The Reflections Brought About By The Covid-19 Pandemic – Covid19 Mental Awareness

The Reflections Brought About By The Covid-19 Pandemic – Mental Awareness

With the disruption of what we usually call normal, we are forced to make changes even to our own dislike. The Position that some of us are in right now because of the Covid-19 outbreak, is a mental space for thoughts and meditations on life generally. Here we bring to you some of the reflections we think are okay to mentally confront geared to inspire change whether tangible or intangible. These reflections are:

1. Inward Reflection Of Self

The Covid-19 pandemic calls for an inward reflection of self. This pandemic has given everyone reason to think about what is important in life. It has disruptively paused our daily routines, whether we like it or not, and put us in a position where the things that matter are just the essentials of life. To some, the battle is a choice between life and death. There’s no room for the gleams and glam and the luxury of life. We don’t talk about business, entertainment, vacations and all of that.

The musicians and other artists, businessmen & women who were busy on the road for shows and transactions are grounded. Some are forced to close offices and reduce movements. This kind of lockdown is true for many across various walks of life. Everybody is kind of affected in one way or another which makes us reflect inward as to what really matters.

The uncertainty of tomorrow is scary. When you look at the increasing number of infected people and those dying, one gets scared of the outlook of things. We think of life if we’re gonna make it through this difficult time alive, safe and healthy.

It’s normal to self reflect but do so right. Reflect on what matters and make changes if possible. We are not in control of this life given to us. It could leave us at any time. Let’s be real here. Death doesn’t discriminate. All humanity faces it. It’s just a matter of time. Even the Covid-19 is no respecter of persons. I don’t wanna scare you but to make you think at a time like this. Are we ready to see God if we die now? Have we lived right in the past months or years? Have we treated our neighbors right? Is our family safe? What does the future hold for me? This is a good time to self reflect and make some changes to live right and be right before God and man.

 2. Governmental Reflection In Developed Nations

This is a time that must cause us to rethink how our healthcare system works. The Covid-19 pandemic outbreak has put state-of-the-art hospitals on stretch beyond its capacities. Medical officials are dying from what they are treating. Supplies are limited and the influx of patients is overwhelming.

Governments of developed nations are going back to the drawing table to readdress how their healthcare system works. New policies are made to ameliorate the healthcare system temporarily. But certainly, there will be a set of new healthcare policies put in place after the fight of Covid19 is over. So positively, this is an advantage.

3. Governmental Reflection In Undeveloped Nations

They call these nations third world countries. While the developed world healthcare system cannot sustain the magnitude of responsibility bearing on them during the Covid-19 struggle, it’s unimaginable that the healthcare system of the third world countries could handle it.

When you look at what is happening at the hospitals in Italy, Spain, France, America, United Kingdom and in other places where health officials are literally begging for help and some losing their lives, your brain would need divine support to be able to understand what would transpire if such happened in countries of Africa whose healthcare system is no match for that of the developed world.

Because the healthcare system is below standard in Africa, we see the politicians and the rich going to places like Europe and America for treatment when they are sick. Now with the Covid-19 outbreak, none of these political classes can travel because of the travel ban in place across their supposedly safe havens. And the worst scenario is that some of the victims of the Covid-19 disease are part of the high and mighty who are “STUCK” in their nations to be treated by Hospitals they could have upgraded but never did, and by workers whose lives and welfare they never cared to ameliorate but ignored over the years.

Maybe, only maybe, the Covid-19 crisis could be seen in a positive light if the politicians and elected officials of these undeveloped nations can begin to rethink their healthcare policies and invest massively in building state-of-the-art hospitals that can take care of their needs and the needs of the populace. A wise political leader should seize this Covid-198 occasion to drive policies that prioritize the healthcare system of his nation.

Good Health is the most essential aspect of life. It’s a vision to pursue to better the lives of the people they lead. That vision is worth more than stolen wealth, flashy cars and expensive buildings all over the places. The legacy of a true African leader is not in the amount of wealth that he amasses but in the level of change and impacts that he has made in the lives of their people.

To all the leaders of Africa, this is a call to reflection. Build the kind of hospitals in Africa that you do visit in Europe and America. Build the kind of hospital you would like to be treated in when you’re sick in Africa. You depend on the healthcare system of the developed world, now it’s time to make your nation’s healthcare system dependable, reliable and durable.

Is the government of your nation getting it right on the Covid-19 Crisis? How about you in relation to life and others?



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Melinda Curle

I am appalled at what is happening around the globe. The coronavirus is the distraction for the central banking take over. It is horrific. I know that people are dying and the coronavirus could be partly to blame. However, I don’t think that the numbers justify tanking the global economy. It is unprecedented. I don’t have much confidence in allopathic medicine as it is. So, I’m not happy with what the governments are doing. 

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