The 8 Advantages Of Loving Yourself

The 8 Advantages Of Loving Yourself


The 8 Advantages Of Loving Yourself


The 8 advantages of loving yourself are what come as benefits when you have taken the greater step to start loving the beauty that God created in you.

Nobody is responsible for loving you more than yourself. This is the first thing you should know when it comes to loving yourself. It’s your sole responsibility alone. No one does that on your behalf. It’s just impossible. They can’t because they are not you. Only you can love yourself because only you know yourself better than any other person. So keep that in mind and don’t expect people to do that for you because you would be disappointed. That is the main reason you need to understand some of the 8 advantages of loving yourself in order to help you love yourself better. And the first advantage is that,


1. It Facilitates Dating

The 8 Advantages Of Loving YourselfDating is that interactive relationship you strive to develop with another person for the sole reason of knowing each other and understanding each other better. This process might lead to a more serious relationship which includes courtship, living together, and marriage.

Additionally, dating involves continuous getting to know the best half of you after marriage. So dating doesn’t stop because you are married, it goes beyond that. This is because the main essence of dating is to get to know someone well. And the practice is not an event but a process.

Husbands and wives do learn new things from each other as life goes on. Some partners never get to know even themselves until life happens. But in order to date someone well, you also must have known yourself to some degree. When you don’t love yourself, you can’t understand who you are. And you cannot love what you do not know. You cannot love the you that you hate or are ignorant of. Loving yourself facilitates the process of dating and helps improve your behavior in the relationship. People easily interact with you if you are yourself because you love yourself.


2. It boosts your self-confidence in Public

Another advantage that comes because you have loved and accepted yourself is that of self-confidence which is greatly increased. Yes, loving yourself boosts your confidence in public places. You wouldn’t want to be any other person but you. And you would be proud of being that YOU before people.

3. It helps others see the genuine you

One thing that this self-love does is that it helps people see you as you are. You know when you like the way you are, you embrace your own personality and features. People see the genuine you. They see the way you talk because you have accepted it. Also, they see the way you walk because you like it yourself. And the way you behave and do things in life will not escape their attention. This would help others see your true self and that itself is an inspiration. Read How to love self for more insight on this.

4. It helps people love you as you are

As an inspiration to others, they would love you for who you are because you are not hiding your true self. Because you are true to yourself and love yourself, you automatically present the aspects of yourself that you love and this is what people would want to fall in love with–your true self. It from this perception that people make role models. But this cannot be true if you don’t love yourself. The self you hate makes others hate it as well. I mean, who wants to love someone who doesn’t love himself?

5. It helps your spouse to locate you

Because you are yourself and have accepted being you, it makes it easier for a spouse, lover, or partner to trace or locate you. If they know what they are searching for, they would see it and can recognize if it’s genuine or not. No genuine personality gets such an advantage to be located easily because they are constant as opposed to fake personalities that are constantly changing and confusing others.

6. It empowers you to resist being fake

Another advantage of loving yourself is that you resist faking yourself in order to deceive the public. When you love yourself, you stay original. You wouldn’t want to be someone else. While artificial features are not necessarily bad, they too can deceive people who see you into believing that it’s really part of who you are.

Sometimes artificial things are worn because of insecurities in people who aren’t truly happy with themselves in one way or the other. People change certain features of their bodies because they aren’t proud of them. Let’s tell the truth, somebody!

If you are struggling with insecurities in your body, what you need isn’t artificial covering but love covering. I mean self-love. You have to start loving yourself by yourself in order to be able to resist faking yourself. If I don’t like my butts, I might be tempted to change them to something else which is not truly mine. This goes beyond butts to every other feature in a person’s body. For more on this see faking you is hurting you.

7. It frees you from societal pressure

The 8 Advantages Of Loving YourselfOur society is greatly responsible for the pain in some people’s lives as it tries to create dreams, desires, and expectations for people. Peer pressure is also playing its part as some people see others as role models and want to become just like them without knowing their own insecurities.

The truth is that some of the role models you see are facing tough internal crises and insecurities which you can’t see. Do not be pressured by the glitz and glamour you see around. Rather, focus on you, do you, and love you. If you love yourself, you won’t care about what people say and you will be free to express yourself, be free of societal pressure that wants to conform people to a certain standard and create expectations of other people. Loving yourself frees you from external pressure that influences your personality.

8. It helps you know what you want in life

This is indeed one of the 8 advantages of loving yourself. You know that everyone is different. No two persons are exactly the same. When you love yourself and accept who you are, you will understand what you are not. When you understand what you are not, it gives you an insight into what you want in life. In terms of dating, you would want a certain personality to blend in with yours. Your partner will meet you to complement your areas of lacking or weaknesses. This goes beyond personality to every aspect of life. You cannot know what you want if you don’t know who you are. And you can’t know who you are if you don’t love yourself.

Finally, explore these advantages of loving yourself and truly love yourself enough.


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