The 24 Advantages Of Studying The Word Of God With Your Spouse, PART ONE

The 24 Advantages Of Studying The Word Of God With Your Spouse, PART ONE

The 24 Advantages Of Studying The Word Of God With Your Spouse, PART ONE


The 24 Advantages Of Studying The Word Of God With Your Spouse, PART ONEA couple is made up of two individuals who decide to walk, live and have fellowship together. Humans are spirit beings who live in the body. The body needs physical food for its sustenance, but the spirit needs spiritual food for it to stay healthy. By spiritual food, we mean the inspired word of God found in the Bible (2 Timothy 3:16). As couples, while we feed and take good care of our physical bodies, we shouldn’t forget to take good care of our spirits too. Feeding our spirit man is feeding our relationship. Good spiritual health will result in good health in our relationship with our spouses.

In order to inspire, encourage and motivate couples to take care of their spirit beings together, we have come up with the 24 advantages of studying the word of God with your spouse. These advantages of Bible study for couples are:

1. It Helps Couples Bond With God

A solid marriage is between three parties: the couple and God. So the bond between you, your spouse and God will only increase if you constantly read the word of the third party–God–together with your spouse. The more you read about God, the more you bond with God. Remember that a cord of three strands is not easily broken (Ecclesiastes 4:12).

2. It Helps Couples Grow In The Knowledge Of God

God is a third party in the marriage. By reading the Bible, you get to know the third party better. Apostle Peter admonishes us to grow in grace and in the knowledge of the Lord, which is what couples do when they read the word constantly together (2 Peter 3:18).

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3. It Helps Couples Obey God’s Word Together

The 24 Advantages Of Studying The Word Of God With Your Spouse, PART ONEYou cannot obey what you are ignorant of. It’s as simple as that. You cannot submit to what you don’t know, but this is what studying the Bible together with your spouse helps accomplish. You would both know what you are required to do and without resistance from any partner, willingly obey what’s asked of you, together as couples. This, without an iota of doubt, is one of the 24 advantages of studying the word of God with your spouse.

4. It Helps Couples Avoid Adultery

You see, when couples read the Bible together, they would avoid adultery as they see what the Bible says about it. This only makes the relationship stronger. This is unquestionably one of the 24 advantages of studying the word of God with your spouse.

5. It Helps Couples Avoid Fornication

When couples who are yet to marry read the Bible together, they would find it very reasonable and convenient to avoid fornication. They also would be more committed to each other and stay pure and focused. This will build trust in that relationship.

6. It Helps Couples Avoid Unforgiveness

The 24 Advantages Of Studying The Word Of God With Your Spouse, PART ONEThe couples who read the word of God together are exposed to understanding the forgiveness of God. They would understand what true forgiveness is all about from God’s own perspective, and also learn to forgive each other as a result. When couples choose to study and live by the commandment of love, there’s no way that they won’t forgive each other. Unforgiveness would really have no place in that relationship. Because where there’s true love, there’s forgiveness.

7. It Helps Couples Grow Stronger In God

No one is greater than their experience. The more you study the word of God as couples, the stronger the couples become in their spiritual life as Christians. To have a better experience with God is to study God’s word.

8. It Helps Couples Become Better Persons To Their Community And Nation

The more couples study the word of God, the more they obey God, and also develop a great amiable Christian character which doesn’t only benefit the couples in question, but also their community and nation by extension.

9. It Helps Couples Birth An Advisory Ministry For Them

Because they study the word and have grown in the Lord, the ministry of admonition becomes a reality as they are able to advise others on what they have learned and practiced. Your obedience brings a better experience with God. Only those with such experience can advise other couples about the things of life that they have been through and come out successfully.

10. It Helps Couples Be Self-Sincere

The 24 Advantages Of Studying The Word Of God With Your Spouse, PART ONEOne of the 24 advantages of studying the word of God with your spouse is being sincere with yourselves as individuals created in God’s image. You don’t fake personality at all. If you can be sincere with your self and personality, you can be sincere with whatever you do.  It really starts with self-perception. The more couples read the Bible together, the more they see themselves in the image and likeness of God. And this truth shall reflect on their characters. You cannot be faithful in Bible studies and live a lie. In other words, your life can not be fake.

11. It Helps Train The Couples’ Conscience For Sound Decision Making

The word of God is capable of educating the human conscience and training the human conscience to respond adequately to the issues of life. A good conscience only leads the couples in the right direction. Psalm 32:8 says, “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my eye upon you.” This can only be true to the couples who study the Bible together.

12. It Helps Couples Be More Truthful To Each Other

The 24 Advantages Of Studying The Word Of God With Your Spouse, PART ONEGod is the God of truth. When you read the Bible together with your spouse, you will always become acquainted with speaking the truth, because they will know the essence of truth; the importance of being truthful always. The impact of the word they read will be a reflection of Bible truth in their lives. Being truthful is one of the 24 advantages of studying the word of God with your spouse.

We shall continue talking about the 24 advantages of studying the word of God with your spouse in Part 2. We hope the above points bless your relationship as you study with your partners.

Tell us, have you started studying the Bible with your spouse? Which of the above points have you already experienced?


Adapted from the teachings of Reverend P.C. Akubueze, for Copyright 2020. All right Reserved.



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Thank you for sharing your perspective on how the word of God can be helpful for marriages. This is what we all need from time to time, and every Christian home should put these ideas into practice. We have not been doing all, though but I loke them nad the way you teach them makes it easier to understand. Thanks for sharing, yet another informative article. Your site,, is one of its kind.

Shanta Rahman

Wow, I love the points indeed, and some people might not understand until you start to engage with bible study together as couples. To me and my household, we are blessed because we have been practicing this for some time now. And it works. The idea of always blaming the woman and expecting her to take all pains was eroded in my relationship just because both of us read the word for us and lived by it. We have survived because of the word of God. It has helped us bond deeply, enhanced our Bible understanding, and protected us from cheating (my husband does not cheat, neither do I) and I attribute this to the point you stated on adultery. Readers of the word cannot fall into this unless they are not sincere. I have learned so many things from your articles, and may God bless you really good for us. Thank you for sharing this master piece with us all. 


Hello Charles, I agreed with everything you have said here. Unless the couple studies the word of God together and devote time to have personal time with God, it would be a chaotic home and as such, all these are the advantages of working in Gods steps and plans. This is really good to see and I like it a lot. I will share it out to all my colleagues, if you don’t mind. 


Yes.  I agree with you that there are many benefits for couples to read the words of God together. Anything includes the Word of God, studying together and making progress together is good for the relationship between husband and wife. There will be more common topics and mutual understanding.
Thanks for your sharing.


Thanks Parameter for sharing your thoughts on this. We appreciate. Have a great day. 


I must confess, I like the point where you outlined it, that reading the word of God together helps couples avoid adultery. Adultery is a killer of both the body and the soul, it is not only a sin against God but a sin against our own body. Staying in the word together as couples help us bond together and like you rightful identified it is the unquestionable one of the 24 advantages.


Greetings.  Thank you for sharing your perspective on how the words of God can be helpful for marriages.  Realizing that we are spiritual beings having a human experience is really a key part of understanding how connected we are in marriage.  There are always some challenges to face that could disturb the connected bond of marriage.  When we see that our spiritual beings are really connected and part of the whole being of God, then we can disengage from the separateness our ego enjoys, and become the expressions of Love that would imitate the Spirit of God.  My wife and I enjoy building each up other in practical ways also.  We workout together, meditate together, share spiritual insights, encourage one another, forgive one another, pray for one another, …. not always perfectly…but the practice, and willingness to keep growing is most important.  We are being transformed. 


I couldn’t agree more! Studying the Bible with my wife has brought us closer together. We are a living testinomy. We are stronger and better and together, we live for GOD. This was brought to our attention a few years back when we were having marital problems. We married young at 20 years old, and neither one of us really knew how-to be in a serious long term relationship. Reading the Bible and doing study time together really brought us closer and taught us how to be a couple for GOD. Thank you for this post I believe it will help many couples for good and if you do not mind, I will be sharing it with others. 


Hello Charles, thank you for sharing the part 1 of this topic showing us the 24 advantages of couples studying the Word of God together. There in that book is life and everything needed to have a fulfilled marriage, one that we dream and hope for. The Word of God is perfect guide to bond couples together. It is the basis for a better home and a better society at large.

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