The 22 Consequences Of Domestic Violence

The 22 Consequences Of Domestic Violence



The 22 Consequences Of Domestic Violence

The 22 Consequences Of Domestic ViolenceWhile we’re dealing with the 22 consequences of domestic violence, it’s worth saying that these consequences can be avoided totally. You don’t have to suffer any if your take a different route in behavior and the way you treat your partner or spouse. We named them consequences because you did something wrong against someone whom you should’ve loved and cherished. In addition, the laws of the land might not frown at the responsibility called by your wrong actions.

You may also see it as a punishment that you brought upon yourself by virtue of your wrong actions against those close to you. Whether you are in prison or are fleeing for the safety of your life, change is possible wherever you, as a culprit, find yourself. You can love purely again; you can treat your partner better this time, and avoid the drama that fuels your anger. Yes, it’s still possible for a second chance. God is the God of second chances. So, don’t lose hope. That being said, the 22 consequences of domestic violence are the following:

1. It Creates Orphans:

When a single mom is beaten to death, what becomes of her children? Orphans are left behind, but this is not just about single parenting. What about the situation where a legally married couple fights at home and harms each other to death? The children would become orphans, no doubt! There are many children out there who are termed orphans because of the violence perpetrated against their parents.

2. It Increases Responsibilities:

Now, when a couple fights and one action leads to the death of the other, what do you think would happen to the responsibilities of that home? It would increase as all bills might have to be sourced by one parent alone. It can even get complicated if one parent flees for safety or is incarcerated for his crime while the other is dead and gone. The children would have to find help to meet the needs they have. There are some situations where the children, as little as they are, fend for themselves. They go about hawking on the street just to meet their needs. This is also the consequence of domestic violence.

3. It Affects Child Growth:

The 22 Consequences Of Domestic ViolenceA child’s brain as young as it is learns a lot from its environment. There’s no way you could tell me that domestic violence creates a healthy environment at home for children to grow. It’s just impossible. Domestic violence does affect the growth of a child. I mean this negatively. When children are constantly exposed to the scenes of the father beating or battering the mother, they can see that as being normal and imbibe such behavior which might later be demonstrated in the way they treat others of similar gender. A child can become an abuser of girls because of what he saw at home growing up.

Bad behavior in children is learned and not inherited. If you want to have well-behaved children, you as their parents should be well-behaved before your children. Set the standards for them.

4. It Causes Abortion:

Domestic violence can cause abortion. This means that it could be the reason a fetus is forced out of the pregnant victim’s womb because of the external pressure exerted upon her during a violent attack by the husband. Abortion is never a delight to experience but complications can occur with the fetus and the woman, being in danger, is forced to take that route just to save her life.

5. It Causes Miscarriage:

It’s not strange to hear that couples fight at home, and a pregnant lady could be beaten badly so that she loses her baby through miscarriage. Miscarriage, unlike abortion, is a situation where the fetus is expulsed spontaneously before it can survive independently or where it comes out prematurely because the woman’s womb received a hit by a violent male partner. Miscarriage can have other causes but it’s one consequence of domestic violence.

6. It Causes Divorce:

Divorce can also be a consequence of domestic violence. When the fighting is too much to bear, one partner can choose to opt-out of the union because they cannot take it anymore. This partner may later file for divorce. Divorce is not a good experience because it has its own consequences too but this entire experience could be avoided if you choose to behave differently.

7. It Causes Separation:

Some couples might prefer to be separated than stay in an abusive relationship. Separation usually provides a way to cool off and unwind oneself. When the fight becomes too much, rather than divorcing, some couples prefer to take a personal moment out of the union for reflection, rethinking, and reconsideration of the entire relationship. And at times, the separation becomes permanent, yet they aren’t divorced. This too is a result of domestic violence. Both separation and divorce could be seen as broken homes.

8. It Causes Murder:

If you doubt the possibility of murder caused by domestic violence, the Police station(s) and health centers within your locality can inform you of the reality of the struggle. Domestic violence has been the cause of many deaths in the family, whether intentionally or unintentionally. We hear of women killing their husbands and husbands killing their wives. It even gets worse when the entire family becomes the victims of one person’s action, killing everyone at home. Sad, isn’t it? Nonetheless, murder is still the forceful termination of someone else’s life. And it can be avoided if we stop being violent at home.

9. It Causes Family Feuds:

The 22 Consequences Of Domestic ViolenceThe result of domestic violence can cause an unforgivable rift between the families of the couples. Even some members of the same family may not always agree with the way a daughter or son-in-law is being treated. They know what is right and good and understand that it is wrong for their son or daughter to wrongly treat another person’s child that way. This disagreement can take a long time to heal among the same family members.

In addition, a prolonged and bitter quarrel or dispute can also develop between the families of the one who’s being abused and that of the abuser. Such a feud goes beyond marriage to involving the entire community. And as a result, they will refuse to give or take daughters for marriage from the clan of the abuser.

10. It Causes Adultery:

Do you know that adultery can lead to domestic violence? And also domestic violence can be a reason behind Adultery too. What an irony! It also can be a consequence. Some acts of domestic violence have been the reason behind adultery in a number of cases.

A situation where the man abuses his wife and makes her feel less of a woman can push her outside to look for love that is missing inside. And she becomes vulnerable to anyone willing to fill in the gap. This is also true of the male spouse or partner. He can see someone out of the union because of the violent wife at home. This is done secretly, of course, but it invites an adulterous character that wasn’t there before.

11. It Causes Sickness:

Whether emotional, psychological, or physical, domestic abuse can make you fall sick directly or indirectly. The headaches and stress are enough to get your body worked up. In addition, you can be hospitalized by the physical wounds and hurt caused by a violent partner or spouse. The Reverend P. C Akubueze, as you might have known, has had numerous hospital visits with the victims of domestic violence. Domestic violence could be the reason you were in a coma lying at the hospital some time ago. Sickness is one of the 22 consequences of domestic violence.

12. It Causes One To Be Handicap:

Your “partner in love” could hit you in the eye, ears, legs, etc., causing serious irreparable damages there. Domestic violence has been a cause of a host of handicap situations. From the loss of an eye or both to a limb or burnt body parts and many other physical disabilities that come as a result of this social menace.

13. It Causes Suicide:

Suicide is a serious consequence of domestic violence. Some partners have decided to terminate their lives because of what they were facing back home, which others didn’t even know. If you are facing any domestic crisis, killing yourself can’t be the solution. Come out, and try to talk to someone and find help, because, usually a lot goes in your mind and most of these thoughts are not positive thoughts and could endanger your life. Don’t commit suicide, give yourself a second chance and talk to someone about your internal woes.

14. It Causes Lengthy Litigation:

Have you ever thought about the fact that you could be in court for a long time waiting for justice? Domestic violence can make you spend more money on enduring legal disputes where you’ve got to hire lawyers to handle your cases or criminal offenses committed against your spouse, partner, children, or anyone that was a victim of your violent behavior. So, you see, money is wasted here, and if you aren’t financially sound, litigation could be an issue not pleasing at all.

15. It Brings About Loss of Properties:

It’s not uncommon to hear that a partner destroys a TV set or has broken something at home just to express frustration and anger towards someone. It even gets worse when the property involved is quite huge and runs in millions of pounds. Houses and luxury cars have been burnt down, and other patrimony destroyed by one partner or forcefully taken by another just because of domestic legal issues.

16. It Brings About The Loss Of Privacy:

This is a consequence of domestic violence as well: loss of anything called private. There are some couples whose lives are known by everyone in the neighborhood because when they fight, it’s just dirty and exposed to the public for all to see. People kind of know what’s coming next in the life of the one being abused.

The victims seem to have little power of defending themselves. Any little provocation, a quarrel will start and ends up being so loud. In addition, the personal belongings of the victim can be thrown outside in public, leaving you helpless. As the spouse, you will have the feeling that you are naked and unwelcome before the people. There’s no privacy at all in a home affected by domestic violence.

17. It Brings About Dishonesty:

Dishonesty can creep into a relationship that wasn’t there before. There are people who were very honest in their dealings with others but who later became very dishonest human beings because of domestic violence. Such dishonesty is geared against those who abuse their partners. They just do not tell them the real truth because of the way they would behave with the information that you provided.

18. It Brings About Imprisonment:

it’s within reason that the consequence of domestic violence can lead one to prison. If you murder your spouse or partner, you would have to face the music in jail, behind bars. Even if you never killed anyone, the fact that you are used to abusing the rights of your spouse and causing harm in doing so can still take you to prison.

19. It Causes Drunkenness:

The 22 Consequences Of Domestic ViolenceDrunkenness works both ways. It could truly be a reason for violent behavior or a consequence of it. I know of some people who became alcoholics as a way to escape the constant abuse they faced at home. You see, domestic violence can make you imbibe a habit you never had nor liked before. Drinking to a stupor is just one of them. But note this: you may drink to a stupor but you can never drink away your problems. In other words, it doesn’t solve any problem!

20. It Brings About Mental Health Issues:

There are people suffering from Post-traumatic disorder because of what they went through domestically. The violence perpetrated on them hadn’t left their minds because the perpetrators are in prison or because it ended. No! Even long after the violence, the trauma, the emotional responses of violent behavior on victims, the mind-boggling images of the experiences never leave easily without proper rehabilitation by specialized mental health personnel. This is also a result of domestic violence.

21. It Brings About Social Isolation:

Perpetrators of domestic violence can face isolation socially and disrespect from the public. People would become carefully afraid of such persons within the society or community, and wouldn’t want much interaction with them. This is also a consequence of domestic violence.

22. It Brings About Delay To Remarry:

It logically follows that when a perpetrator is socially isolated, finding another partner to remarry might not be a piece of bread on a kiosk waiting for them. People of that community, knowing their bad behavior, domestically, would want to avoid their presence as much as possible, talkless of getting married to them. The reality is that such people who made victims of others become social victims of their own actions. They can stay long enough without another spouse if they refuse to change their behavior.

There could be many other consequences that we’ve not covered in these 22 consequences of domestic violence. However, learn from the list above and have a change of behavior or you can help someone who’s embedded on this violent route change.

Do you remember any other consequence you would like to share with us? Hit the comment box!




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