The 3 Indisputable Dating Advice For Singles And Couples

The 3 Indisputable Dating Advice For Singles And Couples

Dating Advice For Couples – Singles Dating

Dating advice for couples - singles dating

Dating occurs when two people decide to meet socially with the aim of assessing the suitability and appropriateness of each other as prospective partners in an intimate relationship.

Human beings desire romantic relationships free from hurts and pain. Such relationships can be true with The 3 Indisputable Dating Advice For Singles And Couples. Although there are many principles of dating out there, our dating advice gives every partner in a relationship, whether married or not, some healthy insights to date well, love each other better, and be the true partners that they desire of themselves. Learn something from it and apply it to your love life. Without any fuss or delay, let’s get started!

1. Dating Isn’t A Platform For Impression But For Originality

Whatever you do during dating, be your original self. Don’t create an impression of whatever isn’t real. Don’t fake anything that you cannot sustain in the long run.

Some people want to look and act like Rihanna or Beyoncé Knowles or Will Smith or Sylvester Stallone just to impress their date partners. But they can’t sustain these appearances in the long run. It’s okay when people inspire you, and of course, that’s what it should be: Just An Inspiration.

Impress By Being You

People can’t be you. And you can’t be them either. Don’t try to impress your date Partner by being someone else other than yourself. Impress him or her, rather, by being you. You should impress somebody with your own originality. You don’t copy what others do or who they are just to impress your date partner. You have inner original qualities that naturally impress others.

Originality Speaks For Itself

Some of your inner qualities are what bring attraction to start with. When others look at these qualities in you, which could be verbal and nonverbal, they speak for themselves. They give others good impressions about you and these are the qualities that you should cultivate more and use the most. I mean, your character, your attitude, the way you talk, the respect you portray and show to others, the kind of aura you evoke and maintain, and much more.

Etiquette Is Limited

Some people just focus on their external behavior on social outings alone and forget the most important part which is the internal beauty of a person. It’s not just about how you sit in the restaurant, how you hold your fork and knife, how you eat and chew, the color of your dress, shirt and tie… blah blah blahs!

Well, let’s say etiquette also has its place during dating, but it’s culturally limited. Etiquette varies. It’s different from one culture to another. And can be faked just to impress the others or onlookers. Etiquette isn’t’ reliable as far as dating is concerned.

Etiquette Not Trusted

If he or she behaves well at the restaurant, what happens after? At home? And at the other locations and settings without onlookers? He or she can dress just to look clean but very dirty at home. He or she might even borrow an expensive outfit just to look rich on a date creating an impression that isn’t true at all. Follow The 3 Indisputable Dating Advice For Singles And Couples, and do not fake anything to impress because whatever you fake cannot be sustained in the long run.

Internal Beauty Is Reliable

The Bible talks about the Inner beauty of a person which does not fade away, and hence, reliable. It consists of your personality, your intelligence, level of integrity, elegance, and politeness. Internal beauty is who you are without filters or layers of makeup or false presumptions (1 Peter 3:3-4).

Don’t Disrespect To Impress

Do you know that some people bully others just to feel good or to impress their dates partners? A man can disrespect another person just because they are in front of ladies or their date partners. That’s just the reason and nothing else. They may go even further to physically assault others just to massage their egos in front of their potential lovers. Maybe, by so doing, it gives them a feeling of superiority or so. But that’s an inferiority issue to me. It seems to me like a man who lacks confidence in himself.

Anyways, the way a man would treat a fellow human being before you shows you how he values people, which is in his or her character. It’s a character issue. And you know what? That’s how they might treat you in some circumstances. Avoid impressing people by disrespecting others. Let me put it the other way round. You don’t disrespect people to impress your significant other.

2. Dating Is A Loyalty School For Couples

The 3 Indisputable Dating Advice For Singles And CouplesThey learn how to be loyal to each other. When every other thing fails or leaves, loyalty demands your presence—just you both alone. Loyalty is the one thing that stays when every other thing leaves or fails.

The wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down, says Proverbs 14:1. You see, you have to stay at your home in order to build. You have to stay together before you can build, first of all. The wise woman stays to build at the moment that situations don’t agree, at the moment one feels to leave. She stays committed when things aren’t going well. That’s loyalty right there.

Loyalty Is Tested

Loyalty is tested at difficult times not at good times. Everyone can stay put when things are fine. But not everyone can stay loyal when things are going that bad.

A successful wife is one who can lay a firm foundation even with the bricks others have thrown at her. Whatever people say about you or against you concerning your marriage, husband or wife, or your lover, don’t be reactive, rather learn from the situation, stay on and keep staying on. Work on it. Improve things to make it better which can include working on yourself too.

When you decide to stay loyal to your spouse, male or female, you become committed to each other working on your relationship together. There is so much which the act of dating teaches to couples and loyalty is one of those lessons to learn. It always pays when you STAY loyal to the love of your life.

3. Dating Is A Value-Adding Platform

Dating adds value to the lives of couples. Those who date bring to the table what is beneficial to their lives as couples; what is uplifting and profitable to the health of the union. People don’t date to destroy each other. They date to build each other up. The Bible says to encourage one another as far as it’s called today (Hebrews 3:13).

This implies that the physical or verbal actions geared to encouraging someone we love should never stop. It is a continuous process. This is no different in dating. Dating your spouse never stops. It runs throughout the lifetime. So those dating should only aspire for themselves the positive kind of things which only add value to their own lives as couples.

Don’t Date To Kill

Don’t seek your partner’s downfall, even when things don’t work out. Don’t seek to destroy your partner even after investing so much in the relationship. Strong couples do not put each other down, they lift each other up. Keep adding value to the life of your spouse. Think of how you can make him or her improve in life.

What are the things that could make your relationship better than what it was yesterday? Think of things which are of a good report. Whatever is noble, is praiseworthy, is excellent in the lives of couples, think of such things. For such things only add value to both of your lives.

Let’s remind you as we round up that The 3 Indisputable Dating Advice For Singles And Couples are to be Original, loyal, and add value to the life of your spouse during dating! Now, tell us what you think below? And please, join our email list for us to keep you updated with subsequent posts.



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