The 5 kinds Of Cheatings Caused By Evil Spirits – Cheating, From A Spiritual Dimension



The 5 kinds Of Cheating Caused By Evil Spirits – Cheating, From A Spiritual Dimension


This article titled, “The 5 kinds Of Cheating Caused By Evil Spirits” focuses on Cheating From A Spiritual Dimension. Let’s make this clear that all evil spirits, irrespective of the divisions or rankings, are of the kingdom of darkness and have one principal ruler called Lucifer or Satan or simply put, the Devil.

No long term good comes from them. They have one main goal which is to derail the purposes of God’s creation. And they carry out their goal through three methods: stealing, killing, and destruction. What they cannot steal, they kill. What they cannot kill, they destroy.

The spirits of darkness kill many marriages, destroy many homes and steal many blessings destined for spouses, denying them a settled marital home. I like the way that the Bible puts its threefold agenda. It says that the thief (Satan) comes only to steal, to kill, and to destroy (John 10:10).

These spirits steal the blessings of many marriages, including children and the peace within. And in the process of stealing blessings, they can kill marriages, making them null and void. To kill means to put an end to the life of something. And this is what they do to marriages. They kill them. You can marry but you end up divorced and live as one who never did. In some cases, they kill even the life out of some spouses just because they are married. That’s it! They can come after you just because you are in love.

They hate to see people marry. But love to see people having orgies and encouraging sexual promiscuity which is another form of marital destruction they carry out. They do not only kill but they destroy homes too, married homes, I mean, from being established. Even some established homes are destroyed by these spirits of darkness.

We make mention of these spiritual marital hiccups so that you can identify with if you are a victim, and know how or where to seek help to free yourself and carry on with your God-given life. We want to help you get freedom and live a happy marital life with the love of your life, enjoying what it means to have an established marital home.

But I crave your indulgence as you read to not be critical of what you don’t understand. We all have different levels of understanding. Like infants, children, and adults, our minds differ in the way it processes certain information. An infant might hold a book destined for college students. Although the photos might be appealing, the infant may still not mentally grasp the wordings within or around the photos. The same is true spiritually. You may be a spiritual infant or toddler or a person who does not even believe in the existence of spirits.

But your unbelief or non-belief doesn’t change the truth about the matter. Because you don’t understand does not make what you read untrue. And what you don’t understand today, now, you may understand tomorrow. Growth is a process. The fact that you are reading this article right now doesn’t imply that you have to understand all that you read today.

Some readings you do might just be to get you acquainted to spiritual realities for another time to come. A time when you might have had the maturity it takes to get you to a point of understanding spiritual realities. So, please, don’t be too critical of what you don’t understand now. It can still help you another time or make you wiser, better for another moment other than now.

That being said, let’s get to see The 5 kinds of cheating caused by Evil spirits.

1. Cheating Caused By Territorial Spirits

There are spirits of darkness that have charge over certain territories. They work best in some regions more than in others. The territory is the area where they carry out their mandate assigned to them. In some territories, they are mandated to cause, provoke, encourage sexual promiscuity and indecency. And make these activities look very normal to those within.

This is the reason you have the red-light Districts where prostitution is practiced and considered very okay with anybody who could engage in it. It also can be areas where people engage sexual immorality for the fun of it and without any accountability to anyone.

People around these areas can easily be influenced to fall into sexual sins than in other areas. You are likely to fall for sexually influenced activities or immorality at the Red District than at the churchyard or the school compound. If you frequent these areas, chances are that you may do as they do in these areas. Because there are spirits mandated to cause sexual immorality that control these areas. They do not necessarily live in you (which they can) but influence the minds and emotions of people easily.

I know of an entire city whose inhabitants and visitors trade in sex. To them, sex is business. People live there all their lives and others who live at different locations come there just for the sex trade business. They might not find the comfort and freedom to do sex trade outside the spirit controlled territories but would find comfort and freedom to do within the territories.

I also know of a family whose members frequently visit this area and later become sex service providers within the same area. Thousands are held captive to sex trade because of the powers behind the trade.

2. Cheating Caused By The Presence Of The Spirit Of Prostitution

There is an evil spirit called “Prostitute”. You see, in the kingdom of darkness, spirits take on the name for the activity assigned to them on earth. If you are sent to cause others to steal, you will be called the spirit of stealing. And the same is true with most negative activities on the earth. Hate is a spirit. Death is a spirit. Jealousy is a spirit. While some may have many names because of the many assignments given to it, others may have just one name and they stay devoted to doing just what their name stands for.

There is the spirit of prostitution distinct from territorial spirits. The latter take territories and allow other spirits to operate freely within. They don’t possess people (which they can) but influence and subdue the minds. They are the greater powers within regions. And the former are lesser spirits which actually possesses someone and causes them to have one on one sexual contacts.

They aren’t assigned to regions but to people. No matter who you marry, with the spirit of prostitution in you, you will go from one person to another even against your own very wishes and likes, yet you can’t put any resistance. Once you have copulation with a person, the desire dies and a desire for another come to life. If you are married or in a relationship, you will be on a cheating spree constantly.

3. Cheating Caused By The Spirit Of Adultery And Divorce

We know divorce as being the legal separation of couples whether mutual or not. But there is a spirit called the spirit of divorce working closely with the spirit of adultery or infidelity whose main objective is to bring about divorce via marital unfaithfulness. Not all divorces or adulteries are caused by these spirits. Not at all. Some are just human stupidity and the lust of the flesh. However, there’s what we call the spirit of adultery and divorce.

Remember what we said above that spirits are assigned names in accordance with what they are to do on earth. That being true, the spirit of adultery and divorce are out to cause adultery in settled homes or homes about to be settled. They only go after married couples to cause them to fall for others.

They search for weaknesses within the home and use it against their marriage. What the husband may like but which the wife cannot provide, they become that thing just to target and victimize the husband.

The vice versa is also true. At times, they trap the partners, say a male, by seducing him and if there’s any sexual contact, they enter the husband and torment his marriage. You can have an evil spirit living in you tormenting you yet not possessing you. This is what the spirit of adultery does. It torments yet does not possess.

4. The Cheating Caused By Spiritual Spouse

There’s also the spousal spirits which manifest as spiritual husbands or wives to married couples here on earth. When you have a spiritual husband, it means a spirit of darkness has been assigned to a lady in the flesh, a lady having body and soul, to be her husband on the earth and to live in her body, while acting act as her husband.

She can see the spiritual husband physically in some situations, but generally, the husband is spiritual and not visible with the physical eyes. But can be sensed with all physical senses.

The spiritual husband can have sexual intercourse with the lady in the dream which is a spiritual experience, but the lady can feel every action on her body as she does with any other physical person on earth. This is the same for the ladies as for the gents. Spiritual spouses are very jealous and they can never allow you to marry. You know what that means, don’t you?

They can never allow some guy or woman to take their “lover” and they will fight hard to keep them to themselves. This means destroying anything that can keep or help families together. No wonder some people start to experience setbacks and total downfall when they just got married. Because one of them has a spirit spouse who is jealous and fights to control and separate them newly-wed. And in most cases, they succeed to break homes from being settled.

For singles who are not married, the spirit spouse keeps them that way but can allow them to have free sex casually with people without commitment, thereby diminishing their chances for others to see them as wife or home materials. They monitor the single carefully and any attempt to get a suitor for marriage, they will scatter the plans. They also use mind influence to drive away men who come for their wives to marry. Thus, having a situation where the suitors always come but never stay to fulfill the commitment.

Once they take control of you, because they live in you, you will always cheat on your partner just to break the home. They don’t want their lovers to be loved by others or marry, but you can have casual sex because that demeans you and decreases your chances forever getting married, thereby making you their only lover and possession.

5 Cheating As A Result Of Family Curse

There are spirits responsible for family curses and they can keep that curse from generation to generation.

There are curses that run through generations making the whole lineage, unfaithful, unable to stay in the marriage and making sure the children become what their parents were. Here you find that the mother had a broken home and all her daughters as well and same to the grandchildren

The goal of the spirit of family curses is to always make sure that Marriage doesn’t hold in that particular family. This is not possession as we know it because the spirit does not have to stay in all the children to carry out his goal.

Once the agreement was done by the grandparents, all the children to come are cursed although not possessed. One goal to keep them from marrying is opening doors to cheating on the one you love. And it would be in such a way that your act of cheating cannot be hidden, and once opened, it becomes a point of division at home.

From where and how do these spirits come? They come from the kingdom of darkness. When you go to ask for children from their kingdom, whether witch doctor, marine world or whatever. This is what you get.

A child from the kingdom of darkness is a spirit child assigned to come as a child in the womb and grows up as your kid but their destiny is from the kingdom of darkness. They always bring trouble particularly when marriage is concerned, you can’t marry to ordinary people and if you dare, it breaks through infidelity.

A child from that kingdom always remains their child if it’s a lady. This means that they will never allow Ladies from their kingdom to enjoy marriage, but they could sleep around to initiate others to their kingdom. They use cheating as one of their tools to keep you to themselves.

It’s okay with the ladies to be promiscuous but just don’t settle down in marriage. When they attempt to marry, the spirits would attack or cause havoc within the family, stealing the peace in that relationship.

This is also true for all the children that the ladies would give birth to. From generation to generation, you would find out that all the women in that lineage may not enjoy marriage because of the claim that they belong to the kingdom of darkness. What happens to the mother would happen to her daughter and that becomes the family history. Any attempt to marry, they would come in like a flood and separate the relationship.

Finally, we’ve considered the 5 kinds of cheating caused by Evil spirits but we won’t leave without our suggestion or a solution. The solution is the Lord Jesus Christ. Only Jesus Christ can deliver you and anyone suffering from the hands of evil spirits, demons, and their cohorts.

We didn’t write this article to bring you fears but hope. Hope that there’s a way out of this quagmire. Sure you had no decision or choice as to where or when you were to be born. But as an adult, you have a choice as to where you want to spend the rest of your life. Either with God or with the devil–Satan– himself.

And you know what? He’s not a nice person. All that we have written down here are his works. It doesn’t look like it’s coming from a nice person. Does it? Remember what Jesus said about him? “That the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy.” But Jesus Christ comes to give life in abundance (John 10:10). That life can be yours today, I mean now if you want to!

If you have a church that you go to, you can ask the Pastor to pray with you and deliver you. You can also browse on some youtube videos for more studies about deliverance ministry. Take note of the service centers near your locality and go visit that place. If you would like personal suggestions and ministration, send email to


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