The 8 Remarkable Truths About Loving Yourself - How To Love Self

The 8 Remarkable Truths About Loving Yourself – How To Love Self


The 8 Remarkable Truths About Loving Yourself

The 8 Remarkable Truths About Loving Yourself - How To Love SelfWe have seen people trying so hard to love other people at the expense of their joy, peace, and what brings them sanity in life. We have seen people say they wanna please others but don’t know how to or feel frustrated in the process. Loving people shouldn’t be scripted but natural. It’s not really about the things you do for others than about the state of your mind. This state of mind produces the works or deeds which are the external reflection of an internal being.

In other words, before you can love effectively, you have to love yourself first. You should be the source from which the love flows. I know you may be wondering how to go about this but don’t worry yourself,  the 8 remarkable truths about loving yourself will help you understand what It means to love yourself so you can love others better. Let’s just get started!

1. Loving Yourself Means To Accept Yourself For Who You Truly Are

God created you special. There’s none exactly like you. You’re unique and you truly matter. A mentally healthy life begins with self-acceptance. You accepting ‘Yourself’ in its entirety. To love yourself is to accept who you truly are without faking it. You accept all the features with which you were created by God.

If God gave you small or big boobs, love it, cherish it, and be happy with it; short or long legs, love them, cherish them, and be happy with them. In short! Just love You and be You. Your potential husband or lover would find you just as you are and come for you.

2. Loving Yourself Flourishes On The “Who” You Are And Not The “What” You Have

The 8 Remarkable Truths About Loving Yourself - How To Love SelfIt’s not What You Are or Have that determines what love you give or get, but Who You Are. The world has misplaced the “Who” for “What” as a determinant for how joyful, peaceful, acceptable, and happy one can be. It tells you that until you get this thing or that thing you cannot be happy.

But that’s untrue. What you have or how successful you are doesn’t guarantee your peace of mind or happiness. Happiness and peace come from within you and have to do with the “Who” you are rather than “What” you have. The “What” is external while the “Who” is internal. The “What” changes while the “Who” is constant. You have to love Who you are to be truly happy in life.

3. Loving Yourself First Makes Others Love You As A Result

How can someone love you if you don’t love your very self? You must be happy with yourself in order to attract happiness. You must love your body, your physical features for others to love them as well. You cannot hate yourself and ask people to love the body that you hate. If you hate yourself, you emit a negative vibe that others around your circle would respond to. This is one of the 8 remarkable truths about loving yourself

4. Loving Yourself First Helps You Present A Better Version Of Yourself

Be careful of the version of yourself that you sell to the public. What images of yourself are you creating that people do see daily? What kind of public persona and/or relation are you developing? A positive or negative one? If you don’t love yourself, you would sell to others another version of yourself which isn’t’ true nor sustainable in the near future.

You just have to love yourself well enough to present to others the version of yourself which you love. There’s nothing to hide when you love yourself. Be YOU!

5. Loving Yourself Is God’s New Commandment

It’s the Lord and not human who really said to love one another as we love ourselves. And indeed, He actually commanded us to do so. In this commandment, however, you must understand that to love one another, you have to love yourself first. Loving others is second to loving yourself. Let’s read that commandment together! “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”

As what? AS YOU LOVE YOURSELF (Mark 12:31). So “Yourself” comes first before your “Neighbor.” LOVING THE NEIGHBOR IS THE KNOWLEDGE GAINED FROM HAVING LOVED YOURSELF. You cannot love another person well without having loved yourself first.

6. Loving Yourself Is What God Expects of You

The 8 Remarkable Truths About Loving Yourself - How To Love SelfGod believes in you and has endowed you with the potential to be whatever He wants you to be.

You are loaded with gifts from God that reveals your destiny on this earth. And by virtue of your birth, God expects you to love the very self that He gave you, first and foremost. You cannot, however, become what God created you to become if you don’t love what you have received within you from God. I mean who you are from the inside out.

It’s nobody else’s responsibility to love YOU but yours alone. If you are not happy with yourself, it’s hard for anyone to do that for you. The help that comes from others would only counsel you to love YOU. Others may counsel, but they can’t take your place in loving You as you can. Because no one knows you just as much as you know yourself.

7. Loving Yourself Is To Be Truthful About Yourself To Your Partner

Couples in a genuine relationship deserve to know the truth about each other. If you cannot tell the truth about yourself to your own spouse or potential spouse, he or she would still find out within a short period, anyways. And to let them discover the truth by themselves might not be favorable to the longevity of the union. The life span of any lie is short.

8. External Physical Features Do Not Determine Your Internal Joy

The 8 Remarkable Truths About Loving Yourself - How To Love SelfThe last point of the 8 remarkable truths about loving yourself is that your internal joy is independent of other factors. The fact that you are good-looking, and have a better physique, are rich or influential, is no assurance that you would be happy in life. Your looks, your bodily features, whether fat or thin, aren’t what make you happy or predict your happiness.

Your happiness comes from within you, from an internal atmosphere that is always beautiful. We all know that the blind are happy, the lame, the deaf and the dumb are still happy, irrespective of their physical disabilities. Their defection does not predict their joy.

Kings Do Cry

On the contrary, the rich still feels frustrated and commits suicide. Kings do cry. Princes and Princesses still feel sad and miserable. Don’t seek external beauty as a search for peace of mind and happiness. You would be frustrated for sure.

I know that the 8 remarkable truths about loving yourself that we have just considered will deepen your understanding of self-love and help you love others very well indeed. Now, tell me which of the points above really touched your heart?



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