The Lousy Reasons For Cheating In A Relationship, Part One

The Lousy Reasons For Cheating In A Relationship, Part One


The Lousy Reasons For Cheating In A Relationship, Part One – Marriage And Relationships

The Lousy Reasons For Cheating In A Relationship, Part OneHello everyone. Today, I want us to briefly talk about some of the lousy reasons for cheating in a relationship that I have put together after careful observations. This would be the first part and the purpose of doing so is to let you know that because it is acceptable by some people doesn’t make it right, and although it happens, it’s still avoidable. You can curb its practice or stop it entirely to turn a new page in your relationship. Without further ado, the first lousy reason is:


1. Because Of Internal Conflicts And Misunderstanding

This can manifest as domestic violence or assault and it’s very dangerous because it could be fatal with a partner killing the other.

When there are internal conflicts and misunderstandings, a door could be opened for cheating depending on the nature of abuse within the relationship. Whilst some abuses can cause one to close up and be isolated, another kind can cause one to open up to others and even find comfort in the arms of another person who is not your partner.

Like I said above, it can be fatal in a case where the abusive person monitors and later finds out that his or her partner is cheating and overreacts since he or she was already abusive, thus killing the victim. At times, the victim, in self-defense, goes against the abuser and kills him or her. So you see how fatal the consequences can be. It is better to leave the union than to cheat if you are in an abusive marriage. Cheating would only make things worse.

2. Because Of Disrespect

Some couples take each other for granted. When there’s disrespect among couples, it pushes couples to find comfort from those who respect and value them. A man disrespected by his female partner is likely to fall for any Lady that fills in the gap. I mean a woman that brings respect to the table. The same is true with ladies. Couples should respect each other and value what they have before it’s too late.

3. Because She Wants To Opt-Out

There is a marriage where the woman for one reason or another wants to opt-out of the union. And one means that she uses to achieve this is to cheat openly so that the male might just give up on the relationship. At times when such cheating is going on, it’s so glaring, so obvious to everyone. And she does it with pride.

Whatever the reason might be, women in such circumstances should be wary of flaunting their supposedly new relationship, yet. Since they aren’t fully out of the previous one, the current one could backfire. In addition, the ones you were and are with are all men. The way you talk about the former is being taken into consideration with your new partner. It’s possible that he, the new man, might be the next victim. Just be careful as you thread on at the end of your marital axis. This is one of the Lousy Reasons For Cheating In A Relationship.

4. Because They Are Lesbians Or Gays Partners

Another cause of cheating is being gay but married to a woman. Or a lesbian married to a man. Because of their nature, they would have a like partner outside the union and a ceremonial partner within the home. The latter acts as a cover-up to the world that all is fine but internally, nope!

At times in a situation where the husband and wife are into homosexuality, they can openly agree to have like partners outside of the home but keep their home normal in the eyes of the world. This means that they agree to cheat but still stay together. And it is possible for their partners to visit them at home without feelings of jealousy.

5. Because Of The Lack Of Satisfaction During Copulation

Some couples are so much into copulation that they find it hard to stay with the same partner with whom they derive no sexual satisfaction. In order not to destroy their homes and each person going their separate ways, they resort to cheating with someone else who isn’t their partner. What a paradox!

I think the home is destroyed when we start to move out seeking what we already have within our homes. I remember the words of the Reverend PC Akubueze who said to “know what you have and understand how to maximize it.” In this case, understand how to better use what you have at home. It’s the responsibility of both partners to find out why this is happening in the relationship and seek solutions to it rather than cheating.

6. Because Of The Ideology To Liken Women To Foodstuff

The Lousy Reasons For Cheating In A Relationship, Part OneSome couples just lack the knowledge of commitment in a relationship and run with the ideology of referring to their partners as foodstuff to taste. And espouse the idea that it’s not good for a person, (usually a male, but it could be female too), to keep eating the same food all the time. Consequently, they go out searching for other food to taste. What this misplaced ideology does is to propagate sexual promiscuity with multiple partners as possible as you can, and be committed to none.

This is the stupidest ideology that I have come across. Please no husband or wife, lady or gentleman is food waiting to be tasted. If you run with this ideology, you would only hurt your relationship in the long run. The consequences are endless and more than what we can handle here.

In summation to the Lousy Reasons For Cheating In A Relationship, it suffices to say that these lousy reasons for cheating can be changed. One can put an end to it entirely. Don’t feel that your condition is permanent. Because Jesus Christ can make a change in your life. For you to be reading this article is the beginning of that change if you want to. People have literally changed their lifestyles, basically by reading the thoughts of others online and through hard copies like books.

Now, which of these points do you agree with or have you heard about within your locality?

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Lucky Thomo

The 1st one of “Internal Conflicts and Misunderstanding” – It goes a long way and it involves too many people, most of the time and those people might be the ones leading to this issue or might be the ones trying to help ease the situation. This issue can not be solved for many reasons which are as follows: 1st it depends on what type of abuse it is and to whom. 2nd it depends on what is the course and for how long it was happening. 3rd id the person or people that first try to resolve the issue, they might make it worse or they might put it on hold or they might resolve it. Why I say this it is because of their first approach after they’ve been approached and also it needs a different approach if you were not approached by the couples. 

Your post touches very sensitive issues that need to be discussed intensively. My last one is that couples need marriage counseling before marriage and they need marriage interventions after marriage throughout their lives, not starting interventions and discussions when there is an issue(s). Thanks for an excellent post, it will help in a big way if people will read and take action out of this. It teaches a lot, just it needs a person to look deeper inside before judging somebody else. Thanks again for the teaching you gave us today. 


Hi Verra

You have touched upon a very sensitive and potent topic. There are many reasons why a married couple will cheat and you have highlighted some of the most important. The problem is nowadays people do not try, the marriage falls into difficulty, one of them cheats and the other ends up hurt. The problem too is that the couple do not talk to each other so that problems can be solved. Marriage  is hard work, it takes a lot of give and take and willpower to ensure you work at it. Excuses are easy to make as people give up go easily instead of fighting to keep what you’ve loved once upon a time.

 Love is never easy, you have to work at it to make it successful. I Look forward to the second part.




Hi. Thanks for posting. I have been married for 35 years. I can say that my life has had ups and downs. We are two strong stones. We are not tolerant and at present we have cooled a lot. I tend to think that almost all men age …. ugly. But for me it’s too late for a breakup. I resigned and take my cross.


Thank you so much for sharing with us such a beautiful article aboutThe Lousy Reasons For Cheating In A Relationship. I am glad to see your article. I like the manner in which you organized that survey of the Lousy Reasons For Cheating In A Relationship. We make mistakes sometimes but learn from it. What you pointed out is quite true and at times hard to believe. A very good article with useful information, one of the best I have read since the year started. I am going to bookmark it, and will definitely share it with my friends. Again, thank you Verra.


Hello Verra,

Thank you very much for the nice review. I have learned something new from the article you posted. You know February is a month of love that tempts many to copulate without thinking much about the consequences. It’s a month also where there’s a high number of cheating in relationships as many just want to feel belonging to someone’s embrace. It’s nice you push teachings like this at this moment to open the eyes of those who think that it’s okay to touch anybody without its consequences.

You have mentioned some reasons behind the relationship problems that many couples face and if you don’t mind, I have to share the post on my social media pages with a link to your site. Thank you again for the post. I am waiting for your next part of the post.



Thanks for allowing me to read your post on The Lousy Reasons For Cheating In A Relationship, Part One is a most need
ed topic and the part about domestic violence is a scary thing in relationships. I never considered that people do things like cheat to ruin a relationship but, I can see that being the case.

My step daughter was married to her two sons father for about 18 years and decided she didn’t want to live a heterosexual live style she wanted to be same sex. This caused a lot of friction in the relationship until it came to a head. Lack of satisfaction during copulation is something new to me. Your information is very informative and I so glad I had a change to read it.

Best Regards

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