The Dating Of Praying Together With Your Sweetheart, Part 3 - Its Importance And Benefits

The Dating Of Praying Together With Your Sweetheart, Part 3 – Its Importance And Benefits


The Dating Of Praying Together With Your Sweetheart, Part 3 - Its Importance And Benefits

The Dating Of Praying Together With Your Sweetheart, Part 3 – Its Importance And Benefits

In our previous teachings, we’ve been talking about dating your partners and have written about it in the First Part and the Second Part respectively. Today, we shall expand this teaching to its Third Part titled, “The dating of praying together with your sweetheart”.

Briefly speaking, dating is getting to know each other better for a sustainable and lasting relationship. That’s the proper meaning of dating and should be the aspiration of any sincere person who desires dating someone else. This aspiration is not an event but a process throughout the life of the union. Because you dated him or her and are married to them is not the end of dating.

The dating process continues even after marriage. There are pre and post-dating phases in a relationship that lasts. These pre and post phases help to bridge cultural and personal differences as far as relationships are concerned. This, in essence, is actually what happens when two spouses or partners come together in prayer. Their differences decrease, they become very limited. In some cases, even invisible. And the more they do this practice the better their relationship gets.

Today, I would like to concentrate on the importance, the advantages, the benefits of ‘The dating of praying with your sweetheart’. There are some positive takes or points you would have noticed after reading parts 1 & Part 2. Some of which are that an aspect of dating is praying with the person; that when you pray and allow them to talk, you can know what is on their mind whether good or bad; that by so doing, you can get to know one’s voice personally; and that couples learn to be each other’s back at areas of vulnerability. Please read article one & two if you have not done so for an updated understanding of the series.

That being said, the dating of praying together with your sweetheart has great benefits which are that:

1. It Builds Trust In The Relationship

Trust is the one factor that is on credit in a relationship. Nature lends it to us as humans. As you were born, you just learn to trust your mama. Being on credit implies that it’s always by faith that it starts. Anybody can trust anyone initially.

Trust always starts from somewhere in a relationship. This measure of trust has no basis, yet it’s basic in life. Because it’s essential for a start. You just allow something or someone without any proof or back-up. It’s always the first move in a relationship. Saying ‘Yes’ to someone because of something that he or she said. That’s trust right there! You may never substantiate it. You may be trusting the wrong or right person.

Now, get this right into your head. Although trust is by faith initially, it can be killed suddenly or progressively, and it can be made to grow exponentially too. All is up to the experience one has with the person(s) or in the relationship.

Trust is by faith and like faith, it grows with time and experience. You feed it by how you live and manage the relationship. A good experience builds trust, and a bad one diminishes trust. In a relationship, you shouldn’t kill the trust but build on it. Prayer sessions with couples provide the opportunity to grow in trust with the one you aspire to marry or have married. The trust just keeps growing based on a lot of factors–truthfulness, honesty, relatability, etc.

How they behave at each other before, during, and after the prayer sessions matters. When you hear certain things about someone’s weakness, the way you behave after that matters to that relationship. That’s where trust is quickly built. If you can maintain the same level of comfort at times of weakness, it helps build trust. Do you run away because you heard something disgusting about your spouse, sweetheart, lover, or partner? Do you take advantage of what you heard because of the prayer session that provided the chance for you to be with them, in the first place? If, yes, you need to rethink the relationship.

2. It Brings Couples Together Often

Certain social activities like clubbing, hanging out somewhere drinking and smoking, going to Cinemas and sports events, and a host of others can bring people together frequently. But not all of these are acceptable, considering their social and cultural contexts. However, prayer sessions are one such social activity that brings people together more often than not. Because of prayer, couples would come together and even forgo certain things they like personally, and other social events just to meet, pray, and share with each other. That frequency of coming together because of prayer is often a factor to socialize frequently, which gives them another opportunity to date each other or, say, talk to each other, whether they are married or still in the dating phase. It’s just a plus in a relationship.

3. It Increases Their Level Of Bonding In The Relationship

You may come together but never bond with each other, on the one hand. And on the other hand, coming together frequently to pray increases the chances of bonding among couples. Because they are brought closer in heart and spirit to each other, they can interact and share personal issues with each other. If they aren’t living together, this prayer session gives them a unique opportunity to bond or establish a relationship with each other based on shared feelings, interests, or experience.

4. It Increases The Love In That Relationship

The act of praying together for and with each other, in itself, is a demonstration of love for each other. When this practice is done consistently, it only knows one direction which is upwards. The more they pray together for each other and with each other, the more they increase in love for each other. It’s’ just that simple. Period.

5. It Teaches Couples To Work As Teammates

The Bible makes mention of the fact that praying as teammates with similar vision brings results. It says, “When two shall agree” in prayers then the result will be sure to come because God answers such prayers (Matthew 18:19).

When they aspire to pray together, they are engaging in a project that requires a team, and they become that team that works together for a common goal. So prayer meetings make them members of the same team for the same goals and vision.

The dating of praying together with your sweetheart helps them learn to work together and look at things from not only different perspectives but particularly, from a single perspective, from a single angle, from the angle of a TEAM. This really is the goal of dating. Aspire to pray with your sweetheart always with similar goals and visions. Work as teammates for the benefit of the relationship.

Now, tell us what you’ve learned thus far concerning the dating of praying together with your sweetheart?


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Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this article. please, do have a great and safe weekend.


Your post takes me to a saying that I became familiar with when I gave my life to Christ. “A family that prays together stays together”. Like you said here, we are able to expand our union, and trust is further fostered when couples pray together. From your post here, one key takeaway for me and any family that takes dating seriously is that dating does not end after marriage because it is a process. You still keep dating your spouse even after marriage.

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