The 3 Ugly Characters Men Detest About Women

The 3 Ugly Characters Men Detest About Women

The 3 Ugly Characters Men Detest About Women

The 3 Ugly Characters Men Detest About WomenThe 3 ugly Characters Men Detest About Women, as an article, isn’t about Misogyny. We do not advocate the hatred of, contempt for, or prejudice against women or girls. In Marriage And Relationship, however, there are a lot of things that can weaken and destroy the existence of a relationship, ranging from thoughts, behaviors, and actions. Among the many that there is today, we would like to talk mainly about the 3 ugly characters men detest about women with whom they are in a relationship. These characters which aren’t in any chronological order are nagging, quarreling, and promiscuity. Let’s look at each a bit closer.



Nagging can be seen positively or negatively. On the positive side, every human being nags to some degree as we worry about the things of life. The Bible tells us not to nag at all but to trust God in all. It gives us the example of the bird kingdom whose daily supplies are met without fail yet they worry not for their needs (Matthew 6:25-33).

Negatively speaking, nagging can be the relationship destroyer. When the woman is over nagging, it could be problematic at home, no matter what the intention might be. It could be harassing your spouse, overprotectiveness, fault-finding, and disrespectfully ordering your spouse for any reason. Men despise women who nag for whatever reason. Be like the birds trusting God in all, and let that trust manifest in trusting your spouse. In other words, worry less about your spouse’s abilities. Know how to talk to him. Do not order him around or watch over him as you would a kid. There isn’t a thin lining between your husband and your kid. It’s an ocean.


There are women who love to quarrel with anybody including their spouses. They can give you heated arguments and disagreement any day, anytime; and serve you words arrowed at them back-to-back. They quarrel about just everything. This is one of the characters men detest about women. The Bible cautions us that It is better to live in a corner of the housetop than in a house shared with a quarrelsome wife (Proverbs 25:24). Can you believe that? A lady known for constant quarreling may lose relationships more often than not.


A promiscuous woman is immoral and casual in having relationships with people. She demonstrates an undiscriminating or unselective approach when it comes to amorous relationships. She has no good judgment or taste of sexual partners and her many sexual relationships are transient. Her mannerisms even imply her need for a relationship or her desire for you. We would want to take this further to add that promiscuity, in this digital age, includes any gesture that suggests an invitation for a relationship with multiple persons. A promiscuous character may include the following:

a) Adulterous

Women are unquestionably promiscuous. This needs no further comment. Talking about the lips of an adulterous woman, Proverbs 5:3-22 says that “they drip honey, and her speech is smoother than oil; but in the end, she is bitter as gall, sharp as a double-edged sword.” It goes further to say that “Her feet go down to death; her steps lead straight to the grave. And She gives no thought to the way of life; her paths wander aimlessly, but she does not know it.” Adultery is one of the 3 ugly characters men detest about women.

b) Flirting

Flirting is out of place for the married spouses, and even those in serious relationships should cut off flirting with other partners. The worst is an unmarried person flirting with a married person. It’s just out of place, no matter how you might justify it. I know people have different definitions of the word “Flirt”. But even attracting someone by your gestures without any deep emotion is still out of place. In this computer age, the subject of flirting has been greatly enlarged and the means widened.

i) It covers verbally spoken words.

You can flirt with your words in person or via telephone or video call.

ii) It covers words sent via emails. You can flirt through emails also.

iii) It covers words sent through SMS, there you can flirt as well.

iv) It covers words communicated via chats on instant messaging apps

v) It covers words written on paper. You can flirt by using the traditional means also.

vi) It covers emojis and emoticons which are inappropriate. Just don’t de fooled. One can still flirt with them.

vii) It covers physical gestures. You can flirt with your gestures without a single word but pass a very strong statement or message.

viii) It covers your physical presence.

You can also flirt by your presence, physically speaking, even without much or any word spoken. Just your being at a certain place at a certain time says it all.

ix) It covers your gifts and acts of kindness.

You can flirt through what you give someone as gifts or by some kind acts shown to them.

x) It covers the thoughts of your mind.

Only you know about this but you can still flirt with the kinds of thinking that you nurture in your mind about someone. Flirting can be misleading when it’s done with the wrong person. All the above is still considered promiscuous. Don’t flirt with somebody’s partner. Don’t break a home. Go for your own.

To recap, the 3 ugly characters men detest about women are nagging, quarreling, and promiscuous. It’s never too late for change. Women who avoid these practices can add considerable life to their relationships.


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Thanks, Eva for sharing your view on Charles’s article. I do agree with you, Charles’s a very good writer. Stay safe, Eva.


Thank you for this great post you have here on three characters men the detests about women. Women indeed are creatures of Characters, they exhibit a lot of different characters that most of which can not be explained. It takes absolute self-esteem to be able to Cope with some of them. The issue of nagging, quarreling and promiscuity are truly characters that few men could stand, especially the last two. I really like the way you handled Prompicuous women, it was quite comprehensive. Thanks, Charles, for sharing. It was quite a great read.I look forward to reading your next article. Wishing all the very best, have a great day, man. 


Thanks, Evans for the comments. Much appreciation.


Again, this is such a great post on facts about women that men hate in a relationship I must say that this is quite straightforward to the point and an easy-to-understand article, given all the points needed and how to tackle such relationship issues. Thanks for the tons of information given all your work is much appreciated and I look forward to sharing your post.


You’re always welcomed Sku, any day, any time. Stay safe.


Hello dear, after reading your article I fell like saving it so as to come back for future referencing, i dont know much about what youve said but i believe these mini guilde has teached me alot, i believe these is exactly what my mom needs, she will definitely find these posts useful, thanks alot for the info dear, love the designs and your sense of humour here it really brings out the product’s uniqueness. Already saved these so as to come back for future reference. Your rendered service is wonderfull, lovely done here, thanks dear


Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Stay safe, Eda.


Hey, nice article you have there, your thoughts are indeed insightful. The three tips highlighted in this article are capable of breaking a relationship. Nothing hurt a man the most knowing that his wife is flirting around, this out the man in a depressed state and can do anything at that time. Women should never indulge in anything that is capable of breaking the happiness and love they have built with their husbands at all cost


You’re welcome, JR, Stay safe.


You are absolutely right.  These obviously are the 3 most common situations that can hurt a relationship.  Nagging definitely creates negative energy between partners, leads the other party to be defensive, and affects trust, which is an essential element to the success of any relationship.  If one partner continuously nags, it will likely lead to the other part to react and fight can ensure.  On the other hand, the other partner can go to the other extreme, be passive, and distance himself or herself which can likewise ruin the relationship.  The same can be said about quarreling.  And what more can we say about promiscuity?

Thank you for this post and for sharing your thoughts.

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