The 10 Simple Tips For Couples To Keep Dialogue Aflame

The 10 Simple Tips For Couples To Keep Dialogue Aflame



The 10 Simple Tips For Couples To Keep Dialogue Aflame

The 10 Simple Tips For Couples To Keep Dialogue AflameA happy couple is known for their dialogue and an angry one, equally. By frequently listening to a couple speak, a wise person can know if there’s joy in that relationship or not. Dialogue is a conversation that involves two or more individuals. It’s insane when a couple enters into a relationship without engaging in some kind of dialogue.

And you know what? It happens to some couples. And to others, the way they talk or engage in dialogue is very appalling. To ameliorate couples’ dialogue,–your dialogue–is a great motivation for penning down “The 10 Simple Tips For Couples To Keep Dialogue Aflame”. Read these tips and put into practice what you have understood from this article. Having said that, here goes the first tip:

1. You Have To See Dialogue As An Essential Tool In A Relationship:

For any relationship to flourish, it is necessary to make dialogue a very important tool. Many relationships or marriages have broken because the partners do not speak their minds to each other when necessary. At times, they rely so much on the information given to them by third parties than what they could hear from their partners. Therefore, as married couples or intending couples, they have to consider dialogue as a needed tool in their union and agree to engage in dialogue to strengthen their bond. Amos 3 verse 3 asks a candid question: “Can two walk together, except they agree. ”

2. You Have To Let Your Dialogue Take Place At The Right Time:

The Bible stated that there is time and season for everything (Ecclesiastes 3 verse 1). Some issues may not be appropriate to be discussed with one’s partner at some point in time. We should endeavor to make dialogue come up in our relationship at a convenient time for both partners in order to have effective communication. It will be improper to wake one’s partner in the middle of the night when he or she has had a very busy day all in the name of dialogue. Even if such will take place, the partner’s consent should have been sought before then. Right timing is one of the 10 Simple Tips For Couples To Keep Dialogue Aflame.

3. You Have To Be Adaptive To Changes When Necessary:

The 10 Simple Tips For Couples To Keep Dialogue AflameAt times, humans are adamant about some changes, and as the saying goes ‘The only constant thing in life is change’. In order to have a meaningful dialogue, it may be necessary to drop some characters or deeds that the other partner does not like. For instance, it looks like a huge task for some couples to call back whenever they miss calls from their partners. At the time of that call, the partner may have something very important to discuss, but since the call wasn’t returned or made possible at that moment, the mission may be defeated. Any behavior that can hinder dialogue with your loved ones can be changed and new ones imbibed.

4. You Have To Focus On Facts, Not Assumptions:

One of the major aims of dialogue is to discuss and clarify any issue. In order to have a nice dialogue with one’s partner in the future to strengthen the relationship, one must make sure that he or she has not judged the other person based on assumptions. There is a need to hear him or her out before jumping to a conclusion. When one of the couples knows that you have already judged him or her, the partner may see no reason to engage in a dialogue.

5. You Have To Avoid Selfish Dialogue:

As much as both are a couple; whether married or intending, all actions and opinions should be towards a common goal. Therefore, a good dialogue in a relationship should be about ‘We, Us’ not ‘I, Me’. Most men believe that since they are the breadwinners and heads of the family, their decisions are final. This is wrong as the wives or to-be wives also have the right to their opinions and decision-making. Colossians 4 verse 6 says: Let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt.

6. You Have To Understand Your Partner’s Mood, Likes, And Dislikes:

Every individual is bound to be taken control of by his or her mood. Likewise, we all have our likes and dislikes. All these need to be understood and considered in order to have an effective dialogue with feedback. Mood can be a result of the state of health, happenings around us, economic or financial situation, etc.

For example, a wife that wants to have a dialogue with her husband who just returned from work and had a very bad day at work. In such a situation, it may result in a dispute especially when such an issue is not urgent or less important. Understanding moods in and before dialogue can be a game changer.

7. You Have To Be A Good Speaker, And A Better Listener:

Some partners love to be heard when speaking. They can get so annoyed when the other partner is not paying rapt attention to them. However, it is so unfortunate that such a partner is not a good listener. Such an act is so bad because it constitutes an act of selfishness. The Scriptures admonish us to do unto others the way we wish to be treated (Matthew 7 verse 12).

8. You Have To Let True Love Lead:

When true love exists, everything will go better than one could imagine. True love which is not based on other factors has so many beautiful attributes. Couples who truly love each other will not find it difficult to engage in dialogue with each other in the right manner and at the right time, and understand each other well, at least, to a meaningful extent. The Bible outlines the various attributes of true love in 1st Corinthians 13 verses 4 to 8. A couple that lives by these attributes communicates well in dialogue.

9. You Have To Make Jesus Christ The Foundation And Pillar Of The Relationship:

Starting with Jesus Christ is the right thing to do for He is the only one that can make all things new again. The bible says that those who are in Christ are new creations (2 Corinthians 5:17). The old and all its relationship difficulties are gone and a new template is created in the likeness of Christ from where new relationship ideas and modes of conversation and dialogue can spring. Having such a foundation makes relationships much easier to keep for the long term. It makes dialogue easy to flow in couples’ lives.

10. You Have To Be Prayerful As Couples:

The 10 Simple Tips For Couples To Keep Dialogue AflameAnother simple tip for couples to keep dialogue aflame is prayer. You see, one importance of being in Jesus Christ is that it facilitates answers to our prayers because we are the praying types. In everything we do in life, prayer is very important as it is termed ‘the master key’. Prayer is very necessary to keep dialogue aflame (Colossians 4 verse 2).

As believers of Christ and adherents of the word of God, when we commit all our ways into God’s hands through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour in prayers, things will go in the right direction. It will quieten our storms and the peace that surpasses all understanding will reign in our homes (Philippians 4 verse 13, 4v7). Without any doubt, wherever the peace of Christ reigns, it’s always a happy dialogue setting. Whatever challenges we face as couples will not be the challenges greater than our faith. Our faith will always overcome them. Never rule out prayer in your relationship!

We have just concluded the 10 Simple Tips For Couples To Keep Dialogue Aflame. Consider them and put them to use to help improve the dialogue in your relationship. Do you have a unique tip that can spur dialogue? Tell us in the comment section below!


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