The 9 Detriments Of Multiple Partner Relationships

The 9 Detriments Of Multiple Partner Relationships


The 9 Detriments Of Multiple Partner Relationships

The 9 Detriments Of Multiple Partner RelationshipsIt’s not like having multiple partners is applaudable or that it’s morally acceptable to society, but having to live such a lifestyle– having many intimate relationships– in the same place and at the same time is what is disgustingly troubling.

Some ladies who practice this kind of lifestyle, thinking that it’s being “woke”, are sincerely blind to the detriments that such lifestyle brings. Today, we conclude the series on multiple partner relationships with the article titled, the 9 detriments of multiple-partner relationships. People, this isn’t entertainment, so do not forget that the main reason for these teachings is geared to developing a healthy union, relationship, and marriage. Now, let’s start with the first,


1. The Possibility Of Having Different Baby Daddies.

The possibility of multiple baby daddies is knocking at your door. This means that you have children each with a different father. And the effects on children’s lives are far-reaching. It’s the consequence of having multiple partners at the same time. After giving birth to a child, whose father you do not know, you would want to live your life and keep rolling on with the others you meet. Such is life. But it can happen again and again with different men you meet until you stop such a lifestyle and call your life to order.

2. The Possibility Of Losing All Or Some Of Your Partners At The Same Time.

Dating multiple partners doesn’t rule out the possibility of losing all of them or a significant number of them. There’s a situation where they might find out about your sexual escapades and conclude that you are a cheat and leave you or end the relationship as a matter of consequence. That is one of the 9 detriments of multiple-partner relationships.

3. The Possibility Of Having Children Who Look Like Your Ex(es).

This is yet another detrimental effect on your relationship status. Sleeping with many partners, having illegal affairs, cheating on your loved one might bring out a most dreadful scenario that you would not want to remember.

Of course, the deed could be hidden because no one saw you, but it can leave a scar that would breed jealousy and make one ask questions. You see, you can have children from your convert coital liaisons that look like your secret partners or exes. This would be like a stab ready to occur, or a time bomb whose explosion isn’t how but when.

Whenever you look at your children, you would see your exes in them and be reminded of your hidden affairs. The lack of peace within you as your conscience deals with you, may not be bearable by just anyone. And sooner or later, the truth will come out. Why? Because your affairs will be exposed by means of your children’s looks. They do not look like their legal father nor like you the mother, but like your illegal partner(s). Such resemblance is detrimental to your union.

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4. The Possibility Of Breeding Lies For Social Distancing.

The struggle of breeding lies to keep them apart isn’t absent. Because you have multiple partners at a time, you would want to keep them as far away as possible from each other by lying to them about your movements and affairs. In fact, when you tell one lie, you have to tell a million lies just to sustain that initial lie. Believe me, that game can mess up your brain. At times, you forget the lies you previously told and gaffe, shooting yourself in the leg. That is also one of the 9 detriments of multiple-partner relationships.

5. The Possibility Of Failed Expectations And Disappointments.

Disappointments are never far-fetched when it comes to dating multiple partners. You may be thinking that one would stay with you eventually, but that is a fat lie. They don’t stay with you because you think about it. No matter how good you might be, if a man doesn’t want to stay with you, he really doesn’t and knowing that you have multiple men makes things worse. You might end up being frustrated and disappointed.

6. The Possibility Of Being Unfaithful.

You will be constantly unfaithful and it’s that simple. Your rate of unfaithfulness will be abysmally disgusting. The more men you have, the more you cheat on them and become unfaithful at a steady pace. That is an undeniable Detriments Of Multiple Partner Relationships.

7. The Possibility Of Being Used Or Abused.

In a worse scenario, deciding to date multiple men and hiding your steps can land you in the hands of vile partners who would kidnap you and abuse you in every way possible. Some girls having multiple partners fell into the hands of others who gang-raped them, kept them in chains for personal pleasure against their own will, and even forced them into prostitution and drugs. All because they were ladies who played and deceived other men.

8. The Possibility Of Fear Inducement.

The fear for others to believe in the New You will be always there. Your relationship might not be taken seriously even when you are serious. Of course, I’m of the belief that anyone can change his or her ways of life by making the right choices in life. A lady who once was having multiple relationships can change tomorrow into someone decent in life. But one bad thing about the change is that some of those who knew you might never believe in your change and the ‘new you.’ That fear of who you were isn’t easily taken away just like that. It lingers on for a while or forever. People won’t take you seriously in relationship matters.

9. The Possibility Of Frequent Relocation.

When you sleep around with too many people, there comes a time when you would become the talk of the town in a very bad way. Nope! That’s not publicity but the destruction of life. Having casual coital relationships with men, in particular, would expose your privacy, nudity, and secrecy to everyone.

Everyone has seen you naked, seen your vulnerability, seen your weaknesses, they know every tattoo on your body, they know how you behave in bed, they know how cheap you have become. Cheap to the point that all have slept with you, and where you go people point fingers at you. A lady whose life is thus exposed would not find life comfortable in that region. She is left with just one option, and that’s to relocate. If you do not change your lifestyle, however, you may have to frequently relocate geographically, in order to start a new life, whether as a changed person or in pursuit of your waywardness.

This article, the 9 detriments of multiple-partner relationships, concludes our series on multiple dating and its consequences. For more on the series, see here. © 2021. All Rights Reserved.


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