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Understanding Sexual Temptation, Part One |


Understanding Sexual Temptation, Part One |

Sexual Temptation happens, even in marriage. God didn’t promise us a life void of temptation. 1 Corinthians 10:13, rather tells us that we will get tempted, but the good news is: you can either choose to be a victim or a victor. Therefore, prepare your mind because getting tempted while married is part of the temptations we must encounter as children of God.

What is it actually?

Understanding Sexual Temptation, Part One | SmartCouples.netBy definition, sexual temptation is a desire to satisfy short-term coital urges for whatever reason (money, material things, fame, power, fun, etc.), which threatens long-term relationship goals.

It’s very important for us as children of God to know that a godly home is a threat to the devil and he is looking for means through which such homes will crumble. Your marriage is important to God because He ordained it in Matthew 19:4-6. Before your calling, comes your marriage, and that is why no matter how hot you are spiritually, no matter how fervent you are in the spirit, never joke with your spouse’s sexual needs because God created them and He placed that desire in them (1 Corinthians 7:3, 5).

There is a need for Husbands and wives to understand that someone is somewhere praying either for your kind of spouse, home, or marriage. King Abimelech saw the wife of Abraham, Sarah in the Bible, he noticed her beauty and he wanted her for himself. The Bible says Abraham lied to avoid being killed by King Abimelech if he calls Sarah his wife (Genesis 20:1-16, 21:22-34).

My Story

A few years back, I worked with an organization as a sales promoter and I was placed under a supervisor, a man who is married and hardworking. Although he is a married man, he wasn’t satisfied with his wife’s appearance. He approached me and told me his intentions, but I was amazed, a married man, what could have caused this?

I later discovered that his wife had an accident and the beauty was no longer there, so the man needed someone he could introduce to his friends or colleagues, in short, a presentable woman. With the help of God, I did not only turn down his offer, but I also enlightened him about God’s plan for marriage and he should overlook his wife’s present condition, it’s a phase and it will definitely pass!

To God Be The Glory

To the glory of God and the help of the Holy Spirit, the man reunited with his wife, loved her like when they first saw each other and the scars on the wife’s body eventually healed! A lot of women or ladies would have seen that offer as a great privilege to destroy a home or get a promotion or even sap the man of the money he ought to spend on his family, some will gladly accept the offer to be a second wife in as much as she is married away from the first wife, all this boils down to not knowing your worth or better still, not really being a child of God.

Temptation comes to us daily, the devil is never tired, he goes to and fro Job 1:7, seeking whom to devour, seeking lives to destroy, seeking ways to steal joy from homes. As a child of God, you must not be ignorant of his devices (2 Corinthians 2:11).

Now, Let’s look at some quick facts to better understand the sexual temptation.

(1) They Don’t Happen Suddenly

Understanding Sexual Temptation, Part One | SmartCouples.netGetting tempted sexually doesn’t happen suddenly often times, most times, it happens after one had been carefully monitored or studied by the person who wants to tempt the other. The person whom the devil wants to use as an agent to carry out this assignment would have been monitoring you closely.

They will study your movements, know what you like, know what you don’t like, know your weaknesses, and your strengths. Then they start getting close to you, working more on your weaknesses. And most times, they come in form of a sheep, harmless, responsible, friendly. The moment you lose guard, they strike! The Bible recorded it in Genesis 39 that Potiphar’s wife made advances toward Joseph several times which he turned down until she later lied against him. Be Watchful!

(2) A Close Friend (The opposite sex) May Be Interested In You

This is a fact you shouldn’t overlook because a close relationship with an opposite-sex whom you are not married to will affect your home if care is not taken. Some call these friends childhood friends, Best friends, whichever term you use to qualify them does not matter the moment you get married. Keeping an intimate relationship with an opposite-sex (this applies to both sexes) that you are not legally married to is dangerous and can destroy your home. Some friends pray that your marriage shouldn’t work, some wish you married them instead, therefore choose your friends wisely. Your spouse should be your best friend.

(3) Devil And His Agents (enemies) Are After Your Happy Home

The devil has a rank in destroying homes and the tool he uses more often is Temptation. He achieves this through his agents, they carry out the assignment and come to you in a Sheep’s clothing, just to bring you down. A man who lacks self-control is prey to the devil. If sexual intercourse drives you, and you are not disciplined enough as a man or woman, limiting your urge and desires to your spouse alone, then you are the devil’s candidate and he will gladly serve you what you know how to eat thereby destroying what is so precious to God, in your life (your marriage).

(4) Temptation May Affect The Relationship Between You And God

The moment you give in to temptation, it will not only affect your home, but it will also affect your relationship with God, it will take away the closeness you have with God, and it will steal His divine presence from you! It’s better not to fall victim because if God should be taken out of a man’s life, the life of such a man becomes meaningless.

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