The 10 Faulty Reasons Men Avoid Boss Lady Relationships

The 10 Faulty Reasons Men Avoid Boss Lady Relationships



The 10 Faulty Reasons Men Avoid Boss Lady Relationships are fear-driven observations that aren’t applicable to all men but to a few. We do not, therefore, generalize the views. These are concerns that perturb the minds of potential boss lady husbands coming from the fear angle. And we state these observations with the purpose of helping some men see past the faulty boss lady theories and limitations to the true beauty of boss ladies. These faulty reasons are:

1. The 10 Faulty Reasons Men Avoid Boss Lady RelationshipsThe Ignorance Of What A Boss Lady Is

The misunderstanding of what a boss lady is all about has stopped some men from considering them for marriage. Understanding brings illumination which triggers positive action. Some men do not have the understanding of what it means to be a boss lady and as such, they label them different insulting names all out of ignorance. Please read this article, “what is a boss lady?”, for more light on the subject.

2. Boss Ladies Enslave Their Men

This is another faulty reason that some men avoid boss ladies. They avoid these hard-working ladies because they believe that boss ladies are women who rule over their men or husbands, giving them orders and making them their slaves. For more on this, please read this article “what is a boss lady?

3. Boss Ladies Are Too Free And Difficult To Manage

The 10 Faulty Reasons Men Avoid Boss Lady RelationshipsSome men, yet again, avoid relationships with boss ladies because they find boss ladies too difficult to control as their wives or partners, so they avoid them totally. This point might be subjective depending on what you called “control” which could mean different things to different people. But the control here may refer to the ability of a husband to keep the wife safe under his protection and command without willing interactions with other males. They do not like their ladies to have the freedom to talk to the male counterparts anyhow, whether at work or not.

In some Asian and African cultures, women do not have the freedom to interact with men as they do in the west. For married women especially, some are forbidden to talk to men other than their husbands, sons, and relatives. With this in mind, you can tell that the males within such cultures can not marry boss ladies who are influential to both genders and to whom other men lookup.

4. Boss Ladies Are Too Powerful

This is actually another faulty reason men avoid boss ladies. Men who find boss ladies powerful just avoid talking to them much less desiring them as wives. When the woman is the head of a large organization, state, or nation, it scares the heck out of some men who might find such ladies attractive because they don’t want to subject their homes under her influence and powers.

5. Boss Ladies Desire Only Rich Men

The 10 Faulty Reasons Men Avoid Boss Lady RelationshipsSome men are convinced that boss ladies are richer than most men and won’t accept to marry men who are not as rich as they are. This is the mindset of some potential boss lady husbands. It’s a product of the fear of rejection by boss ladies of the less privileged would-be husbands. With this in mind, any man who isn’t as rich or even richer than the boss ladies doesn’t think of striking a relationship with them much less marry them.

But this is a mental issue and untrue because not all boss ladies are rich but they are independent and can go after their passion and pursuit in life without the male counterparts, necessarily. You don’t, as a matter of fact, have to be rich to desire a boss lady as a spouse. Nope! And yes, boss ladies are also interested in responsible men who may be less privileged than they are. If you love them, go for them.

6. Boss Ladies Have A High Taste For Expensive Lifestyle

The 10 Faulty Reasons Men Avoid Boss Lady RelationshipsThis is one of the 10 Faulty Reasons Men Avoid Boss Lady Relationships and it follows the one above. Some men avoid boss ladies because they believe that these ladies have an insatiable taste for expensive things in life which only a few men can afford to offer.

It could be said that the taste for expensive things isn’t bad basically, but the constant taste for it without considering the other factors could be difficult to sustain in the long term. Some men nod their heads when they see boss ladies with only flashy things that they can’t afford. The fear of maintenance costs whisks their attention away to someone else.

7. Boss Ladies Can’t Submit To Their Husbands

We have heard about the submission thing for far too long, and the reason is faulty. Some men just avoid these boss ladies on a predetermined cultural ideology that boss ladies find it difficult to submit to their own husbands. They believe that relationships with them are full of fighting and arguments. Thus, marriage with any of them is like living in hell without peace and joy. It is truly one of the 10 Faulty Reasons Men Avoid Boss Lady Relationships.

8. Boss Ladies Adding Men’s Titles To Their Names

The 10 Faulty Reasons Men Avoid Boss Lady RelationshipsThe issue that some ladies are known with titles traditionally given to men is worrisome to some men. Some men are threatened by the fact that some boss ladies are proudly adding male titles to their names which makes them look like they are in competition with their husbands.

Some ladies call themselves Kings, and not queens, and some even seize both titles, Queen-King, to themselves. Others called themselves Fathers, and not mothers; Heroes, and not heroines. The main fact that they are referred to as Bosses scares some men to death. They prefer to avoid such ladies for fear of their troubles. This is a faulty reason and at times, complicated.

The Queen King

I was privileged to counsel a young clean-limbed lady who boldly called herself a boss queen-king. That caught my attention and I asked why she liked to be addressed as such and she said because she provided a hundred percent of her needs and that of her father’s house. According to her, she is the queen playing the king’s role in providing for the family. And that made her a king too. And you know what? She is still single at that capacity. This idea of ladies calling themselves Kings scares some men away from relationships with boss ladies.

9. The Future With Boss Ladies Is Uncertain

The 10 Faulty Reasons Men Avoid Boss Lady RelationshipsThis is another faulty reason for avoiding boss ladies. The uncertainty of the near future is disturbing to some men. You see, some men find the future of any relationship with boss ladies to be uncertain because as independent as they are, they could decide to leave or walk out of the union anytime they feel like. Because they are very resourceful and can stand on their own anytime any day.

Boss ladies aren’t the types who are traditionally bound in a home because of marriage. They can move anytime and when they move, they can move with all they got. Some men fear to plan with such women who can someday make them be or feel like a nobody with nothing to their names.

10. Boss Ladies Are Highly Educated

The 10 Faulty Reasons Men Avoid Boss Lady RelationshipsTo be too educated for someone is something to celebrate and not condemn.

Some men just avoid the boss ladies on the grounds of education alone. When a lady generally is far too educated, which is a good thing, men who are less educated usually drag their feet in approaching her for romantic relationships. Such men avoid boss ladies entirely.

Level Up

However, not all ladies are educated or highly educated to scare the heck out of some men. Some boss ladies are average in formal education but are great entrepreneurs following their passion. It would be better if you, the aspiring husband, are educated enough to sustain a conversation with an educated boss lady who catches your attention. If you did, this would not be an issue for you. Just level up!

This concludes the 10 Faulty Reasons Men Avoid Boss Lady Relationships. Do you have any other faulty reason? © 2020. All rights reserved.

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