The 12 Tips To Develop And Maintain Self-Confidence

The 12 Tips To Develop And Maintain Self-Confidence




The 12 Tips To Develop And Maintain Self-Confidence

The 12 Tips To Develop And Maintain Self-ConfidenceSelf-confidence, as the word implies, is the confidence emanating from self–You. This is an indisputable aura coming from within you because of who you are, and because of the acceptance of your genuineness. This genuineness is a product of understanding that we all are different from one another, and that’s very okay. When the spirit–you–expresses itself through an accepted vessel–you–that’s self-confidence. However, this can be developed or made to become stronger, better, and more consistent. The 12 tips to develop and maintain self-confidence are to help you accomplish just this. These tips are:

1. Understand That It’s Not Determined By Your Background

Your background has nothing to do with self-confidence but it has everything to do with your “inground” atmosphere within you. It’s like that word is mine, and I like the way it sounds–” inground”. This is the place from which whatever is portrayed and seen externally comes. Self-confidence is an expression of an inner atmosphere. Some people are led by their backgrounds and allow it to inform their inner persons on how to behave, compote and the rest of it. Whereas it has nothing to do with self-confidence.

You can be self-confident from a poor background, a female or male, a black or white, short or tall, fat or slim, handicapped or not. You can be you and do you effectively well. Jesus Christ wasn’t from a background that many would have preferred, but that was a typical example of a self-confident person you can think of today. It’s not by background but by “inground” The Information from within you can be influenced by the background noise, of course. But don’t let it!!

2. Understand Your Spiritual Identity

Being aware of your identity, spiritually, helps determine the physical you. Understanding that you are a child of God and are called by God’s name improves your self-confidence toward life.

The word of God is the only tool that is true and tested over time. It’s more than the motivational speeches and secular teachings from worldly gurus we hear everywhere. Read the word daily to discover your identity and believe what you discover for it to manifest in the physical. It is always by faith that it starts.

The word calls you a princess, a royalty, a priest, who lives forever because of eternal life in Christ. You are a winner, an overcomer, the first and not the last, the one with the indwelling spirit of God. You’re a child of faith who walks in love. You’re God’s temple, and the one God is always by her side.

There is a lot to discover in the word of God about yourself, and when you believe them, they would change your personality and perception of yourself and your outlook on life in general.

3. Make Positive Affirmative Confessions Over Yourself

When you discover the truth of God’s word that makes up your spiritual identity, you must confess them to yourself by yourself daily, every day. Look at yourself in a mirror, if possible, and say out loud what God says about you. The more you say this positively without fear or doubt, the more it gets to your subconscious mind, and your spirit captures the thoughts and acts accordingly.

The more positive confession you speak out, the more positive vibes you create externally and your spirit becomes positive while working on its fulfillment. If you are a born-again Christian, it becomes absolutely powerful because the Holy Spirit helps you to bring your own positive thoughts and confessions to pass.

Biblically speaking, this is called prophesying over your life. The Bible says that all can prophesy (1 Corinthians 14:31-40). No, it didn’t say that all do prophesy, but that All can prophesy. So it’s up to you to do so because some people don’t.

When you speak out God’s word to yourself, you’re prophesying. When you say to yourself that you can do what God says you can do or wants you to do, you are prophesying. In practical terms: “I can do this business and succeed at it because I can do all things through Christ who’s my strength.” “I am a child of God, beautifully handmade and smartly created.” “I shall always be the head and never at the bottom.”

These are just a few positive affirmative confessions that can change your outlook and mood positively if you say them to yourself daily. You can develop your own positive statements and align them with the Word of God and speak them over life.

4. Discover Your Talents And Positively Maximize Them

This means you have to know the areas where you are good in life and use these talents to serve humanity faithfully. There’s a unique joy that comes from doing what you know how to do best and being who you were born to be. It brings with it great satisfaction in life and increases one’s self-confidence.

Some people learn skills and become good at them. But others are born with hidden talents that you don’t learn from anyone. And to them, using these talents is as easy as A, B, and C backed with so much passion. You just don’t struggle with them.

To improve your self-worth and confidence, do not ignore your God-given talents. Develop them no matter how long it takes. Because operating outside of your talents, assignments and inborn ability can be a very stressful and joy-killing experience.

This is one reason you see people studying one career and becoming another thing in life they never studied. It is also a reason you hear that people change careers to another later in life. Some of them never had joy or satisfaction in their former careers, having worked for many years. No joy is greater than that which comes when you know that you are occupying the place and doing the things that you were destined for.

5. Love Yourself As A Person That God Created

Self-love is paramount to self-confidence. You rarely can have self-confidence if you don’t love yourself as being a part of humanity. The Bible boldly says to everyone in this new dispensation to love your neighbor as yourself. This means that you have to love yourself, first of all, before loving your neighbor (Mk 12:31). When you love yourself, you accept the person that God created in you. You’re happy with yourself and take good care of yourself. You show compassion for yourself and treat yourself well as others. Self-love brings self-esteem and hence, self-confidence.

6. Show Love, Respect, And Compassion Towards Others

This cannot be over-emphasized. If you look carefully, you will realize that most people, not all, who criticize others aren’t very happy about themselves and their achievements in their lives. They pick on people as if they are better and they troll others to transfer their aggression. To be happy always and imbued with self-confidence, show proper respect for yourself by respecting other people as well. Show them compassion too as you do yourself. And treat people you see daily with true love. The Bible tells us to be compassionate to one another (Ephesians 4:32-5:21).

7. Be Bold To Say “NO” If You Must

Another thing that keeps people down is the inability to say “NO” to people because you want to please everyone. May I start by saying that nobody can please everybody and that includes you! You cannot please every single person you come across, even from your father’s family or your circle of friends. That’s a principle of life that goes to God alone. Only God can satisfy every single need or person. And when we try to, we sit on God’s seat and are burned out readily.

This attitude steals our joy and depletes our self-confidence. How do you overcome this? By following the counsel of Jesus Christ who says to say either “YES OR NO”. You have the ability to say “NO” to people if you are uncomfortable with the offer or if you cannot meet up to their demands.

You don’t have to say “YES” just to please people and then bury your head in sorrow and self-pity later. Because it is a source of great discomfort, unable to say the truth which is your “NO”. Yes, the truth can be your “NO” to someone and it would save your peace and theirs too. Do not be afraid to say “No” to others if you can’t keep the promise. Even if you can keep the promise, at times “NO” is the best answer that must be spoken with utmost unarrogant boldness.

8. Do Constant Body Exercise

It’s a known fact that Exercise improves body mood. Whenever you exercise, it sends more oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and helps your cardiovascular system work more efficiently. And you know when your heart and lung are healthy, you are more energetic to face your day without stress.

Physical activity, in addition, stimulates various brain chemicals that may leave you feeling happier, more relaxed, and less anxious. You may also feel better about your appearance and yourself when you exercise regularly. This is a great confidence booster and improvement of your self-esteem.

9. Celebrate Your Wins And Progresses

It’s crucial to acknowledge your journey which includes the small wins and progress you make along your journey. These little wins in your life’s journey are likened to mini doses of encouragement that will fuel your mental strength and self-confidence to keep you going and help you key in into the joy of why you’re doing what you’re doing. Celebrating small wins can give you the boost you need to remember that you are enough, you are not behind on your goals, and you are constantly making steady progress. Any progress is significant to your life’s journey and is much better than no progress at all.

10. Rest Your Body

Taking a day off of your weekly routine to reboot and refresh is a helpful habit to establish. We all are humans and get burned out or fatigued from time to time, and our bodies need to be rested. We need to refresh our mental strength and physical energy as well. This means that we need time to reboot consistently. To be our best selves, it’s good to take out time to silence the noise outside and unwind the body from stress. It’s a time to just do nothing on your routine and let your body just rest and/or recover from burnt-outs. A rested body gives a good outlook in life which helps with one’s self-esteem and confidence.

11. Keep Family Very Close

The family will be your support system. But what we call family varies with people. Some people called others family who are not their blood relatives. Home is where the heart is but home is those close to you who might not be your blood relatives at all. Whatever the situation, those who are yours and close to you, who you can trust and call true friends are good to keep even closer. They can consist of your support system during difficult times and can help you navigate the process to build your self-confidence. The Bible says that there’s a friend who’s closer than a brother (Proverbs 18:24).

12. Remove Bad Friends From Your Freindlist

You can never be friends with everybody, which is another way of saying that you cannot please everyone at all times. However, do you see those people who always speak evil about what you do? Whether they call themselves friends or family, keep them far from your presence. These people are those who kill your positive aura, hence, self-confidence.

One who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin, says the Bible (Proverbs 18:24). Some friends will prove to be unreliable. Real friends, however, will love you for who you are, but bad friends will wreak havoc on your self-esteem in order to protect their own fragile self-worth. Whether it’s body shaming or pointing out all your flaws on a regular basis, these friends need a good weed-out. It’s a good practice to even curb the circle of friends that you have or keep, and choose those who know your worth and respect your person.

Bad friends will drain you of your good vibes and energy and keep you in a pit of constant negativity. Ditching these fake friends is a way to maintain your self-confidence. If it’s a must that you have to see any so-called frenemies, spend a limited time with them. But focus on the friends who wish the best for you, and the ones you feel the same towards. Period!!

We’ve just concluded the 12 tips to develop and maintain self-confidence to help accelerate your progress in life. Even in the midst of your enemies, you can be that person that God wants you to be. Consider these tips and see the ones you can quickly imbibe to make your life better. Do you have any other to share with us?




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Hi,Verra, thank you so much for providing these life principles on how self-confidence can be developed. I will simply emphasize your number 2: Jesus said, ye are no longer “slaves”, and he also said, “you will know the truth and the truth will set you free”, and finally he also said, “If the Son, therefore, shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed”. If the mind is enslaved by a lack of knowledge of the truth, one cannot have self-confidence, but lives the life of another, whom he/she regards superior!! So if one is set free by God’s Word, who is Jesus, the Son of the Living God, then he/she will know that he/she is a member of the royal family of heaven and will never accept to be defined by any mortals. Thank you, once again, for this article/post


Self-confidence is vital in life. Thank you for explaining all the important aspects of maintaining, and optimizing it to enhance your full potential.

I love the friendship part of improving self-confidence. It was big learning in my life and took years to recognize how my life progress was impeding. I wish I would have read this post earlier. I eventually eliminated them and feel so much happier. A close friend does not always have to be a blood relative.

I respect and abide by all the things that came from God. Thank you.

Shalisha Alston

Hi there. What an awesome post. I love your statement, “Self-confidence is an expression of an inner atmosphere.”  I agree. What I think, determines my inner sphere. I used to think that my background determined my future. I also felt victimized by the fact that I didn’t have an ideal upbringing (i.e., alcoholic violent parents). I thought that’s why I have low self esteem. But your post makes it clear that my thoughts create my reality.  I also agree with understanding my spiritual identity. If I believe I’m a child of god, I will naturally think I’m worthy.  Thanks for a great post.  

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