10 Local Reasons The Youths Choose To Stay Singles

10 Local Reasons The Youths Choose To Stay Singles



10 Local Reasons The Youths Choose To Stay Singles

Youth singleness has been our topic for a while, and we have taken a particular interest in finding out why some young people, despite their age, still remain unmarried for quite a long time. The mind-blowing result that we got was a product of this article: the 10 local reasons the youths choose to stay singles. We hope that you would find the article inspirational and a good read. If you haven’t read the 17 Street Reasons For Staying Single, it would be good to consider reading it for optimal understanding of the series before you look at this article right here. That being said, these local reasons are:


1. A bad divorce or separation.

It’s very true that when you had a rough time divorcing your former partner, a new one wouldn’t be easily palatable to you. And of course, some youths mentioned that their previous separation wasn’t cool. Hence, their reason for staying single.

2. A Bad attitude towards suitors.

Some ladies literally confessed how they psychologically and emotionally maltreated the men coming to mingle with them or ask for marriage. When they recall some of the embarrassment they have caused these men, it kind of justifies the fact that fewer or no men are coming to ask their hands for marriage. The young lads backed it up by saying that they avoid such types of ladies for their own good and even take a lot of precautions in dating other women. This, of course, has its own consequences, one of which is that they stay long in the singlehood space.

3. Successive Bad experiences with past suitors.

A few other youths, especially the females, said that they were dating men who came asking for their hands in marriage but the experience was horrible, like a nightmare never to remember. The worst part is that they weren’t lucky as the last Ex left the same way the former Ex did. It’s not easy having traumatic dating experiences in succession. Thus, they stay single longer than had anticipated. And I can understand their plight!

4. Only players are available.

Some ladies are just avoiding the dating market because they believe that only players are available to mingle without a view to marriage. With this kind of thought, they can stay single like forever! What do you think?

5. “I don’t like those coming for me.”

This is a statement from the lips of a young lady. Motioned by her friends, these young aspiring girls say that they don’t want to mingle and marry because those coming for them aren’t good-looking and are ill-mannered. I practically find issues with this idea. It’s not good to judge people’s inner content by their looks or mode of behavior. One should have been with someone for a while to come up with such a bold statement that lacked wisdom.

6. Not Knowing “Bedmatics.”

“I don’t know how to be intimate sexually,” was a statement from the lips of another youth as a reason she was still single. I don’t think one has to prove that they know how to get intimate with the opposite gender before someone comes to marry them. I really don’t think so. Therefore, this mindset needs to be changed for a better life together.

7. They wanna get rich first before settling down.

This getting rich idea could be different in some parts of the world, however, it was one reason some young people stay single for a long time. They stay single hustling until they make it and get a partner to settle with, whether husband or wife. I know some young men who have this as their life mantra. They wanna get rich first. But my question is: what happens if you don’t become rich? Would you stay single for life?

8. Big butts intimidation and complexes.

10 Local Reasons The Youths Choose To Stay SinglesSome young ladies are just too self-conscious of their small butts, which is not bad at all. They always feel intimidated in the face of the big-butt ladies. And not only that, they self-judge and talk themselves out of potential relationships with men because they are convinced that they do not stand a chance to be desired as first choices having small butts.

This has all shades of wrong in it. Don’t you think so? We are all different and with different desires and choices. Everyone is beautiful. I don’t know where they got the notion that all men want big-butt ladies. It’s not true. Men have varied choices and one of their choices is you with a small butt. Yes, you! There is someone waiting for you, searching for you and to be happy with you in their lives. Don’t be deceived that it is all about the butts when it comes to relationships with men. That is a fat lie. You better change that mindset before it serves you what you ignorantly wished for— stay single forever.

9. They Want their peace of mind as singles.

Are you enjoying the series as I do? Wow! some youths believe that staying single absolutely guarantees their freedom and peace of mind. Because they would not be questioned, monitored, or have to ask for permission to do what they want. But when married or dating someone, you are not totally free to do what you like, when you like, and how you like it without thinking of another person’s input or so. Thus, they love the life of self rather than sharing their independence with another.

10. The social media hype.

Everyone, they say, is living a fake life. You just can’t believe what you see on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.,) concerning potential dating partners. This was another reason given by some youths for not getting married earlier. And I think that they aren’t totally wrong with the mentality. You can’t believe all that you see on social media to aid you to make a sane decision to date someone.

Many have been deceived this way and many marriages got divorced because of this online fake life. Please, be what you truly are without the filters if you are looking to mingle for the long term. Because you cannot hide it when someone comes to you, attracted by what wasn’t naturally there. He or she might fall for it Initially but will find out later that it wasn’t real or was faked. It’s certain that problems might arise when they desire and seek what attracted them but can’t find it. Be YOU always!

To continue reading the series go to the 17 Street Reasons For Staying Single


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