they become afraid and do not want their association. This one is amongst the 11 public misconceptions about boss ladies.


8. The Disobedience Misconception

The 11 Public Misconceptions About Boss LadiesThe proponents of this lie have it that boss ladies are disobedient to their husbands because of their position of leadership in the corporate areas. They assume that since they are the heads of departments, as instructors, they cannot listen but give orders. Instruction does not flow upward but downward. And that’s true. But with this misconception, they forget to make a distinction between work and home; between the corporate environment and the personal home environment; between being professional and being a friend, lover, and wife; between the public space and private or personal space.

That being said, it’s worth telling you that the fact you married a boss lady president doesn’t make the husband the commander in chief. She is the president and a wife which are two different things altogether. You don’t carry your professional life to the bedroom neither do you carry the bedroom to the office. At work, she remains the president and gives orders in that capacity. So respect that, respect her gifts, talents, and calling as your wife. Don’t try to stifle her talents or force her into submission just to make you feel comfortable and in control.

9. The Diabolical Misconception

The 11 Public Misconceptions About Boss LadiesThere are some cultures that attribute boss lady leadership to demons or marine spirits. These cultures believe so much in witches and witchcraft. Most of them strongly believe that marine spirits are involved in making a woman control men, become a head of departments, or enthroned in any position of authority where she can be influential and give orders. When women with great influence stand up to speak in these communities, they ascribe it to the gods rather than to their own god-given talents and hard work. This is sadly one of the 11 public misconceptions about boss ladies.

10. The Single Parenting Misconception

The 11 Public Misconceptions About Boss LadiesThose who adhere to this lie are of the view that boss ladies because they are well-to-do financially, do promote single parenting without the fatherly or male figure. Either they become what some people called “baby mamas”–just having the child without getting married to the father– or they divorce their husbands and take the responsibility of bringing up a child alone. But this is not true for there are baby mamas and divorcees out there who aren’t boss ladies. And there are far too many boss ladies who are co-parenting and have sustainable nuclear families. What do you say about that?

11. The Competition Misconception

The 11 Public Misconceptions About Boss LadiesThe proponents of this idea hold that boss ladies generally are in competition with men in society and make life with their own men difficult in this regard. They point to a particular saying that “what a man can do a woman can do better,” and therefore, conclude that boss ladies’ goal is to compete with men in doing things usually ascribe to the male gender and in most cases, playing male roles within the community.

This basically isn’t really an issue because healthy competition is good but competing with your spouse, I don’t think that is healthy at all. But I have seen some women who aren’t boss ladies yet have an unhealthy competition with their husbands. Boss ladies do not compete with their own husbands, they complement them rather. Women who compete with men they marry aren’t boss ladies. Such an act doesn’t make you one either.

Now that we have seen the 11 public misconceptions about boss ladies to be unfounded theories, what other misconceptions about boss ladies do you know are making rounds in your vicinity or within your locality? Tell us in the comment section.




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I was a female manager in a mans line of work.  I didn’t  experience any of what you mentioned.  But I did have one guy who just didn’t feel my ideas were good.  I would tell him what needed to be done and he would just brush it off and do what he felt needed to be done.  When he finally realized I knew what I was talking about, it went smoother.  LOL

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