3 Ways To Know You Married Your Best Friend

3 Ways To Know You Married Your Best Friend


3 Ways To Know You Married Your Best Friend

There is something that is very important before the wedding but which is often forgotten after the wedding day. The 3 ways to know you married your best friend was clearly written to reveal this to us. You see, the fact that those in marriage are the best of friends cannot be overstated. They are best friends in the whole wide world. Are you still married to your best friend or to whom you hope would become your best friend for life?

Some would say “No” while others would say “I don’t know” and a third category would outrightly say “No.” These answers wouldn’t come as a surprise because the “Best friend” aspect of marriage is not always the case. And if you tried to inquire why it isn’t, you would get a fistful of factors, among which are Age differences, Ignorance, Financial, Political, Social, and Psychological factors. But all the above actually have little to do with being married to your best friend.

The Aim

3 Ways To Know You Married Your Best Friend

The aim of this article is threefold: (1) It’s to help you evaluate your marriage to know where you are. (2) To reinforce the fact that your partner is your best friend. And (3) to motivate you to hold on to your partner as the only best friend you have. That being said, here are the 3 ways to know you married your best friend.

1. You Were In Love Before The Wedding

For best friends, love always precedes their wedding. This allows them enough room to cultivate friendship. Friendship is like a golden path to marriage. That’s what dating helps to accomplish. We see in the Bible that before the lover was filled with love, she already was a friend, even a friend that was like a sister (Song of Songs 5:1). This tells you the level of bonding in their friendship was so strong. If someone is not qualified to be your best friend, that person is not ready to marry you either.

It’s Intentional

Love is an intentional act. It is done on purpose. No ambiguity! It’s not strange to hear people say “they married because they believed they loved each other.” Isn’t that statement confusing? You can’t just believe you love somebody. Your belief should lead you to the point of knowing that you love that person. The Latter practically interacts with the object of your love. You should know you are in love. You should know you love someone or not.

It’s Now, Here, Not Tomorrow

Another group also says that “they married because they believed that love would come as they moved on.” Another confusing statement that only indicates marriage-driven motives other than love. You either marry because you are in love or otherwise and you would know it if otherwise. Of course, there are a lot of marriages that take place out of love, including forced marriages.

But no matter the type of marriage that you find yourself in, one thing cannot escape your memory which is the reason for which you married. The fact is you either were in love or not in love before you married your spouse. Both of which could lead to marriage but not all could be best friends in marriage. Best friends aren’t those who wed before they fall in love. The best of friends always fall in love first before they wed.

2. You Had A Clear Vision For Both Of You Before The Wedding

Best friends always agree to walk together. The Bible asks us a question: “Do two men walk together without having agreed?” (Amos 3:3). The answer is “No.” Two people cannot walk together unless they agree to. Now the word “Agree” goes deeper than just nodding your head. You must have a clear direction to which your marriage is headed. A vision for which both of you agreed. A vision that goes beyond agreeing to implementation as the years go ahead. And this is what friendship does.

A Discussion

Before you marry, you must have discussed with your potential spouse how the future of you both would look like. What are your dreams and how they can be achieved? Should one person or both need further education? How about the children? What are the rules and boundaries to respect in the relationship? And many more questions that are answered through the developmental phase of friendship.

No one dictates how the life of the other is run. They both agree to run it together as agreed. Do you still respect the things you said earlier on in the relationship or have you forgotten or totally called it immaterial? Best friends agree whether formally or verbally to walk together before the wedding.

3. You Were And Are Still The Two Of You As Best Friends

3 Ways To Know You Married Your Best Friend Best friends are just two and never more than two. You may have many friends– good ones, I mean–but you just need only One Best Friend who is or should be your husband or wife. Some folks are missing it somewhere. They are married to someone and they make someone else their best friends. Funny isn’t it? You have your spouse at home but call another person your best friend who does not even live under the same marital roof as you do with your spouse.

They just got it wrong. I think they mean their friends and not best friends. There is no such thing as “Best friends”. Your best friend is just one person who should live under the same roof as you do. To the married, it should be your spouse. The best friend is the position of the spouse alone. You can’t be someone’s lover and be another person’s best friend at the same time. It’s improper and misleading. This is the reason that you are reading this article in order to correct such errors here and now.

A Must Best Friend

Your spouse must be your best friend and if that isn’t true with your relationship, there’s an issue with trust. Or maybe, it’s just ignorance. But it’s unwise after reading this to stay that way. Work things out. Ask yourself why is he or she, not my best friend? Perhaps you have not cultivated that area of friendship enough.

Are you married to your best friend? Is your spouse still the best friend you married? AVOID the error to let others take the place of your spouse. Have friends but have only one best friend who is your spouse. If you are single and have a best friend, note that when you marry, your spouse becomes your best friend and keeps that position permanent. That’s not a position of contention.

To recap, the 3 Ways To Know You Married Your Best Friend are to be in love and stay in love, to be a best friend to each other prior to and after the marriage, and to have a clear vision about the union. Now, have you a best friend that you wanna marry? Have you made your spouse your best friend? Tell us what you think below?



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