14 Facts Of What It Means To Be A Strong Woman

14 Facts Of What It Means To Be A Strong Woman



14 Facts Of What It Means To Be A Strong Woman.

14 Facts Of What It Means To Be A Strong WomanAre there strong women in our generation?

There’s this notion about what it means to be a strong woman that makes women shy away from the responsibilities of protecting their homes and relationships from collapse, and turn them into physical and mental weaklings with verbal prowess.

These women are good at talking when a relationship is failing in order to find solace in their mess. They can talk you out of your relationship just because theirs have failed. They give you a false sense of what it means to be a strong woman, whether married or not, and avoid the real strength of strong women from manifesting in whatever they are going through.

Strong women are real women who exhibit strength in the face of trouble, trials, hardships, seeming impossibility and come out victorious. They are women that change narratives, challenge cultures and systems that are not working, and redesign historical events through their experiences.

The word ‘strength’ means what it means. It’s not metaphorical in this sense but basically and simply denoting physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual strength. All of which are manifested by women in diverse circumstances to overcome them.

Now, let me share with you what a strong woman is and isn’t about.

1. It’s not about wearing designer clothes.

14 Facts Of What It Means To Be A Strong WomanFunny enough, being a strong woman isn’t about owning or wearing designer clothes that make you feel ‘woke’. You can put on the best of it on a mind as weak as wax. A mind that melts at the slightest heat of problems.

2. It’s not about flaunting wealth/riches.

Being a strong woman isn’t about displaying how rich you are, whether verbally or physically. It’s not about you being a boss lady or breadwinner. You can be a boss lady, so wealthy, but can not keep a simple relationship alive for long. Being successful, financially, does not guarantee successful relationships.

3. It’s not about competition with other ladies.

Alright, this is a great one as we see ladies competing against themselves for what exactly, I don’t know. It looks like women’s greatest enemies are not men but women. It’s funny, but true to hear a woman say to another woman to leave her husband or lover alone than vice versa. It’s sad to see women at the height of their voices shouting at each other, and going wild just because of men. And they believe they are being strong and protecting what’s theirs. No, dear, no! Being a strong woman is not about raising your voice at and competing against women.

4. It’s not about bringing down other ladies.

Being a strong woman is not about destroying the reputation of another, whether women or men, in order to turn the limelight unto yourself. We rise, generally, by lighting others up and not by putting them down. To speak evil about others doesn’t add to your values or worth. It rather reveals to others how irresponsible you can be with words, friendships and relationships.

5. Strong women fight for and protect other women.

One of the greatest things that strong women exhibit is the ability to fight for other women in a good cause and protect their interests, positively. Strong women stand with their gender and promote values that build and strengthen the positive continuity and growth of their gender.

6. Strong women lift up each other.

You can find solace in the presence of strong women. They do not verbally destroy people or put them down to steal their shine. They do not gossip, slander, or curse. They are physically, financially, emotionally, and verbally helpful to women who fall and help them get back on track.

7. Strong women stand tall in difficulties.

Yes, they do not cower in fear and seek an easy exit out of difficult issues, especially when it comes to relationship issues. No matter what befalls them, these ladies stand tall and face their crises head-on. These women do not just give in to negative vibes and they never give up without a solid fight.

8. Strong women persevere in adverse circumstances.

The capacity of an object or substance to withstand great force or pressure is a testament to its great strength. This is true with strong women. They are very strong because they can persevere when things aren’t going their way. They are hopeful, focused, and positive. They expect future changes in their situations, while they work at it now. They do not give up easily in their relationships.

9. Strong women seek solutions to problems.

The first thing that reasonably comes to mind when you face trials is the softer way of escape. It may not be so to everyone, and notably, for strong women. Strong women are able to stay against all odds to seek solutions to problems rather than escaping from them. They are entrepreneurs in solution-seeking and problem-solving. Impossible is a diction they hardly use.

10. Strong women keep their relationships strong and healthy.

14 Facts Of What It Means To Be A Strong WomanOf course, being strong is also about keeping your marriage and relationship in good shape. Whatever causes division, they work together to mend it. To strong women, their relationships with their husbands are a priority to them which they protect with their very being. When their relationships break down, they never opt out without doing their best to improve and save the union. They do not talk themselves out of the union to justify leaving.

11. Strong women are industrious.

They can be self-reliant and can sustain their families all by themselves. They’re hardworking and smart when it comes to family sustainability. They are visionaries that carry their families along. They see farther than their peers and work in view of what is ahead.

12. Strong women are women of character.

Not only character exhibited in front of crises, but the enviable behavior of kindness, goodness, humility, faith, gentleness, approachability, and wisdom are values you will find with such characters. They are relatable and possess good communication skills.

13. Strong women are themselves at all times.

You do not have to be someone else to be strong. Of course, we learn from people and do imitate them at times, but you are a complete individual who is completely different from all the others. There’s no one like you in the world and nothing authentic as being you. A strong woman is about being you at all times. Accept your personality and abilities in life. Live life like you.

14. A strong woman is faithful to her words.

14 Facts Of What It Means To Be A Strong WomanThis includes her vows, love, and relationship with her significant other. When you talk about being a strong woman, you are talking of a woman who says it and does it. A woman who promises and keeps her promises. A woman who is faithful to her partner in the absence of her partner. A woman who loves and stays loving. How about your words, reader? Are you faithful to your words? If you’re faithful to your words, you would be faithful to your love and dealings with people.

Now that you have some ideas of what it means to be a strong woman, quit being petty with fellow women and destroying each other. Rather, rise up to the challenge and be the kind of woman that others would be proud to call a strong woman. Do whatever you can to add to the facts of what it means to be a strong woman within your locality. Are there strong women in our generation?


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Excellent article on what strong women are and are not. Some women seem to think that being strong is like a lot of the don’ts on this list, and they are the ones who always seem to have drama in their lives.

To me a strong women is not a doormat, but also somebody who is caring and gives a lot of herself to help others, but at the same time she needs to also make time for herself which many women feel guilty doing. I think it is also about feeling comfortable in your own skin, and this is something that women only seem to learn as they get older.


I really like your artice. You dicussed some aspects I see many do. When people are describing strong women they always link to competing with men, etc.

There’s no need for competing or proving you are strong, etc to be worth something. Or you have women bringing down other women to feel better.

It’s so wrong and silly. I hate the term liberated in certain situations. We all come from different backgrounds and have different beliefs. Just because I am not dressing up like you doesn’t mean I need to be liberated.

I can go on and on, it’s soo much to say. Thanks for this article. Many should read it and know women can be strong without being mean to each other. 

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